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Bikes On Snow And Skis On Dirt? It’s Opposite Week! | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 151

– Cecile the Conqueror, EWS champ, sets her sights on history. Ski genius and MTB legends swap terrain. And are the roadies tryna steal our tech? It’s all comin’ up on the Dirt Shed Show. (guitar riff) So, quite big news this
week is Cecile Ravanel has made it known that she’s gonna take on World Cup Downhill this year. – I find this really interesting actually, and I love to see this. We’ve seen it happen with
Sam Hill go the other way from downhill to enduro. Now we’ve seen Cecile dominate in enduro. And I’d like to see her
challenge people like Rachel Atherton for sure, Tarney. I think it’s gonna be
interesting at the top this year in World Cup Downhill. – I think it’s incredibly interesting, because she’s got amazing fitness. Let’s not forget, she’s been a World Cross Country
champion in Juniors, right? – Is that right? I didn’t know that. – So, we’re talking about
someone who thinks she can win at the top level in cross
country, EWS, and downhill. – [Neil] Do we think she’s gonna win a it? I think she’s got a very
good chance actually. – Well, to be fair to Cecile,
it doesn’t feel like she’s going into with, “I’m gonna
dominate that sport now.” I think she really wants to find something to test her skills that she can enjoy. She’s just dominated EWS
for two years running, she had a perfect season last year. – She got bored of winning maybe. – Maybe, she needs something
to keep her interested. – New challenge. – She needs to be challenged, yeah. But, if she was to go and
win a World Cup Downhill, I think that would be legendary. – It would be. I was just about to say
that very word, legendary. So I can’t wait to see it. – Very cool. I’m really looking forward
to seeing that happen. What else has been
going on this week Neil? – [Neil] Have you seen Markus Stockl? We know him for his well, he used to run MS Racing, a team, but he also goes very fast. He set a speed record
on his bike last year. He’s now been riding at the legendary, I guess you call the
Hahnenkamm in Kitzbuhel, the World Cup Ski Downhill course. – Yes, crazy in Kitzbuhel. Yeah I mean, it’s so
steep it’s terrifying. – He put spikes in his tyres, metal studs. Took 23 hours to do each tyre. And he did 106 kilometres an hour. – That’s fast. – That is. – That’s fast. To contrast that. – Yep. – Candide Thovex, a skier, has taken on skiing not on snow. It’s bizarre. – [Neil] On virtually
mountain bike terrain. – This video is crazy, right? We’ve all been done over here. This guy has gone out and
ridden his skis on a course that if you’d done on a mountain
bike, and done the tricks he does, it would be an
amazing mountain bike video. He’s done it on skis. – It’s a brilliant video. – We’ve been done, lads. – Yeah. – We’ve gotta try harder. Candide has set a level,
and we are gonna need to come back on this. We really are. – In other news, Josh
Lewis, the 50 to one star, the UK pro, has dislocated his ankle. Looks pretty rough, this. I have some experience in broken ankles, and it’s been a little bit tricky to come back from just say, so that does not look good. – Yeah, me too. I’ve broke some ankles, and they’re um… I like to refer to them
as my glass ankles now, because they’re never quite the same. But yeah, hopefully Josh
is gonna be back soon. – Yeah, well wishes to him. – It’s not for the
fainthearted that video, no. – Sam Pilgrim has flared an e-bike. Is there anything he
can’t do on an e-bike? That’s pretty impressive actually. – I’m starting to think there isn’t. I think he can do everything. It looked pretty comfortable. – [Neil] Lots of dirt, though actually. – [Martyn] It’s slow,
because obviously the weight of the bike, but it is
really interesting to see what Sam’s trying to do with an e-bike. I don’t know, what does
it make you think about what they can and can’t do? – Well I think they can pretty much do anything to be honest. It’s actually no real surprise to me that someone like Sam could do that. But good on him. It’s good to see. – It’s good, and it opens
people’s eyes to the bikes. – Absolutely. – Which is a good thing,
which is a good thing. Hope, who have got their HP 160
bike have slashed their bike from 7,500 pounds two grand off. – [Neil] Yeah, I like this. – To five five, and yeah… It’s because they think
they can now really justify spreading the cost of their
