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Bikepacking Argentina: The Patagonia Express ( SEE THE WORLD episode 34)

Bikepacking Argentina: The Patagonia Express ( SEE THE WORLD episode 34)

it has been over 5 years since i started and argentina felt like a world away where are you headed?
I’m going to argentina well… it’s downhill for a while it took two years to ride across Canada, USA, mexico and central america and paddle across to south america then there was the rain of colombia the volcanoes of Ecuador the high Andes in Peru and the salt and the sand of Bolivia I had few months through the remote but beautiful Puna de Atacama in Northern Argentina and then over the Andes to Santiago (chile) I followed the greater patagonia trail south through the lunar landscapes and packrafted through some mountain lakes until… winter came thats when the dogs started following me so last night, i think was the most miserable camping ever so everything’s kinda wet, i busted out the emergency blanket just to keep things drier (and warmer) we went down the mountain with all fingers, toes and paws intact but there had to be a better way south i rested with the dogs and waited just for the right weather window to cross into Argentina in hopes of better weather i heard there was the old Patagonia Express where the steam train still roams the windy Pampa there is a bell that i can ring, i think otherwise, i mean i can probably swim it but its not gonna be pretty but then there was a bell and someone came and took me over… and there was camping here but when i asked to camp they said no, you should stay inside and they gave me this little… cabin, shack place that is actually dry there is a cat, which i am not sure is supposed to be inside or not it’s still very rainy so thats a bit of a problem but i didnt get too wet today i mean if i’m out now, probably would be pretty wet i’m kind of drying out some stuff there is this amazing stove, that works very very well so this would be very warm, very nice people i’m really not sure how the trail is going to go because i think there is a lot of snow still on the trail this is what happens to your bike when you have a horse ooh but you are so wet, i dont want to pet you i was supposed to go up there… but unfortunately, the man i stayed here camping, they actually let me stay inside they said “no you can’t go, it’s too dangerous, you’re gonna get hurt and i was gonna sneak out in the morning but i felt really bad lying to them so i’m just gonna head back and you know take more roads from here on now and also tonight i am getting a dinner treat from Tina & Joe Stiller from USA and they are like “yeah we need to send you something” and they are the guys who gave me the BarYak and the harness and i’m thinking its gonna be this special piece of gear and they had this note and they are like “we’re gonna take you out to dinner” and this is premium chunk white chicken and idahoan four cheese instant mash potatoes
which are a work of art i think i’ll like it here
and these clouds they look okay and it looks like they are very thin clouds so they might evaporate so we have nice stars or sunshine tomorrow here we go, we are in Argentina no! we’re in Patagonia! and we’re going south although following the mountains has more or less defined my journey so far riding along the foothills was also amazing just far enough to be out of the reach of rain and snow but close enough to appreciate them in the vast argentinian pre-cordillera somewhere hidden between the trees and always looking for the sunrise i did 20 kilometers on the ruta 40 but riding that with a fatbike and lots of traffic just wasn’t too much fun i was off again toward the countryside and the patagonia beer trail (from but i wondered, how things would be in the winter no… for the rear hub so thats the story with the rear hub its spinning whichever direction it wants to i’m just gonna ziptie/metal wire it to the wheel and that should work at least for a little bit there is a helicopter flying up there the good news is that the road is frozen, no more mud the bad news is that my bike is also kind of frozen so it might be tough to get moving or sliding but we have one 1480 meter pass which could have some snow but hopefully its more solid and then another one and then its all downhill so we can see about getting the drivetrain going again but for now, the easiest (way) is to have the chain up here so here we go, Patagonia Beer Route (trail) it’s more like Patagonia Mud and Snow route i havent had beer yet so we are nearing the city but i think the main problem is what i’m gonna do about the drivetrain the driver (or freewheel) i dont know if i can try to fix it but i can wash it if there is a pressure wash somewhere and worst case i’m gonna bust out the zipties… or buy some zipties actually and ziptie the heck out of it hey dog, dont take my zipties (the hardware store just has a giant speaker to the outside and plays music when its open) after all the rain and snow, i was finally on the old train tracks the narrow gauge line stretches from Engineer Jacobasi to Esquel it was flat and a little overgrown but with the current freewheel problem, the train tracks were the least of my worries the distant dream of Ushuaia, now seemed too far away but for now, i am sure i can make it to Esquel, even if i have to walk it nice white horse dont be afraid i am your friend! and to this day, the Patagonia Express survives only by tourism the Trochita, offers a glipse into the past where the telegraph and the steam ruled the Pampa and The Andes this is how much is has been raining today… we are attracting.. ducks got the lake here and there’s ducks over there it literally rained cats and dows and sheep and duks yesterday almost 20 hours nonstop rain,
there was a big lake here there were ducks, wildlife taking advantage of the lake, it’s like a seasonal… [thing] so heading out today there should not be more rain and i’ve been cabin sitting for few days, kind of waiting for a train and there’s four of these dogs and they are all very smart when they see you, they dont bark at you they bark at their owners so that they can see that there is somebody here the very very good news is that we actually opened it up here and its not ideal because one of the teeth was broken but i think it should work to patagonia (i mean ushuaia) there is still some things to replace, like 2 spokes when i get to a bikeshop the guys in chile that kind of ruined my bottom bracket they put it together without a spacer, like there was so much space that was empty and *they* went for lunch, so i was like yeah i cant go back there that still needs to be fixed and hopefully there isnt too much permanent damage there and just like a dream, the train disappeared into the fading colors leaving the calm night and the imposing silence of the Pampa behind exhausted from the wind, i sleep in until the sun shines way up high into the abandoned cart i pack up and leave the train station slowly as the great patagonian winds continue their endless journey step by step across the tressle bridges and greeting the telegraph birds perched along the way climbing up toward the pass in the morning sun with the birds above, and the cows
and the guanacos there is still a long way to go and i wonder if my iron horse would make it all the way

