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Bikepacking the GDMBR – Day 21

Bikepacking the GDMBR – Day 21

good morning today’s Sunday May 19th here in
the Santa Fe National Forest in New Mexico just trying to wake up drinking
some coffee here I didn’t sleep that well last night woke up a few times a
little cold I need to do something my sleeping bag it’s well it’s not a
sleeping bag it used to be a sleeping bag but I had it altered had a zipper
cut off and some of the material but now all of the down falls to the sides of it
because the baffles are sewn this way and not this way I think when I get into
Taos in a couple days I’ll have it altered so that the down actually stays
on top of me and not beside me and one other thing last night I decided to
clean my prosthetic that I use for cycling and found that there’s a
little bit of play right here in this bushing here there’s a bolt here and
then there’s, it goes through a bushing that allows this to move but hopefully
you can kind of see that there’s some play in there and that is because
there’s a bushing that’s worn out hopefully it’ll last me until Taos so that
I can contact Mike at BioDapt and see if he can send me a couple parts hopefully it gets me
there without failing I’m gonna eat some oatmeal and get going for the day finally back on the road it’s quarter
after twelve took my time packing up there’s a town called abiquiu
I think it’s how you pronounce it about 50 miles from where I’m at right now
the town itself is on the Great Divide mountain bike route but as I said
earlier I’m gonna head into Taos and Taos I believe is about another 60 or 70
miles northeast from there reason I want to go there is because there’s a bike shop, well a few of them actually and I think I think I’m gonna send the extra
prosthetic that I’m carrying around you see there it’s my everyday walking
prosthetic but I haven’t really been using it at all so it doesn’t really
justify me carrying around the extra five six pounds that it weighs, to have that
much extra weight on the front end just not that good
I’m not using it at all really so I think I’m gonna send it back. Lets get going now from what I can gather by looking at
the maps this morning…(washboard) From what I can gather by looking at the maps this morning
today should be full of some downhill you see all that? carved into the trees?
don’t do that, usually I’d have a few choice words for people that do that but
I’m just gonna, just don’t do it. Reason I stopped you was to let some air out of the tires. I
forgot to when I hit the dirt yesterday it makes the ride a lot better when
you’re on gravel less bumpy much more tolerable for the road you want to
pumped up like almost rock hard or at least that’s how I do usually run about
25 28 psi on the gravel and 55 or so on the pavement so far so good today 21 on the Great Divide mountain
bike route is in the books 1699 feet of elevation gain, 24.8 miles in total, total move time four hours 32 minutes. Got a pretty late start today just couldn’t get myself to get out of
the tent but tonight I have pretty cool camping spot maybe somewhere in these
trees here I do need to refill on water and the only thing available is this pond here. Sorry I didn’t really record too
much today I got some family stuff on my mind but I won’t go too deep into that
but if anything just keep your word keep your word to your friends and family
today’s weather it was overcast all day kind of chilly never really warmed up at
all Sun never really came out so pretty chilly I think the high was maybe maybe
in the high 50s, low 60s? Maybe a little cooler than that Two days ago I did hear that tonight is supposed to be below freezing but I hope not oh yeah the tree but starting tomorrow
morning see this little gnarly hill behind me, see how rough that is? yeah that’s
that’s gonna be the start of my day tomorrow, that hill

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