tooling for carbon bikes over a much longer period of time because they’ve got a lot of confidence in how they can use carbon in
their business, and it means they’re not gonna put that
cost onto the customer. Pretty cool. Everyone who spent that two grand extra. – Is being refunded? – They’re giving it back. – I like that. You don’t hear about that very often. – You don’t. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that. – But Hope are obviously
really famous for doing their products, their aftermarket
brakes, things like that. This is the first bike
we’ve seen from them, so it’s a bold move, and it
seems to be working for ’em. – Yeah, what do you think, Neil? Does that mean we’re gonna
see a lot more Hope bikes? – Why not? I’d like to see that. It’d be cool. – Yeah, definitely cool. So, lots of things happening. Let’s get into what you guys were saying on the show last week. First, we’ll start with the pole. It’s one of those things that
I’m not sure I’m glad I asked. But… – You must listen to our viewers, Martyn. – Make what you will of this. We asked, “Hour long
live stream bike vaults?” – Yeah, it’s very popular I think. – Okay. 53% said yes. – [Neil] I like it. – [Martyn] Which is great news. – [Neil] They’re fun. – [Martyn] Great news. No was only 14%, so I
think there’s definitely some desire out there for a
longer form bike vaults show. But, I just wanna put this out there; 32% said “Mm, maybe half an hour.” So, is that a lot of
people being kind going, “Like your enthusiasm Martyn,
but maybe not an hour.” – So, watch your space. – Yeah, but I think it’s
something we might try, eh? – Yeah, let’s do it. – Why not. I tell you something else
that happened last week. The roadies are getting in on our action. – [Neil] What are they doing now, Martyn? – [Martyn] Ugh, well they’ve
got these 650B wheels, they’re running bigger tyres. – [Neil] The things we’ve had
for years and years, you mean? – Yeah, it sounds like a mountain
bike with drop handlebars. Sy and Dan, little Dan,
took the bikes out, used their legendary cross country skills, which they’ve still got by
heck, and it looks super fun. – [Neil] I like the look of this actually. – [Martyn] Yeah, it does look good. – [Neil] But, one thing
that gets me, like roadies they still talk about disc
brakes like it’s a new thing. Like, should we have ’em,
should we not have ’em? We’ve had ’em for years, get over it lads. – Well, they’re definitely
buying into it now, mate. They’re into them disc wheels, they’re taking the bikes off road. I like it. – What next? – I like it. – What next, full suspension? No actually, flex stems. That’s what they want. That’s a new technology for roadies. There you go. – Come on boys, let’s see you try. The things you guys have been saying on the channel this week. Angus Ferguson says, “Hi, “Pretty please, may I have the lumo yellow “poc helmet behind Martyn?” – That one? – That one there? – That’s a nice helmet. – No you may not. – No, afraid not. You asked very nicely, but no. Who’s this? Oisin O’Connor says “Doddy
should open his own bike shop. “Anyone agree?” – You know what, he would
be really good at that. His tech is unbelievable. – He’s a salesmen. – Yeah, he could sell a bike. He could sell a bike. He could also, in a bad
mood, not sell a bike. (Neil laughs) But yeah, I’d like a Doddy shop. Have a coffee there, sounds good. – But not buy anything. – Jonowee says, “Looking
forward to Doddie’s “nukeproof gravel bike review. “Specifically, a mountain
bike company like nukeproof “taking on the dropbar bike.” Well yeah, just like we were saying, the roadies trying these things out. We’ve also got bikes in the industry going the other way too. – That’s true. Dropseat post, that’s on that bike that roadies are starting to pick up. – Yeah, it’s interesting, they dropped the seat post on there. – Yeah. – We’re having a bit of an amalgamation of the two sports here. Certainly. I hope there’s some things
that come across from mountain biking, and I hope
some things that come from road that stay there. – Well, like what? – I dunno, there’s a um… I don’t know how to talk about… There’s quite a few scandals. – Oh right, that stuff. – In road cycling, isn’t there? – Yeah, it’s not about the bike, Martyn. – No. – Isn’t that what someone said once? I can’t remember. – No. M Rickaby says, “GMBN, with
the advent of 650B tyres for “road bikes, and the fatter
tyres and lower tyre pressures “have mountain bikers had their day?” It’s not that bad.
