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Bikepacking the GDMBR – Day 17

Bikepacking the GDMBR – Day 17

good morning today is day 17 on the
Great Divide mountain bike route spent last night he’s over here next to this
church woke up only had about a liter of water and there is a well pump right
over here but there’s a lock on it so I’ve only got a liter of water there’s a
store at least Google Maps says there’s a store about 24 miles from here I
should be able to make it on a liter of water we’ll find out one other thing
Cuba is 74 miles from where I am I don’t think that I’m gonna push through and do
all of that today I may try and do about 50 miles of it or so so the following
morning it’ll only be 20 miles and I can spend you know a half a day in Cuba
we’ll find out we’ll see how it goes still haven’t been able to find water
I’m about 17 miles from a place called choco trade center where I believe I
can get water see it way off in the distance Road right here get back behind
this little bluff but it goes back into that Canyon I gotta hang a right and
then go behind these cliffs back here love this!! love it! one of them looked a little emo starting to get gassed out and I have no idea where its at I think that’s it there in the distance I hope they have ice cream so I’m still here at the Chaco Trade
Center I got here a little after 12 o’clock or so this afternoon it’s now
about 5:00 p.m. started uploading a video because
they’ve got Wi-Fi here the store owners came out and asked me if I wanted to
camp here evidently they do let cyclists and
hikers camp here didn’t know that so tonight’s camp site will be right
over here behind this old railroad car kinda nice
so today’s cycling only 24 miles from where I camped that last night tomorrow
48 miles into Cuba I think I’ll try and leave a little early and try push the
total 48 miles this will be it, I’m gonna go set up camp Cheers later

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