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Blake Samson Special | Ask GMBN

– Alright, it’s time for Ask GMBN, Blake. – Yes! – We’ve got a special one this week cause we asked on our social media for questions, just for you. – You’ve put me in the deep end. You’ve dumped me in the black. – Loads of our lovely
followers on social media and on YouTube had sent
us loads of good questions that I am gonna pose to
you so hope you’re ready. I’ve got loads of them. – (nervously blows air) – First one, JPrime93, What’s your favorite
place to ride in the UK? – (inhales deeply) That’s a tough one. I like to ride in a number
of different places. My favorite place to ride
dirt jumps is my local spot where I’ve been riding for
years and years and years. It’s a place called, Buckland Rings. It’s in the south, but I do Wind Hill. I like Rogate at the moment, and Bike Park Wales is
pretty good place to go. Black mountain, insane, so you see, there’s not one favorite place. – The question is what’s
your favorite place. – I can’t, they’re all great! – D.A.N.H, How old were you
when you started riding, and what was your first bike? – My first bike was a BMX. My dad hand-built it from ground up. It’s was blue, it’s was a British Eagle, and I started racing BMX when I was five. – Oh, wow. – Yeah. – Ethan Curran 2003, Hey! Love the vids’. What’s the worst injury Blake has had? – I broke my leg, tip and fib. I still got a pin in my leg. So that goes through my bone. It’s called nailing, they nailed it. So it’s a big, long titanium rod like that in the big bone, and
it didn’t have a cast. But I snapped my leg in half. It sounded like I slipped a
pedal and hit my shin pad. Big, loud crack. – And that stays in, does it? – So that’s planned to come out within the 18 months to two years. Still got it in though after three years. – Stoked, spokes, MTB, Who was
Blake’s first bike sponsor? – DMI Bikes, yeah. – (mumbles) – I think everyone was in the UK? – Cool British company. Jamie Hazelden, Would
you ever ride rampage if you were invited? Five years ago, would you? – Yes, young. – Yep. – And full of, like, want
to just do stuff, yeah Yes, but now I don’t think. Would you ride it? – No, but I could have possibly years and years and years ago. There was maybe a slim chance when G went and did his first one. If I would have shown more
willingness, maybe could have. But that was back in the old days when everything was a tenth of the size. But now, no chance. – No, but you do get to build your own track, so you can build it to your abilities? – Can you build a really small one? – Yeah, just half way
down like you can walk up. You can ride down the push-up. Actually the push-up is really hard. You need ropes to climb up stuff. So, I would like to go and scope it out. We should go to that site. – Yeah, I’d love to go and watch. Horton Chris 007, if you’re only allowed to perform one trick for
the rest of your life, not sure why that’d be
the case but one trick, what trick would you choose? – Well, for the rest of my
life, I’ll be super dizzy. It’ll have to be the 360. – The 300? – The 360. 300, I’ll be crashing a lot. The 360’s my favorite trick. You can get so many different angles You can kind of potentially
go upside with it. – Those noisy, hook on the Gee Style ones. – Yeah, looking back I love 360’s. – Tobias Turnham, What is the biggest or best trick you’ve ever done? – The biggest and best
trick I’ve ever done is a 360, double tail whip. I love, I did it for a video, for a clothing sponsor, Animal Clothing. Did it for that and then,
it’s quite demanding trick, it’s like all or nothing
off that lip. Yeah. That was my favorite big
trick I’ve ever done. – Narley. – Yeah. – Jos waters 05, What
do you think of 29ers and what do you think of cleats? (mumbles) – 29 inch… So I rode
29 inch at Mega Avelanche and it was my first
ever time riding a 29er and I loved it, only because it was racing and I was going over some
horrible, rough terrain and it kind of glided over all of it. Clipped in. There’s a time and
a place for being clipped in. Maybe if I was racing Cross, I’m not really a clipped in kind of guy. – I guess 29ers doesn’t
suit your riding mostly. – No, I like a bike that’s kind of quite agile and flickable. When it moved to 27.5, I
was like whoa, big wheels but now I’m kind of used to it. – Yeah – But 29 is quite spick. – Inkno Kupfer, what’s the difference between free ride and downhill? – Well free ride, while
downhill there’s loads of rules, free ride, there’s no rules. – Yup. – You can do whatever you want. You can have fun, you can race, you can go slow and be steazy, you can have a lot of style. – I like the rules. – You do like racing, don’t you? – Yeah. – So what would you pick?
