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Bikes Tools and Cycling Heroes

Bikes Tools and Cycling Heroes

Hello Welcome to another video I get ask a lot what bikes I ride so, I thought I would share that with you today and also a couple of products that I picked up from a local Cycle show and I also bumped into the legend, an my hero Sean Kelly we actually did a Restoration Video on the Vitus 979 Bike so if you have not seen that video we had a lot of fun with that You can click up there to view that but yes I bumped in to Sean Kelly so It was very good for me in that respect and as I say, I also picked up a couple of products I liked the look of and just thought I would share them with you the first one was the Brake Shield Very similar material to the Ass Savers So very cheap it simply just clamps on to the back wheel between the cassette and the wheel itself and just enables you to clean the cassette and the rear derailleur and it catches all the dirty oil in the actual reservoir so if you are restricted to space and things like that its a lovely little product and yes it saves on the dirt itself so I wanted to share that one, the other one, was a Multi Tool, for taking out with you you should not leave home with out one this one really caught my eye very nice sleek design it is made by STEQUE and yes it has got every thing on this it is all magnetic so it all just clamps together it just a different view and design on the Multi Tool so Ill just read through the tools that this things got because its got quiet a lot on it has got a spoke hook two chain link holders inner tube dust cap holder spoke adjuster two coin holders CR battery holder for your heart monitor things like that it has got three tyre levers actually all built in to the tool it self it has got a torque wrench Phillips screw driver 4 and 5mm allan keys chain pin extractor bottle opener and also a chain hook and that is all in their so if you did want to have a look in more detail have a look at so their web site is on there but yes lovely product very happy that I have picked that up that is going to go every where with me so regards to the bikes that I ride the first one we might as well start with this one which is on the stand This is a Canyon love my Canyons, this is a Canyon Ultimate CF SL it is full of Shimano Ultegra this is basically my winter bike that I use in the winter months around here I ride with a 36/52, yes 36/52 on the chain ring on the front and 11/28 on the back which is ample for me I live quiet close to a lot of hills here and it is a great set up so yes very nice sleek bike and very robust love this bike so lets have a look over here the bit that you do not see this is where I keep all my bikes I am just going to pop it up there first the first two that I hung up are very special and close to my heart them two the first one where are we, is the Raleigh Corsa Reynolds 501, but it was the first bike that I actually did and which kicked off all the cycling channel so very close to my heart that one and it was my very first road bike the other one was the Kirk Precision over there I had a lot of interest with that and also my loved that bike also so I could not let that bike go what was very nice as well about doing that video was that Frank Kirks Daughter actually got in touch and shared some memories so was a great project and loved it to bits and down here we have got the rest of the bikes I will tell you what lets put this back and get the bikes off and have a closer look at them OK well this is my GT Tempest I have had this bike for 25 years now really love this bike for just bobbing around up and down kirb’s I used to ride this bike a lot in the day off road I do not tend to so much now with regard to coming off and getting a bit older now but really love this bike I can not let this one go I have had it for 25 years to be honest with you I could do with restoring and giving this a full over haul and giving it a good clean because it has been such a good bike and yes it is see running fine I still use this day to day but yes a lovely retro GT very happy with this one but you can never have enough bikes as they say so lets get the next bike off and ill just tell you a little bit more about that one Right, well this is a Fuji Classic it was a track bike originally I have put brake callipers on and also I have changed the handle bars just simply because I travel down a very busy road its just safer it was duel traffic and it was quiet dangerous to be honest with you I did start riding it as a track bike but then did have a few incidents so I have put some brakes on there and just put some flat handle bars I have got a flip flop rear wheel so I can ride single speed of fixed gear but generally what I use this bike for just bobbing around or just popping down the road for a few miles but the great thing with this one is I can lock it up any where and I do not have to worry about it all the parts bolt on nothing quick release so its just a very clean straight forward bike that I can just get around with lock up and do not have to worry about and as I say I use this one as well just as much as the others so yes I love it OK, lets get another one Right OK this is my pride and joy this is my summer bike it is a beautiful Canyon SLX full of Shimano Dura Ace it has got the full carbon drop outs on the folks it is very light weight 6.75 kg i think that they have got the bike lower now on the newer models but yes very nice bike to ride this one it is the exact same geometry as the other one the theory being that the set up would be exactly the same however this one has the Dura Ace on but yes very beautiful bike this it has the Mavic SLR climbing rims on as well so yes very happy with this bike I did a video on this regards to unboxing and assembling you get to see the bike out on the road If you want to see that you can just click up there but I just hope that has answered some of your questions with the bikes that I ride and yes thats it, check out the STQUE multi tool it is a very handy tool to have with a very slick design so check that out and as I always say if you have not subscribed then please subscribe other than that thanks for watching Bye for now!

25 comments on “Bikes Tools and Cycling Heroes

  1. Hi Andy not surprised that you kept the Kirk Precision you couldn't sell such a rare bike I'd have kept it too. Loved seeing your bikes and yes the Stique is a great multi tool i've got one myself.

  2. Loved that GT, good nick for a 25yr old bike. My first 'grown-up' bike was a GT Timberline that I got back in the early 90s. I ended up crashing that one into the back of a car and totalled it. A few years later I got a GT Avalanche that I am still riding.

  3. I must admit Andy I thought the Kirk Precision should be a keeper. Would love to see more vids of it being used 😊

  4. Howdy Andy, well a different type video, thanks for sharing your own personal bikes, lovely collection some beautiful bikes my fav is the Fuji (not that I dislike the others), that kirk one is also special, thank you once again enjoyed it a lot πŸ™‚

  5. That's a really sweet and minimalist collection. I've had to be selective and pear down the number of bikes I can keep because of space limitations. Plus the current building manager is a real bike hater. So restorations are out for me too at the moment. It's good to be able to see somebody else doing it that does it better than me. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more great videos.

  6. really nice GT, with a cool story, like yours! I am after a retro XL gt mountain bike if anyone has one, cheers

  7. lovely stealth canyon andy are you getting any brake squeal with the exalith braking surface & did you have to toe the brakes in ? cheers geordie.

  8. your first ever roadbike is my second (used) roadbike now, that (with your videos) will be brought to shiny life again! i am 23, started with road biking and triathlon last year and i love it! Great channel!

  9. have a feeling a few more added to your collection now!!. Funny that these are considered "vintage" in some cases but what I rode or listed over as a much younger version of me!! keep up the great work bro'

  10. Muito legal πŸ‘ suas bikes β€οΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘, tenho uma GT tambΓ©m πŸ‘

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