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Bike Tips – Presta Tips

Bike Tips – Presta Tips

Cory here from Bruce’s Cycle Works and
today we’re gonna talk about Presta valves. We’ve had a few requests about dealing
with Presta valves and bent tips well it’s a sensitive issue but you gotta
control your stroke when you’re dealing with Presta Valves (wow Cory). When we’re talking
about Presta valves you got your valve you have to unscrew the brass top, make
sure it’s all the way to the end, give a little push in before you put your pump
on, put your pump on, pull your lock out, and then start pumping. So the problem is a lot of people pump a little too aggressively if you look like a friggin
squirrel at the side of the road kind and it’s nuts (what?!) you may be pumping a
little too aggressively you want to slow it down and control your stroke [ 😉 ] So keep it nice and steady and control your stroke (I’m so sorry). Basically if you have your wheel
off on your road bike or your mountain bike it’s on the ground and you’re
controlling the stroke (STOP) the valve should stay steady but if you’re not you tend to be
moving the pump around a lot while you’re stroking it (WHY) you know uncontrolled
stroke is no good keep it nice and smooth. That will keep you from bending
your tip no one likes a mushy tip [ 😉 ] So keep it straight and then when you’re
done turn the brass top all the way back in and if you do run valve caps or
place your valve cap and you’ll be done This is a tech tip from Cory at Bruce’s Cycle Works remember control your stroke (THAT’S ENOUGH)

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