Free ride or Downhill? (mumbles) – It’s about time for a
bit of change isn’t it. – Yeah. – Stephen Prior, Should I
start with clip less pedals or flats as a beginner mountain biker? – Your talking to the man that likes being flat pedaled and learned on flats, so I’m going to say flats, you? – I would say the same thing. – I think flats, clipped… – Attariqn, How often does
Zim Blake shred his tires? – Like Skidding? – I guess like wear them out? – So, Steve Jonas from EMBN literally gives me grief because of my
tires on my downhill bike. He’s like, “why do you
have you got these tires? They’re so worn out.” Well
I do like a worn tire, especially during big
jumps, they roll faster. You still got an aggressive
tire on the outside, so in turns you can actually corner but in the middle it’s like totally worn. – Ah, I see that, sometimes. – Yeah. Do you do that in racing? – Occasionally. For downhill tracks or fast tracks you would but I don’t know. – So I kind of go till there dead. – Tomeriksol, asking
about your canyon torque. He says, how tall are you
and what size do you ride? He would like a small size frame that’s more flickable and playful. He’s 182 centimeters, that’s pretty tall. That’s about six foot and a bit. And he’s thinking about
getting a medium one, So what size do you ride? – I ride a medium. To be honest, if your six foot, you would
want to go for a large. – What is 182, let me google that. 182 centimeters into
inchs… yeah, six foot. – Six foot nil. – Pretty much, yeah. – I’m five foot six. – Not very tall, are you? – No I’m pretty short,
so a medium is good. I wouldn’t go anything smaller, I’ve tried a large on my new proof megger and to be honest that bike was way to big for me to
kind of handle and move down. I was kind of like no, this is just, like the reach was terrible,
I didn’t feel comfortable. The medium’s best, so for you I think the large would be
like me riding a medium. – On to quick fire alright, so quick yeah. – Boo yah! – Dubbinit UK, Zim Blake or Zimboray, which brother is the best rider? – We’re both the same. – Really? – Yeah. Ray is really good
at competition dirt jump, he far outdid me in competition. His back flips, are the
straightest back flips in the game. – Where yours are a bit wonky. – Mine are always wonky. – Jakob Zupancic, when will a learn to back flip video come out? – Soon, When we can get the
insurance for Neal to do it. – J Roache Doherty, would you ever come to Australia to ride? – 100 percent, yes. – Big Red Fella, would you rather have feet for hands or hands for feet? – This is a tricky
question. Hands for feet. You’d be like a monkey and
climb and grab everything. – Right, now onto a couple about Zimbabwe. Cameron Francis Smith, are
you actually from Zimbabwe? – Yes, I am from Zimbabwe. Born. Bred. Lived there for 15 years. – It doesn’t sound like
you have an accent. – I’ve been here for 17 years. – Richard, what made you leave Zimbabwe? This is not a quick fire. – This is not a quick fire question. – Give us the quick answer if you can. – My dad was a farmer, we lost the land because of the political
problems in the country. So, we had to seek refuge. Mom and dad had a British passport, so the best place to come was England and we moved straight to the other one because we had an aunt
and uncle who lived there and they had a free house cause they had a house in Cape Town. We moved straight there, and
we’ve lived there ever since. – Alright seeing as it’s an ‘Ask Blake’, I’ve got a jumping related
clip, If I’m wrong. – You can help me. You can help me. – Well, you might be
able to help out Jake, whose won specialist stunt
jumper in Reno, Nevada. – Oo, nice place. – Who’s been hitting his jumps, this jump for a while
and can’t make it smooth. – Okay, so let’s see it. – That looks so dusty
as well. So difficult. (reacting) – He’s cleared the jump He’s got it, the technique
looked a bit different. – He’s kind of front wheel up, isn’t he? – Yeah. – Mega front wheel up. – He looks like he pre-hops, like he totally jumps before,
like a misfire really. – Yeah, I agree. I reckon he looks like he pumped in to early and then is trying to lift the bike. – Lift the bike with, you know, it looks like he’s been clipped in. He’s like pulling the bike up. – Tips for Jake then? – I would say do that same technique but a bit later, letting the
lip doing the work for you. Don’t rely on your feet,
bringing it up with your feet. So, that’s my tip, yours? – I would say the same and
actually get Amram pump tracks. It really helps a lot, it really helps with
your pump in technique to then be able to lift the bike properly. – Exactly, Yeah. – Nice one. That’s all your questions Blake. – Aye, we’re going to do
one next week for you. – Well maybe. Thanks for getting involved, everyone on Instagram, that’s where we got all
the questions this week. – Thank you very much,
some good questions. – Yeah, definitely. If you want to get involved, we got some black Friday
deals on the GMBN website. We got these metallic
jerseys and T-shirts. Look at this gold. – It’s probably… – Can you see the shininess on camera? – Yeah, flipping good. If you want to get your
hand on one of these, we’ve got the link is in
the description down below. Go get yourself a nice black Friday deal, Black whatever deal, it’s pretty cool. – Thanks for your support. Seeing as it’s an ‘Ask Blake’ I think we should throw
it to two of your videos. I reckon, Blake, you
riding Mount Avalanche. – Ooh, yes. – If you want to see that one, we talked about it a little bit already, click over here for that video. Do you have a favorite Blake video? – If you want to see me hit the biggest jumps in my life, click over here for Darkfest. – Hit that sub button,
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