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Bikepacking:  Prague to Vienna (+480KM)

Bikepacking: Prague to Vienna (+480KM)

So my friend Tomaš and I are riding from Prague to Vienna on the Prague to Vienna Greenways cycle path. So Brian told me it would be a really nice trip. Just easy riding, discovering new landscapes, ahhh…beer tasting and probably tasting some wine in Moravia I’m looking for a real challenge, everything I read online said it is 385km. I think we are going to try and do about 100km per day, which will not leave us much time to do anything else, and we’re probably going to be pretty exhausted at the end of each day. I’m excited! I think we will have a lot of fun, Just bikepacking, soaking up the local culture. What’s not to like? Should be a nice vacation. He has no idea. There is no way he would go on this trip if he knows how hard it will be. In less than 15km we had left the urban city center of Prague, and now is a good time to thank the sponsor of this video. Topeak. When they heard about my idea to bike on one of Europe’s most popular cycle paths, They insisted I test out their gear. Topeak fitted me out with their latest gear designed especially for bikepacking or as they like to say “Built for adventure”. We kept riding further into the countryside. Around the 40km mark, we decided to enjoy one of the Czech Republic’s more refreshing traditions. But, we couldn’t dilly dally. We had a tight schedule to follow so we would ride another 20kms before stopping again for what was either a late lunch or an early dinner. Czech ribs isn’t the lightest of meals, but it is too good to say no to. We continued cycling south as we were now racing the sun. The views were magnificent! I was relishing the thought of riding through scenery like this for the next few days. I can’t stress enough how great it is to go on these multi-day adventures. [sigh] Our late start is definitely kicking us in the pants right now. We really didn’t get out of Prague until about mid day, and it is now 7pm and we have roughly 2 hours of riding. Which could possibly mean half an hour to an hour in the dark. But, Topeak provided me with this amazing 500 lumen light, you wouldn’t even believe this thing. It’s like a headlight from a car. So, hopefully I get to check that out, and give you my thoughts on it. I am going to keep riding, and hopefully we make it to the endpoint, and can keep on schedule with the 4 day goal. So, over and out! I hope we are getting close to our final destination, because it was a hard ride, but very nice. Nice one, Ya! I think we got around 20 kilometers in front of us. So, let’s go! We kept riding and would enjoy every second of the remaining sunlight. How about that sunset Tomaš? Ouuu….Nice! Before we knew it, the sun was gone and it was nearly pitch dark. So glad to have the lights, mainly for making it way easier to follow the path, but also to help cars notice us. Just got to our accommodation after riding about an 1 hr 30 min – 2 hours in the dark, but these lights have worked out amazing! We made it! Well we’re going to bed. On day 1, We rode from Prague to the small town of Stare Mitrovice Covering approximately 91km, With an elevation gain of over 1200 meters and a total riding time of Nearly 5 hours and 50 minutes Good Morning day 2! Yesterday we did a little over 90km, hoping today to do about 100km. My knee is a little sore, legs are a little tired, but I am hoping we can push through it. Also got in late last night, so instead of camping we chose to stay at this pretty nice pension, that was right on the way, but tonight the plan is to camp. so let’s get on the bikes! We packed up and got on the road. There is something that is so awesome about just riding all day. I really don’t think there is a better way to explore. Bikepacking allows you to travel significantly more distance than hiking and with the option to bring more stuff. However, my favorite is to pack the least amount possible. Saving you both time and energy. In late afternoon, my good buddy Vojta would come ride with us for a few hours. We would eventually reach the Červená Lhota Castle around sunset. Took a 15 minute break to admire the enchanting structure and to rest our legs. We kept cycling almost another 20km Before arriving to Jindřichův Hradec. Here is where we parted ways with Vojta, riding several more kilometers in the dark and then setting up our tent. On day 2, We rode from Stare Mitrovice to just south of Jindřichův Hradec We covered approximately 84km, With an elevation gain of over 970 meters And a total riding time of Nearly 5 hours and 50 minutes Good Morning! We got in pretty late last night. we setup tent, and we were super tired. So we went to bed without saying good bye, but it is a new day and we are going to start riding here shortly. We just need to put up the tent, but look at this sweet view we found. Not to bad! We’re just about 7 kilometers outside Jindřichův Hradec. We got on the bikes and started cycling towards Vienna How’d you sleep Tomaš? Pretty well! My sleeping mattress is not as good as yours, but I’m fresh for the next 100 kilometers. Any update? What do we got for today? Today we should go through the Czech Canada. So the terrain should be a little bit hilly, but we are mountain bikers right? Another beautiful day! Actually today feels kind of hot compared to the other days, but we got a pretty good sleep in the tent, but we really need to find somewhere to wash off yesterday’s stink, and I broke two spokes in my rear tire. So hopefully we’ll find a bike shop along the way. the first couple hours were great riding, a fair amount of climbing followed by relaxing downhills. When we reached Nová Bystřice, Tomaš suggested we stop for another Czech Speciality. Větrník is my favorite sweet from the country. After we would enter into Czech Canada, A beautiful area named because of it’s abundance of conifer trees. So right outside of Slavonice we found our bathing facilities. We would ride into Slavonice where we found a bike shop to repair my spokes. It wasn’t long before we were back on the road enjoying what I like to call “the magic hour”. Wow! These views all around are spectacular! The landscape is stunning, having a lot of fun, eating some great Czech food, trying out the beers, and just riding from sunrise to sunset. Can’t think of things much better than this. Again we would ride into total darkness, something that would have been impossible without the lights. On day 3, We rode from just outside Jindřichův Hradec to Podhradí nad Dyjí, covering approximately 78km, With an elevation gain of over 965 meters And a total riding