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Bikepacking the GDMBR – Days 19 and 20

Bikepacking the GDMBR – Days 19 and 20

flatbread, hummus, cucumber, and tomato do you see how much
sediment is in the bottom of there? I refilled that in the town of Cuba with
the city water, that’s what’s coming out of the pipes in the city water in cuba….ewww first snow I’ve seen since leaving Colorado about a
month and a half ago. I’m at about 9500 feet of elevation, hopefully I don’t run
into too much more Now isn’t this just beautiful? I’m gonna camp here tonight, today’s day 20
on the Great Divide mountain bike route I spent yesterday in Cuba took a day off
day 19 I knew I was gonna be out here in the forest for about 3 or 4 days so I
wanted to take a break restock all that good stuff. The bikes heavy fully loaded three
days worth of food carry about a gallon of water with me. Today’s ride was only
about 13 miles but 2,300 feet of elevation gain a lot of that was hike a
bike I’m running out of gears and when I left Cuba today the weather was great it
was starting to warm up but as I climbed an elevation it got windier and colder
so much in fact that rain jacket wool t-shirt all zipped up all bundled up but
I’ve gone down in elevation I think just a few hundred feet there’s a ridge line
back behind me kind of blocking the wind so it’s a little warmer it’s nice when
the sun’s out but it’s partly cloudy so as soon as the Sun dips behind the cloud
it gets a little chilly again but overall pretty uneventful day but I get
the camp out in this beautiful little meadow. There’s a flattish spot here that I’m gonna set up the tent on it’s only about
3:45 I wanted to set up camp early and also do a review of my tent my Nemo
dragonfly tent so if you’re in the market for a new one check that out and last
but not least a huge shout out and thank you to my two patreon members so far my
aunt Sheri and Harry rig lot sorry if I’m mispronouncing your last name
regular loot lots something like that but cheers and thank you you guys are
the reasons why I’m gonna be able to keep this trip going hopefully
indefinitely and make make these YouTube videos full-time
job we’ll see cheers, later

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