– What? Come on. – [Martyn] It’s not that bad. – [Neil] I hope that’s
tongue in cheek, M Rickaby. – Yes, yeah. Okay, Bobafett says,
“(laughs) Harvey Norman “is a retailer in New Zealand.” Aw, this is such a sad story. – You’ve lost me there, Martyn. – We got that box last
week from New Zealand. It had peanut butter in
it, it had jam in it, it had chocolate in it, vegan chocolate. – Nice. – Which we loved. – Do we? Like vegan chocolate? – But, I wrongly read it
out as from Harvey Norman. Harvey Norman, Norman
Harvey, you are a superstar. – Yeah, thanks Harvey. – It’s not Harvey. Harvey was just the retailer name on the shoe box it all came in. – Oh, alright. – So, bit of a dummy mistake there. But what it does mean is I
don’t know who sent that. – Ah. – We’ve got a card, but
there’s no name signed on it. If you sent us this, and you
sent us that great package last week, send me an
email, [email protected], and I’m gonna send you something back. That’s what I’ve been planning to do, but I don’t know where to send it. – Get a t-shirt and poster, maybe? – So yeah, send us that back, because we really appreciated getting that gift. It was very, very cool. Bobafett also says, “Neil’s
humour is the absolute best. “Massive fan.” – Nice, thanks. Cheers, Bobafett. I’m also a big fan of Star Trek as well, so really get you a point. That’s great, brilliant. Jordan Hotmann says “I’m with Martyn, “I like the old First Try Friday sound.” – Yes, the (mouth squelching). – Blake’s been messin’. – Yes, yeah definitely. – Gustav Foldvari says,
“The (mouth squelching) for “First Try Friday is so 2017. “The Zimbabwean (click)
is what’s hot for 2018. “Just go with it Martyn.” No, I won’t. And I tell you what, I’m gonna
put this to you guys, right? The poll this week… That’s right, I’m gonna waste
the poll this week on… Your first option, should First
Try Friday be a (squelch), or should First Try Friday be a (click)? I can’t believe I’m doing this. – I can’t wait to see the results Martyn. It’s gonna be really interesting. – And lastly, Humberto
Luis Fernandez Chacin says, “Loving the sarcasm and hidden
messages within every show.” – Sarcasm? – “I really gotta think hard and pick “everything and everyone up.” I dunno what you mean Blackbird. – No idea. – Wink. (laughs) Dude, get on it. – [Man] What, get up there? – Get on it. I’ll hold you up there. – [Man] You sure about this? – Yeah, I’ll hold you up. Go on, I’m strong.
– You sure about this? – Yeah, I’m strong. Go on, go on. – [Man] Alright, alright. (both grunting) – Whoa. – [Man] Stop moving. – I’m gonna be as still as I can. – [Man] Just stop moving. – Neil, help him. How is it up there? – [Man] It’s alright. Stop movin’. – I’m bein’ still as I can! – [Man] Come on. – I’m gonna drop you! Get off. Get off! – Oh, there you go. Cap ready for the bike vault. – Cheers mate. – Ready. – Put on that on ready you get told off. (laughs) Dude, nice to see you. – Good to see you. – Yeah, what you got for us this week? Any progressions? – (gasps) We have a
very, very, very special progression session sent in by Zach Shaw. And if you don’t know who Zach Shaw is, he’s a pretty famous BMXer. – This is the Zach Shaw
who used to right for GT. Did he not, back in the day? – Yes, he did, yeah.
– Yeah, I think he’s ridden for a lot of people. Incredible bike rider, incredible rider. Amazing to see him on a mountain bike. – [Blake] Yeah, but with
a man of all his skill, he’s still progressing. So take a look at this clip. – [Martyn] Whoa, Zach! Whoa, whoa! (laughs) – [Blake] He went over the bars. – [Martyn] Boy still knows
how to crash, that’s for sure. – [Blake] Yeah, all
those years crashin’, eh? – [Martyn] Great seein’
him out on a mountain bike. Oh, oh! – [Blake] But if you notice
that seesaw does like, this. – [Neil] Twist. – Yeah, it’s got a twist on.
