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Well, we made it to Bangkok finally. 4:30
in the morning. Alright we checked into our hotel. Getting ready to go for our bike
ride around Bangkok. Catching our first ride through Bangkok. Well we’re alive and we made it to
Robinson Center. Look at these cables back here. We got slightly lost for a second, but
we figured it out. (Monk Chanting) Doing the morning meditation. So we’re on a bike tour with our very nice
tour guide Oil who’s from Thailand. She’s Buddhist. Her family is Buddhist which is cool and we are just going to the back streets right now. She’s
showing us all the temples and churches. We just saw where the monks live. So we took the ferry across. Now we’re at the temple of the good friend. (Wat Kalayanamitr Varamahavihara) So we’re in Chinatown now in the China
market. This is the largest wholesale market in
Thailand that we’re going through right now. I think it’s in the middle of
Chinatown too. Chinatown has a district, not just a street. Trying the street meat. Really Good! Mmm! What is this? This is pork balls. Pork Balls? O yea. And I got the spicy HOT sausage! This one is real hot, like curry hot. Hot, it’s spicy hot. How was yours? It’s okay. It’s not as flavorful as the other one. Okay. We’ll try more. Alright we’re back on the road again biking down by the river just got done with a couple of templs check this
out So cool! Oh! Watch our heads. Here we go. But they is too spicy and you need a little more of this.(Chef) So how many chiles did you put in? Two chiles! Not too spicy? O yea, there’s the chiles. (Celeste laughing) Use the pot.(Chef) What are you making now? Pad Thai! Pad Thai! He hand not stop. He hand only moving. (Chef) It’s like this.(Chef) Pad Thai. (Chef) O yea pad is moving. Pad is move. O very nice pad thai. We stop move now.(Chef) Alright stop. My pad thai. Yea, put it in a bowl. We made a mess. Yea, it’s okay. I think it’ll still taste good. Sometimes it’s just being afraid is good you know that.(Chef) Well it’s my first try so… No, it’s okay.(Chef) Very Nice! Alright here’s the final product. I’ll take chopsticks. Ooooooooo!!!!!(Everyone) Don’t make him feel bad.(Chef) I’m a fork. O, thank you. I’m not good with them, but I’ll try it. Okay just in case.(Chef) Just in case, yea, I can’t do it.

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