time of Nearly 5 hours and 5 minutes It will be a hot day today. Good morning from Day 4 from the Prague to Vienna greenways tour. We have done about 253 kilometers so far. On day 4 we are really hoping to do our first 100km day, because we just found out some bad news. We have 170 more kilometers. We don’t know how this happened??? We were told 385 kms, but it now looks like there is an additional 35-40kms. Somebody probably didn’t do any planning We did debate on saving some pace by taking a short cut, but that would be cheating! We’re going to do the full 170km. Come on! An hour or so later I would reach the very picturesque, Vranov nad dyji chateau. If you have the time I suggest taking a tour of this architectural and historical attraction. Next we would pass by the Vranov Nad Dyji dam, a popular place for Czechs to go on vacation in the summer. And later we would enter into the Podyjí National Park. Which is one of only 4 national parks in the Czech Republic. Tomaš knew about another great place for us to take a swim. At the Pod Šobesem river. It just went from good to amazing! We just went through this awesome downhill, sorry I did not film it, but we stopped right here. Amazing! An “s” in the river. Tomaš: That was the best part…definitely! We had a quick decent to the river. This water is a little colder, I don’t think I see any big rocks. We’re going to jump. [splash] This water looks very similar to yesterday’s water with the exception of it being 5-10 degrees celsius colder. Ya, a little bit. Ha, it’s freezing! Wooo! Wooo! We dried off and kept pedaling, but it wasn’t long before we were invited to sample some wine. We were in Moravia now so it would be a faux pas not to at least try it. Today our legs felt really tired, so we decided to ride just a few more kilometers before calling it quits for the day. On day 4, We rode from Podhradí nad Dyjí to Jaroslavice, covering approximately 70km, With an elevation gain of over 785 meters And a total riding time of Nearly 5 hours and 15 minutes Yesterday we started getting pretty tired. Slowly doing less and less each day, yesterday we only did 70 kilometers, our bodies are feeling it. We just camped here in… where are we? Jaroslav? Tomas: Jaroslavice. Jaroslavice! We camped here, just on the side of some road. Got a good night’s sleep. It’s 7:45am, and I think we’re about 110kms from Vienna, which means we probably won’t even get there today. But we’ll be able to leave early tomorrow on the first train back to Prague. That’s if everything goes ok. we packed up the tent and got on the road. It was noticeably easier as we were out of the hills and had a lot less climbing to do. Day 5 has been treating is pretty good so far. A little overcast, but it’s made the weather cool. There’s a light breeze, but it’s not as windy as yesterday. Thank goodness! We have clocked about 30kms almost. We’re hoping to get the 100 today, but we haven’t had any luck yet, but fingers crossed! Shortly after we would arrive to the super charming town of Mikulov. Unfortunately, we were way behind schedule and didn’t have time to “fully soak up the culture” as Tomaš puts it. So we kept surging forward. We’re coming up to the unofficial border. We are leaving the Czech Republic and entering into Austria. So far riding in Austria was great. Riding through some vineyards, among rolling hills and windmills. Right at dusk we arrived to a small town with hopes of finding a room for the night. Tomas: Hello. Receptionist: Hello. Tomas: We are searching for 1 room with 2 beds Fingers crossed. On day 5, We rode from Jaroslavice to Mistelbach, We covered approximately 90km, With an elevation gain of over 780 meters And a total riding time of Nearly 5 hours and 50 minutes Day 6 or 5.5 hopefully. Bikes are packed. It is super early in the morning, because we are trying to get all the way to Vienna. We have 60 plus kilometers and we’re trying to catch the 2:39PM train. Can we make it? I think we have enough time, but you never know what the road has waiting for you. Today was our first sunrise ride of the trip. It was stunning, a little brisk but felt great. It seemed like we were the only people on the bike trail. In my future bikepacking trips I will be sure to do more riding during sunrise. it’s such an amazing way to start the day. At around the halfway point we decided to reward ourselves with a refreshing beer. the morale was high. We had a variety of perspectives. We did night ride, today we did sunrise ride, we did sunset ride. We did a lot of different landscapes. All the night rides were pretty cool. Thanks to very good lights, we had a really really adventurist experience, and I really liked the ride through the national park. The landscape, the scenery was amazing. We kept rolling through the hills, savoring the last kilometers of our epic journey. Since we have entered Austria, we have seen virtually zero signs for the Prague to Vienna Greenways, and after much consideration and after spending some time looking at the map, we’ve decided to follow the Eurovelo 9 all the way to Vienna. Otherwise, we were spending so much time trying to find it, and still not being fully sure that we were even on it. Eurovelo 9 gets there. We’re going to finish this. Almost 100km more than anticipated, but we’re going to do it. We’re crushing it! What are we going to do Tomaš? We are finishing the last part Prague to Vienna, and we are on a greenway, which is also called Eurovelo 9, Hahahaha! We soon ventured into a more urban setting and our endpoint was within sight. On the final day , We covered approximately 70km, With an elevation gain of over 425 meters And a total riding time of Nearly 4 hours and 25 minutes. We averaged just over 80km/day and a total of 483km. I just made it to the Vienna Train Station. This video is officially finished. If you have any questions about biking the Prague to Vienna Greenways Path, please leave them in the comment box below. Another huge thank you to the sponsor Topeak. I could not have done it without this amazing gear. I will have a video showing you the ultimate bikepacking setup. Look out for that video. Until next time, safe travels! See you later.

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  1. I did the Prague-Vienna Greenway last summer with Bicycle Touring Pro. We did in in about 6,5 days, so when I heard you thinking about doing it in 4 I thought you were in for a brutal awakening. Man, those first two days were really tough as I remembered it. Glad you decided to change your plans to do it in six days. Otherwise you might have killed poor Tomas. 🙂

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