– It twists down. – [Neil] This is Tony Dorrell’s
place in the UK, isn’t it? I recognise it. – [Blake] Ah, in the UK, yeah. (gasps) – [Martyn] Oh, drop off. – [Neil] Nice. – [Blake] God, he knows how to do that. – [Martyn] Oh, well he’s
not scared though, is he? – [Blake] That is progression, isn’t it? – [Martyn] I mean, I’ve seen
Zach try some absolutely insane things on a… – [Blake] Insane stuff. – [Martyn] Vert rider, incredible. Go on, he’s got it I think. Go on, yes. Yes! Yes!
– Look at that. – [Martyn] Still got it. – [Blake] He’s still gotta continue. – [Martyn] Oh my god, that guy is sick. – [Blake] Look at the table on him. – [Martyn] Old school table. – [Neil] It’s good, innit? – [Blake] Yep. – [Martyn] Brilliant. – [Blake] Suicides? (gasps) – Zach, amazing. Have we got a First Try Friday? – Yes we have. – Oh, cool. – Straight out of Nelson, New
Zealand, he’s 12 years old, he’s hitting two five metre
gap jumps for the first time, and his name is William Sargent. So, check this out. – [Neil] Whoa, he’s
fast around the corner. – [Blake] God, he’s flat out. – [Martyn] Oh, he’s got some speed. Whoa! – [Blake] He’s got some ste– Whoa! – [Neil] Nailed it. – [Child] Yeah! – [Martyn] Aw, he’s well chuffed. – [Blake] Bet he’s
screaming chuffed, isn’t he? Look at him. – Woo hoo! He’s chuffed at that. That is the be–
– Well done. – That is the best feeling. – Best feeling, exactly, yeah. – He was absolutely nailing that. – What’s he get for that, Blake? (gasps) (click) – Not havin’ it. – Why is he… You keep goin’ on– – You get in that poll now. We want a (squelch). – There’s a poll for this? – There’s a poll for this one, mate. Just give us an example so
the guys and girls can see what their option is. (squelch) Right, much better.
– That was a good one. (click) – The first one’s way better. Way better. (click) (squelch)
– We’ll see. We’ll see what they come to say. ♪ Hacks and bodges ♪ ♪ Hacks and bodges, hacks and bodges ♪ – (laughs) That was pretty good. – He’s doing… He’s saying bodges. – I said bodges at least three times. – You looked like you actually were like, “Yeah, yeah, alright. “Okay, there’s the song.” You have sort of acceptance. – Yeah, I’ve not done it for a while. – Yeah, you haven’t. You haven’t been in the shed for a while. – Hacks and Bodges this week. I think it’s gettin’ a
bit off-track myself, Hacks and Bodges, but I’m
gonna start with this. – [Neil] I like it. – [Blake] Oh, I like that. – [Martyn] Rob Bouchard
has sent in this kinda chopping board, drink stand
thing he’s made out of some really off cut wood, cork
background, some chain rings in chain, and some kind
of resin he’s set them in. – [Blake] I like it. – It’s very impressive. – Yeah. – I think this is art. This isn’t a hacks or bodges. – True. – Alright? – Yeah. – I think we’re gettin’
a bit off track here. Where’s the fixes of bikes? – I mean, it’s… – Where’s the, “I did this to
get myself back off the trail. “What a hero.” This is like, artwork, okay? – True. – Rob, it’s good, but I ain’t
callin’ it hack or bodge. (loud clatter) – Crash, bang, wollop. – I ain’t doin’ it.
– Said by Mr. Ashton. – Well, I’ve got an amazing hack. This is from Fran Orviedo who has got a trailer for his bike. So, he’s been ridin’ round
Costa Rica with his wife. – [Blake] Look at that. – Adapted that so he’s
got some axel mounts. Chuck ’em on there. – Go camping. – Like the idea of that. That’s cool.
