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Bikepacking Documentary: Mountain Bike Camping & MTB Touring Adventure in Florida’s Seminole Forest

Morning folks beautiful day here in Florida, and it’s time for another adventure I’m heading over to a beginner’s day ride. That’s Being hosted by one of the groups that I ride with quite frequently. It’s um. It’s being held at An up-and-coming trail system I Volunteered basically to go take some photos for the Facebook page and Get some video footage of the ride that you’ll see here in a moment and Then I’m gonna proceed further into the backcountry and meet up with a lot of friends Backcountry exploring riding and camping out for the night Happening The bear has got it on here. Let me take a picture in this fight. I’m going on a camping trip after this Well the beginners ride just finished it up a little while ago, and you see behind me here Everybody that was here basically it’s gone now so I’m going to keep moving on to the Next part of this ride which is up into the Seminole forest, which is that way? I’m going to Catch up with some of the other guys and probably intercept them on the route that they’re taking They have done with all the picture-taking that I was going to do and video recording. I think I got some great shots Be interesting to see how it comes out, I’m gonna get ready here and rolling again So this is interesting, this is a connector that they used to use I’m coming from that direction there and This is a connector that I was hoping to use right here And I was gonna go this way off to the right off into the woods, but I see now it’s uh. It’s been barricaded and It’s posted now. No trespassing so I have to turn around and go back Down the road this way for a while the guys that I’m supposed to meet with there They were planning to stop here. I’m not sure if they’re aware that this second behind Sense here is posted. It’s it’s State Park. I’m not sure why it’s posted, but I’m not gonna be the one that Trespasses I came through here on my bike I think it’s about three months ago, and this was as far as I know It wasn’t posted for trespassing and this little opening here was not barricaded so I’m not sure why but I? Think I want to call the guys and give them an update because they’re probably not aware of it either Hey, what’s up? Where are you? Okay I’m at what kind of Falls right now Are you are you aware that the dirt road on the other side of the fence is barricaded right now And its it’s pretty seriously posted for no trespassing yeah, okay, so Were you gonna just? Come out of the falls and go over to the lake where the bear crossing is on 46 and then ride down this way Well I thought about doing that but I don’t want to do anything I’m really not supposed to the next thing you know get busted for something Okay, yeah, I wasn’t sure if it was like posted anywhere else on the other side All right Well, I’m here, and I’m trying to figure out what I should do Cuz you guys are obviously a little bit of ways away still Yeah, I was I was thinking about turning around and going back to the main road and riding up to the bear crossing and then Cutting in on that road there. That’s what I was actually gonna do You got your still you’re still like an hour hour and a half away from here, yeah Okay, I think that’s what I’ll do I’m gonna ride back to 46 and just ride ride a little bit further west up to the bear crossing and I’ll tuck I’ll talk in there and come in there and then rejoin the route and some point. I’ll wanted to you guys Alright, man so I just called one of the other guys And he is aware of the Post to tread no trespassing back there and The barricaded fence. I don’t know if you could hear the conversation very well But he said he and his wife wrote their there about a week ago coming from the other direction and Coming from the other direction it isn’t really posted so I Didn’t want to Just blatantly cross a trespassing sign that was facing in my direction and hapa barricaded fence so What I’ve done is Turn around Heading back out to main road here. I’m going to take a slight detour now rejoin the Rejoin the route they’re riding on and intercept them a little bit further down Probably had Add a couple of miles to what I’m doing no big deal. I got all day and Then I’ll read intercept them Join up with them And then we’ll probably be coming back through here because I think he wants to stop there’s a there’s a campground with Facilities and everything bad after I think they want to stop there to get some food supplies and stuff like that Try to turn around here gotta make a left on that road Well it’s kind of busy, I think I got it This is the area right now Directly overhead It is hot so I decided to Stop and mix up another bottle of Gatorade To Charge this battery here on the drone recharged it I’m equipped to recharge it on my bike here, but battery temperature seems to be kind of warm and I Think I want to charge it until it cools off some Should be only a few miles away from here a little bit if I have a signal Hey, what’s up, man? How’s it going man. Good to see you? So we just arrived here at the Wekiva Falls Outskirts of the Wekiva Forest Jimmy and Kevin have gone into the store which is over there to get some Water and various stuff Definity like that. I’m kind of here with looking over the bikes about to go in there myself We’re gonna go in that water here pretty soon and cool off before we hit the final the next leg go to the final leg of the day we’ll be camping I need to recharge a couple of batteries here and Just taking a quick break So far it’s been a good day. Everything’s going well. There’s Jimmy’s bike Place is packed with guests. I mean you can see All around the outskirts all the RV cars and RVs and cars and stuff We are now leaving the Kaiba Falls area took a nice little break there Went into the water got refreshed cleaned up a little bit cooled off I Stay there, Jimmy Today it is Win twice run us up to 40 right I am Lorna good stuff, man. Yes fun times We’re not even in camp yes, that’s right As we embarked upon the final leg of the day’s ride We learned that we’d be joined by two more riders with that in mind We stopped at this wilderness outpost and waited for them to catch up So we picked up two more riders to our group a few minutes ago we have we wait for them for a little while and just Caught up and join up with us here, and we are heading to our campsite now I’m being a talking head Family gathering at the dinner table white packing style That’s what I went for today Here we are this is what’s left of camp everybody’s packed up. We’re about getting ready to roll here we will be rolling any moment now and Making about to make the return, homeward All right, this is where we lose one of the crew man down

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