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  1. Iohan. Can I just say that every one of your videos are just amazing. I find a lot of inspiration in them. Your videos inspire me to change up the content on my channel and create beautiful adventures for my viewers. Thanks for being an inspiration.

  2. As always, beautiful music!!!! I don't know where you find such beautiful songs. You forgot Victor Jara in the list of musicians, he was killed by the Pinochet's dictatorship. Thanks for the video.

  3. An incredible video as always! This is the best bike travel/adventure series I've seen. The visuals, music, narrative, and little personal moments with people and animals on the road all come together to create something truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing, and all the best on your adventures to come!

  4. Amigo tus vídeos son un suelo de libertad!!! Realmente no hay palabras para poder describir las montañas de la Patagonia. Gracias por compartir tu aventura!!

  5. My advice would be: don't use such a fancy bikes for your adventures. Next time take an old bike with you and when it breaks buy another on the road. I made this summer 120 kilometers in one day with a 3 speed women's bike from the 80's and everything was ok. The only thing that really matters is the saddle height and good tyres.

  6. Hi Iohann As always your videos are amazing and the songs are selected within the style I like (indie, pop-rock, instrumental). I am 70 years old, and I practice cycling in Brazil. I've done Paso Vergara, south Argentina to Chile in 2015. You are an inspiration to my new existence or reincarnation to practice something similar. Big hug.

  7. Iohan, you are definitely an inspiration showing a glimpse of South America through some of the most unique scenaries. landscapes, weather conditions. Wow just beautiful. thankyou From Burlington

  8. As beautifully crafted as always Iohan. The magnificence of the places you have been and the people you have met, is truly awe inspiring. I thank god for you lohan and what you represent so far from home. Maybe the whole world really is your home, and that we really are just one people in these troubled times together.! You are truly thought of more than you know, with love and strong prayers for you coming from Canada.

  9. Parabéns Iohan pela sua viagem pela América, seu trabalho é fantástico digno de um livro e principalmente sua experiencia de vida em lugares remotos.

  10. Gracias querido!! por las espectaculares imágenes, por tomarte ese tiempo para registrar toda la fauna con la que te encuentras!!

  11. iohan thank you very much, you do really have an incredible sense of sensibility, such amazing videos, such amazing photography, such amazing stories….

  12. I hope more people subscribe to your channel to see this beautiful places you visit and the nice videos you make for us.
    100% wool socks will keep your feet warm even when wet…you saw those horseback riders and their wool pants…
    You are putting yourself in a lot of risky situations but I guess you do not get to experience places like that if you are not willing to risk your safety sometimes.
    Very friendly people in Argentina!

  13. My country is so freaking beautifull, these videos inspire me so much to explore it more!! Will for sure be doing that this summer! keep up the good work man

  14. Iohan, been watching your YouTube for some time, your video craftsmanship has evolved so much so, after watching this episode you're at a prolevel. You have an incredibly great taste in music. But an even greater ability to take that music and meld it into your video bring it together to another level. You are not an amateur at this craft but a pro. Thanks! Look forward to seeing the world the way it is thru your eyes for many years more. Be safe and keep having fun and blazing new trails!