– Yeah, that’s better. We’re getting back on track now. – Although, trailers and
motorbikes doesn’t mix. I dunno. – We’re blurring the lines. – Imagine getting the sway on that. – Never tried it. – Imagine fishtailing a
trailer with a motorbike. – Get the throttle. Get it wheelie’in’. – I feel uncomfortable. I feel uncomfortable. – I bet you could wheelie it if you hadn’t put that on it. – Okay what have you got, Blake. – I got one sent in
from Juliette Cheeseman. – Goddammit. – Look at this. This is a hack. – This is like home decoration. What’s going on. We let a few things in and
suddenly the trend is gone. I want to see people fixing their bikes or using clever ways to improve things. This, Blake. No. – Neither a hack or a bodge. – Gleam, that was good man. – Nah you’re upsetting me now. – Proper gleaming one. – Grumpy Martyn, grumpy Martyn. Right, time for caption contest. Last week’s photo was this of course. Blake having a lovely
time out on the trail. – [Blake] With dog eggs everywhere. – Dog eggs. Okay, first contender is from Momma Mia, and she says “getting to the
heart of the faecal matter.” – [All] Ewww. – Not sure about that one. – What about this one. Throwaway Orc, “when you
see Nino try to whip.” – Oh when you see Nino try to whip. – This is becoming a thing now boys. Think Nino might hear about this. – Yeah. – It’s true though. – Slighting Nino’s (mumbles) (groaning) – Get off. – It’s not a whip, it’s not a whip. It’s a good cross up. – Yeah. – He’s clipped in, cross up. – It’s a bit John
(mumbles) to me actually. – No, that’s giving it way too much props. – Actually yeah, pretty close. – Adam Oliver, again
back to captions contest. It says, “Martyn’s face
when he sees bar ends.” We haven’t said bar end
for a while have we? – Yeah, bar ends do make me go funny. Queasy. – Nino would. Doesn’t he use bar ends? – Oh god, imagine Nino doing
a crazy whip with bar ends. – He doesn’t use bar ends. – Okay, Ben Hinett says, “you’ve
got to love a trail dog.” Oh yeah. – Yeah everyone loves trail dogs. – Well we love the trail dogs, but we don’t like the trail (beeps) – If I had a dog, I’d just like kick it off the trail. – You’re not allowed to kick dogs. – Not the dog, the dog egg. – Right, I see. – Kick the dog egg. – Someone pick a winner,
someone pick a winner. Go on, Neil. – Who’s gonna win this. I think this has got to
be Throwaway Orc, why not. – Throwaway Orc, you have won it. Apparently you feel the same way as me when you see Nino’s whips. And you are this week’s
caption contest winner. – What’d you win? – You’ve gone and won
yourself a bottle which, it’s just over here, I can get it. This one, GMBN bottle
over to you, right away. This week’s caption contest
photo, take a look at this. And they do it. – [Blake] Still don’t know
where they get these things. – We call ’em the
creatives and that’s why. Because they come up with stuff like that. So that’s your photo for this week. Leave your caption contest entry in the comments section down below. And you might win yourself a GMBN bottle. I might enter this week. – It better be funny. – It better be funny. – Viewer edits, what have we got? – We have got a video in from Batman. – [Neil] Adam West? – [Blake] Adam West? – [Martyn] Yeah, Adam West. Sorry, Daniel West. – [Blake] I was gonna say
that would be amazing. – [Martyn] That would’ve been good. – [Neil] Very disappointed. – [Martyn] Would’ve been good. Daniel West has sent us in this edit of him out on a trail ride. You know what, lads, I
really like this one. It’s good, he’s got some speed. – [Neil] Why is that dirt orange? – [Blake] Where’s that guy going? You see that? That’s nice. Oh, nice. – [Martyn] You know know I do appreciate the work that’s gone into this. Because it’s really easy to go
out and do a bit of a POV run – [Blake] Yeah, and just throw it in. – [Martyn] And in viewer edits,
don’t POV me off, alright. I don’t like to see POV runs. I wanna see – [Neil] Oh, that was good. – [Martyn] He’s getting
