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Bike warehouse system explained – RW3, PW5, QW7 – Cabal Online

Bike warehouse system explained – RW3, PW5, QW7 – Cabal Online

Ahoy! This video is going to explain the bike warehouse
system. If you want to know more about bikes, I suggest
you check out my previous video about them. So once again we have 4 types of bikes at
the moment: blue, RW3, PW5 and QW7. Blue bike has no warehouse feature whatsoever,
so that’s unimportant in this case. You can try to interpret the mnemonic as follows:
RW3 stands for remote warehouse. That means if you have one of those bike cards
equipped, regardless of what stats the bike itself has, holding the shift key while right
clicking the bike opens the same warehouse as you could access at any of the warehouse
keeper NPCs. That works everywhere except in mission war. PW5 stands for private warehouse. Holding the alt key while right clicking the
bike opens that up. The storage capacity depends on the upgrade
level of the bike, and you can store 1 item, or stack of items in each slot. This personal warehouse also allows you to
store character binding items! However, a common mistake here: the warehouse
is bound to your character and NOT the bike. So if you store some stuff in that warehouse
them move the bike to another character it won’t have access to the same items. As such, this private warehouse is not transferred
with the character either if you move it to another account. Indeed if you try doing that you get a blank
error message, so make sure you empty that warehouse before engaging in a transfer. So what happens if you don’t have a bike anymore
but there are still stuff in your private warehouse? Well, don’t despair. You won’t have to buy a new bike just to take
your stuff out. Withdrawal can be done at any of the warehouse
keepers in the 3 basic towns without having a bike equipped. But deposition cannot! So watch out for that. And last but not least, QW7, well… kind
of stands for combined warehouse I guess? It has both the remote and the private warehouse
features depending on which key you’re holding while right clicking it. I hope you found this guide helpful, and if
you have any questions about it, the comments are always available! Ahoy!

9 comments on “Bike warehouse system explained – RW3, PW5, QW7 – Cabal Online

  1. Can you do a guide about what runes you should get first to maximize stats like dmg? I know u have a vid about runes in general but not a priority/tier list of the runes.

  2. Dear Mr. 1 Minute CABAL guides,

    Please make a video regarding the item TALISMAN explaining its stats specially the "FINAL DAMAGE DECREASED" AND "FINAL DAMAGE INCREASED" part hope you'll respond to this comment as it would be deeply appreciated and stop the mass confusion regarding of the said topic.

    Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks in-advance.


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