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Bike to School with Kaya Katigbak

Bike to School with Kaya Katigbak

I’m Kaya, I’m 19 years old. I’m a
third-year BFA information design student at Ateneo de Manila. Today were riding from Pasig City and we’re taking Marcos highway to get the Katipunan. It usually takes about 35 to 40 minutes to get there. Let’s see how it goes today. Gaano ka katagal nang nagba-bike commute? 2016 to 2017 I started bicycle commuting to school. After years of riding a bus, pero sobrang hassle na ako sa riding a bus, because at that time I’d have
to wake up at 4 a.m. in the morning and then get picked up at 5:15, be at school
by five-forty because ako yung pinakamalayo from school. But in reality, it’s not that far. it was just like four or five kilometers away. And then, I decided why don’t I just bike the school?
It’s easier. I can get up later. I can get there quicker.
My class would be at 8 a.m. and I’d leave the house 7:45 and still be on time like 15 minutes lang because malapit so I was even cycling in wear uniform like just with
cycling shorts underneath Tapos naka-school uniform na skirt and then it was fine. It was fun. It was freeing to do that and
then I continued in college even though I hadn’t biked this far to Katipunan before like on the first day of school on the actual first day of school I just went for it like without having done it before my dad went with me for the first time
and medyo scared pa ako that time we Kasi hindi pa ako dumadaan sa Marcos Highway before and then, I mean eventually I got used to it like I could do it on my own with no fear But sometimes I have to deal with drivers na medyo nakakainis they they just cut you or they they move too close to you basta I know like most
drivers just lack common courtesy if pero you really need have to have thick skin if you’re going to decide to bicycle commute in Metro Manila For you, ano yung greatest challenge ng bike commuting? The greatest challenge is probably well I think bicycle commuting is
probably the most efficient and healthiest and most cost-effective way
to transport yourself around Metro Manila another, probably the every day issues lang It’s just that you have to build endurance you have to know how to tune and fix your bicycle. If there’s an emergency or if you
deal with drivers who are terrible that’s like the nightmare like sometimes
I’d be biking home and then may mga truck drivers there were just trying like harassing me like Like nung first year ako especially I wasn’t used to it and I didn’t have a thick skin yet like nung first time na kinakausap ako nakakainis like, “Ba’t ka nagba-bike?” Parang, “miss, sakay ka na lang dito!” on the road which is scary like they would be tailing me the whole way and then they were almost following me! And gusto kong magmura at umiyak sa gitna ng kalsada at sumigaw. Iyon, yun yung issues but then like it’s
easy like when you get used to it like everything just takes time to get used
to You mentioned like some tips na. Parang mayroon ka pa bang other tips for others na nagba-bike commute or sa mga iba na nag-iisip na magbike commute na lang? You just have to be extra aware of the road because you know that drivers aren’t like thinking about you really you have
to be extra aware of your surroundings all the time because you know that no
one’s going to make it easier for you so you just have to be more aware and then
always bring water always bring a raincoat because you don’t know the way
they’re so unpredictable like yesterday it was literally raining super hard
while ang bright outside but it was raining so hard so you have to always be prepared for that and then bring a pump, bring an extra tire interior yeah. And just
keep thick skin and be aware of your surroundings all the time.

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  1. I noticed you're taking a U-turn in Marcos Highway in Ligaya/Ayala Feliz, which is quite challenging. A more conservative route (at the expense of being longer with a bit of climb) would be to take a left turn in Evangelista St (McDonalds), which will lead you to LRT Santolan Station. Take the road going down leading to SM Marikina. From SM Marikina, you can head up back to the Westbound road of Marcos Highway.
    Also, from the E Bank road, you can take a small street (Rizal), which will skip the intersection ahead. This small road will lead you to the large road in Horizons Food Mark. Not really a huge leap, but rather will keep you off meddling with other motor vehicles.

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