the flat 10 isn’t it. – [Neil] Looks mighty grippy. Whereas this looks like (mumbles) – [Martyn] No peddling. Oh that was good. – [Blake] Very good. Oh I like this angle. Oh that’s good. – [Martyn] Daniel’s got some skills. My dear, he’s quick in the corners. Daniel might have done some racing. – [Blake] That dirt
looks good fun to ride. – [Martyn] Oh a little
bit of trail skills. – [Neil] Oh Danny has some skills. – And he did it all with a lefty which is another achievement. So that’s pretty good, Daniel. Thanks for sending it in. I like that one a lot. Doesn’t say where it
was, which is a shame. I’d like to know where you’re riding. – I reckon that’s America. – That’s America, yeah. – Daniel, let us know. Very good viewer edit. Definitely getting a lot
of views on that one. Very cool. If you’d like to send your
video in, we’d love to see it. There’s the email address. You could be a movie star. Fails. – Bails. – Fails. – Bails. – Fails. – Crash, bang, wallop. (laughter) – That was brilliant,
didn’t see that coming. – This one is from Jack
Strut, who’s age 14, and tries to send the
rogue out in Forest Dean. A jump we’ve probably all done. – Oh, a GMBN top. – [Blake] Oh he’s wearing GMBN – [Martyn] Sick. – [Blake] Strutting his stuff. Oh. – [Martyn] Oh no. – [Blake] Oh he saved it though. – [Neil] It was sort of
OTB that never happened. – That was pretty scary actually, Neil. How would you, how would you
dissect that as what went wrong – You want to land with
both wheels on the ground, your feet on the pedals,
and your hands on the bars. – Very insightful. It’s a great video. Got you in the mood? – Yeah
– Yes. – Run VT. Dude, how’s your week been. – Yeah, pretty hectic. – Flat out on GMBN tech. What things have you been
looking at this week? – Weirdly actually, something
that’s not brand new I’ve requested to come in. So, Pacenti bars and
stem, so it’s pretty cool. You know how everyone’s gone
for longer bars these days. And I wanted a shorter cockpit, so problem is how short
can you go with the stem. Dunno if you remember, a few years back, Mondraker does crazy stems where it’s on top of the steer tube. Which is cool and it worked
well but it looked a bit weird. And you had to chop your
steering tube down to the fork. – So you’ve got the problem
of a really short stem. Your steer tube is then
gonna actually sort of be in the way of that really short stem. – Yeah, so you have to commit to it and chop your steer tube down. Which if is alright,
you’re a bit like huh. You’re left with a pretty low front end. So these Pacenti bars have
actually got like a dimple on the back of ’em. So you can run a 20 mil stem in the back and it curves around the steer tube. – [Martyn] Wow. – So you have to wait
for the show to see that. It is pretty cool, I’m really into them. – I like that. And have you ridden them
yet or have you just – I haven’t literally looked. Be fondling them today. – Of course you can get the
one piece bar on a stem. Syncros like I’ve got on my
Scott, that’s really short. It must be, I dunno, 30
mils, that’s about right. – [Doddy] Yeah do 30’s
that’s the thing here. – [Martyn] That’s very interesting. Of course you can catch up
with Doddy on all that stuff and see what he thinks about these bars once he’s had a bit
more of a play with them on the GMBN tech show coming up on Monday. Yeah, gonna be riding this weekend? – Oh yeah, definitely. – Yeah, oh good stuff. – I might be out on the traitor
bike again this weekend. – [Neil] Don’t do that. – Well we’ve been
talking about that today. – But you know what, I put
a dropper post on it now. – A dropper post? Yeah, well see we’re
really interested in this. – I did hear the guys next door talking about me and that
bike and they’re disgusted. – Yeah we talked about you
in the top of the show today. You know, are they breaching on our tech or are we breaching on theirs? – No, no they’re breaching on ours. – I think flex stems and
suspension seat posts are next for road. – They have haven’t they. – They’re kind of 20
years behind aren’t they. – There’s that one on
the special isn’t there? – Yeah, there is. – That’s like a flex stem. – Exactly.