  15. WoW ! Another beautiful awesome video my friend !
    Just did a full watch and it passed so fast …I wanted more !
    Do you know that you are unique ? I would compare you as Christopher Columbus of our time but in fact you are better …you are Iohan the greatest YouTuber of all time 👍🎥
    I am 64 years old and you just made me again cry …because of the beauty of our creation !
    Hope you all best and waiting to see your next adventure
    I will share your video on my Facebook as soon as I finish writing this .
    Hélène et Serge 💑
    From Boisbriand Québec Canada 🇨🇦

  16. Dude, get a Rohloff already ! They should give you one for all the advertising they would get here. Carry a spare BB too. If I had any money at all I would buy you a Rohloff. Maybe I'll buy us a lottery ticket.

  17. Another epic installment of your life journey! Thank You, Iohan, for being you, and sharing your adventure with us to enjoy! Much love.

  18. 4000 envidiosos de tu viaje soy el 700 like like lo que haces buen suerte en tu ruta que EL TODO PODEROSO te siga bendiciendo desde Colombia

  19. Every video amazes me of how beautiful this planet is. I’m really impressed with your courage and mental toughness traveling through such harsh environments and weather day in and day out. Pack well and stay safe.

  20. I have said it before and I will say it again , your mind and your will are made of steel ! Nothing can stop you ! These video's are works of art ! I have watched you from the beginning and I can hardly wait for the next one ! Thank you Lohan……….

  21. I'm always afraid of watching these videos. They're very addictive, and once I start, I'll not get anything else done because I'm stuck till the end…

    Then auto play accidentally plays the next one, and a whole day goes by with me enjoying nature while indoors on YouTube.

  22. I have been following your videos since Alaska, you have been a role model for me in terms of the life goals I have to pursue after I finish college.
    I like your simple lifestyle, being independent of the grabs of cultural obligations and your brave and unyielding nature in the face of the many obstacles that come your way.
    Please do consider coming around South Asia once you are done with your tour of America.

  23. amazing mountains , birds , scenery . Quite a bit of hardship on the way with mud and the bike . God bless with excellent health , enjoy , thank you .

  24. No comprendía por qué alguien entraba a tu canal y le daba a "No me gusta" y después de darle muchas vueltas acabo de entenderlo. A mi tampoco me gusta… ¡¡¡¡Falta demasiado para un nuevo vídeo!!!!

    Gracias por esos paisajes e imágenes sublimes. Por compartir tu afecto con los animales. Por darnos la oportunidad de sentir la naturaleza virgen a través de ti. Por hacernos creer en la humanidad. ¿Sabes lo que he pensado cuando he visto a esos caballos corriendo en libertad? Que tú eres uno de ellos, salvaje, libre, con una fuerza física y mental indestructible. Gracias.

  25. Iohan keep us up to date with your horse… Looks like badly sick… If you don't find a way to open the bottom bracket it really sucks…

  26. Iohan you're an inspiration to every cyclist on the planet,thank you for the videos and your unshakeable determination and spirit.Keep on keeping on ;0)

  27. Já estava com saudades, assistir todos os seus videos, e me inspirou a viajar de bicicleta e a pé. Hoje já fiz três viagens de mochilão para São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro e terça-feira irei para Florianópolis. Come to Brazil, you loved the people.

  28. This has been such a pleasure to watch, to immerse ourselves into, and to try and imagine what you experienced. I love your choice of music and moods and interpretation to convey to us your adventures. Wonderful and Wonderfilled

  29. that was an hour well spent.Truly fantastic adventure video and the music so well matched it transported me of my sofa to Patagonia.Good luck and safe riding Iohan

  30. Such a privilige to watch the creation of a lucky mix of a man with the character and temperament to do these trips and the skills and artistic talent to bring them to us in such fantastic videos.
    Thankyou for all your effort.

  31. Thank you so much for showing me the beauty of that part of the world! Love your videos! Keep them coming! Also maybe put out a series of videos of you running into people on the road, would love to see their reaction and stories you share with them.

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  36. it funny when joe came to visit me in Vietnam he brought us many of those chicken packages for us to eat on the trails lol brilliant

  37. Man you've got the best music, i alwaus have to see the track names. And the videograpgy is on par with bbc content. Its just breathtaking.

  38. Estupendo video! La Patagonia, vestida de blanco en invierno, es realmente un paraíso ( Bariloche, Villa la Angostura, San Martin de los Andes, Calafate, Glaciar Perito Moreno, etc) ❄
    Gracias por visitar mi país, saludos desde Argentina.

  39. Another amazing video, I have only watched about 5 random episodes but will shut myself away for a weekend to catch up. Your resourcefulness is amazing. Zip tying a freewheel when most people would give up, Respect!

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