– It is. – I fear before we offend
all our roadie friends I’m gonna cut an end to
this piece of the show. Doddy, thanks for coming in. Hopefully you’re gonna have
time to stay in a bit longer next week. – 100% I will, yeah, definitely. – Catch this boy on GMBN tech. – I’ll be here for that, see you later. – It was good to see Doddy, it
was good to see Doddy so yeah He’s got a lot going on at the moment. And I tried on this GMBN
hat which I enjoyed. – That’s my hat actually. – Warm? – It’s very nice, I
like that, I like that. Time to shout out some bangers. I’m gonna start us off with
this insta-banger right. This is Mark Everson, okay. He’s got some nice insta-banger photos. – [Neil] That’s crazy. – [Blake] Whoa, that’s not real. – [Martyn] That’s a nice photo isn’t it. It’s not a photo. It’s pencil, it’s drawn that. – [Neil] That is bloody amazing. – It’s a drawing. That’s unbelievable isn’t it. – Look at the size of it
as well, it’s massive. – I’m speechless. – So cool, so cool. – What about that cassette, look at that. – [Martyn] Unreal, isn’t it. – [Neil] So intricate, isn’t it. – [Martyn] I love that. – [Neil] Pretty good. – [Blake] That’s not real. – [Martyn] I think he’s
definitely worth a follow. – [Neil] Definitely. – [Blake] Wow, definitely. – Yeah, Mark Everson, very cool. – I’ve got an insta-banger
I think you should follow. Andes Pacifico on in Instgram. It’s coming up soon, it’s good for me. Bringing back some great
memories from last year but if you wanna see some lovely
sunny, amazing trails, follow them on Instagram. – I’m gonna send you over, we talked about at the top of the show, Candide Thovex. Amazing skiing video. I know it’s not mountain biking but weirdly it nearly is. – [Neil] You’ve got to see it. – It nearly is. It’s definitely worth a look. Don’t miss it, it’s very cool. Yeah, so that’s what we’ve got. Neil, any shout-outs? – No. – No, great. ‘Cause that means we can get
straight into the Bike Vault. Straight into the Bike Vault. First bike in the Bike
Vault this week, we’re in. That is Amity McSwan. – Tazzy, Darby actually. That’s where the EWS was in Tasmania. – Wow, that is, what is that bike. Is that a Yeti?
– It’s a Yeti. It’s a really small Yeti
– It’s a small Yeti. – Wow that’s cool. – What a small Yeti. – Baby Yeti. – Baby Yeti. – Baby Yeti. I would say that is a super nice. – Where’s the horn. – I dropped the horn. Don’t worry, lads, I’ve got it here. (horn honks) It’s super nice. – Super nice. – Starting off with
super nice, I like that. Nice little Yeti. Sorry, the hat’s off now. – Whoa okay. – Dirt champ bike. – You don’t see many of these so. Here we see the dirt champ bike. Not in it’s natural environment. – That’s a spotted black,
that’s a super nice for me. – For you, but for me and
Neil on overriding votes here I’d say that’s nice. – I’d probably say that’s nice. – Sorry mate, I am super
nice-ing it for you. – Blake was with you but you
lost out Connor, unlucky. It’s nice though, it’s nice. Jeremy in the United States. – Isn’t that race? – It is race. – Yeah, race. – Knolly, don’t see many Knollys. – You don’t see. – Especially not in the
UK, don’t see many Knollys. – You know what’s really
upsetting me there is that rear triangle, that sort of unfinished aluminium there looks like an after part. – He could’ve snapped it. – Well yeah. – And he’s replaced it. – To me that means it’s nice. – That’s nice. – It’s nice. – It’s very nice. – 26 inch wheels (mumbles) – Nice, old school guy. – Tell you what, it’s nice
but Ray’s part, super nice. John Ares. – Oh, look at that orange. – That looks familiar. That is that place. What’s that place called. I’ve ridden there. – Is it good? – It was really wet and
windy when I rode there. – It does look quite
desolate and open and windy. – The orange is rad. – That is super nice guys. – Yeah. (honks) – Super nice. – Wow, Blake took over there. You’re a bully, Blake. – Oh, snowy. – Luke Nolte, in County Louth, Ireland. – I like what he’s done with the stick. – Yeah. – You can’t really tell it’s
being held up by the stick but it’s there. – I think there’s been some
serious effort by Luke here to do a very accurate Bike Vault shot. – Yes.
– I like it. – Trail going away in the background. Snow, there’s a stick holding
up the pedals at 3 o’clock. – I’d say super nice. (honks) – Oh look at that. – Marco V., you stealthy cool mofo. That’s amazing. – That’s really nice. I can’t tell what bike it is. Is it a ghost? Is that what it says. I can’t see from here. That’s a lovely looking bike. I love the look of a long
hard tail, real short backend. – Plus sized wheels. – That looks great. – That looks really nice. – It’s all working for us there. – It is, I like the autumn, autumical. – Hit the super nice for that. (horn honks) – Autumnical? – Autuminal. – Automatic bike. – It’s automical. Let’s go, that is super nice, like it. – Another hard tail. Neil Diamond, who’d have thought it. ♪ Sweet Caroline ♪ – I didn’t mean you had to sing again but I didn’t realise he road mountain bikes in New South Wales, Australia. I bet he’s never – He’s on holiday. – I hope it is Neil Diamond. I have heard he’s just
retired from live performing. – Has he? To ride more, yeah. – So he can ride more
mountain bikes, fair play. – That’s quite a nice bike. – What are you giving it. – It’s nice, he’s on one, that’s for sure. – He’s on one, Neil’s on one today. – It’s nice. – It’s nice.
– It is nice. Ricky Martin. – Ricky Martin. – Come on. ♪ She bangs, she bangs ♪ ♪ Baby when she moves. ♪ Honestly I didn’t, I didn’t. It’s Rick Martin, in Versailles State Park Versailles, Indiana. – What’s with the hard tails? – I like it. – I like it. – That’s cool actually. – And that, that sort of
like dried up waterfall is – Dry. – It’s dry, it’s very dry. It’s a Raleigh. Don’t see many Raleighs about. – It’s nice. – It’s nice. – It’s an American
Raleigh though isn’t it. It’s not the British Raleigh
that we used to know. – So it’s nice, it’s nice. – It’s nice. – You know, is it more than that? It’s nice. – It’s nice. – You were close, Rick. – Sorry, Rick. – That’s a big ‘un. – Look at the kangaroos in the background. – Wow, kangaroos in the background. – Kangaroo trail kangaroo. – Trail kangaroo. – Yeah. – Steven’s kangaroos? – Steven in Melbourne, Australia. Swampy Break. – He’s got swampy breaks? – Swampy Break in the background. What do you think on that? – It’s great. – It’s not drive side. But I like the kangaroos. – What the kangaroos, not drive side. – I like it, it’s nice. – It’s nice, it’s nice. – It’s nice, well done Steven. You’re obviously a tall dude. – Oh wow. – Wow, Finland. This is where Poles are from, is it not? – I think it’s up in that area. – Yeah. – That is super nice. – This is super nice. – That’s super sub-zero cool nice. – I really like that. – Tuamo Terinand in Tampere, Finland. It’s super nice. (horn honks) And we’re out of the bike vault. Loved it. Please send us your bikes
into the bike vault. You never know, you might make it. I know it feels amazing
because I get letters everyday. Telling me. – Letters? – Letters. – Electronic letters? – No, letters. – Letters. – Not really, but I’m sure
they would send me a letter because it feels great. Send us your bike to the
bike vault [email protected] Get it in there. We want to see it, we wanna look at it. Luxuriate over your bike. How can that be bad? – Froth over it. – Froth. – Okay, coming up on
the channel this week. What are you looking forward to, lads? – Actually on Sunday I did
a video that’s going out where I compared DO2
against mechanical gears. The pros and cons of
electronic versus your cables. – I’m looking forward to it. I’ve done a video, top five riders you’ve got
to look out for in 2018. There’s some special people in there. So make sure you don’t miss that. – Whilst you’re here, you
should definitely check out the GMBN tech show, Doddy’s show, where it goes into great
details about the coolest stuff in the bike world. So click down there for that. – And talk about Doddy and Bike Vault, which we had a great one today, check over here for Doddy’s way of getting a brand new super nice on your bike. It’s the best way to
do it, follow that vid. – Smash that rad little globe to subscribe if you haven’t already. If you love the show, give a thumbs up. – See you next week.

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