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Blake’s Chile Vlog, Part 2 | Incredible Trail Riding In The Backcountry Of Patagonia

Blake’s Chile Vlog, Part 2 | Incredible Trail Riding In The Backcountry Of Patagonia

(tinkling alarm) – [Blake] Welcome back,
you beautiful people. This is episode two Neil. – [Neil] And we’re heading to Patagonia for some back country. – [Blake] We can’t wait. Good times, good people, good food, just all around havin’ some epic times with your buddies. Stay tuned and enjoy this episode. (alternative electropop music) – Never rushed so much to
go to the trails, hey now. – Can’t wait, it’s gonna be amazing. Bikes–
– Yeah, look at our new bikes. Compliments to Niners. Neils on a 29er, I’m on a 27.5, literally just got off
the airplane in Patagonia, cruise down here, oh, we gotta rush in this big red beast. ‘Cuz trails are calling and lunch. (electropop music) So we’re about, dunno, three-quarters of the way up this trail? We’re stopping off at this location. We’ve got lunch on the go. We’ve got some nice wraps. – I’m excited. – Again, thanks for Niner
for sending us these brand-spankin’ new bikes
out to South America. Neil’s putting his Garmin– – I am, before the ride,
see where I’ve been. (alternative electropop music) – What a hell of a wake up call. There’s only three hours
to sleep, we like– We climbed up that. It’s so good. These woodlands are so good. How old are these woods? – Must be more than 100 years. Or at least. And there are some that
could get to 200-300 years. Like a funny name here in Chile is like, they said de bosque achaparrado. Achaparrado is like little. – So we got like a 10
minute hike up there. – [Native Tour Guide] Yeah. – And then back down this same trail. – Yeah, the same–
See. – We’ll go down. – How long is the descent? – I think here, if you go non-stop, maybe 12 minutes. – Well, I’m looking forward to it. (alternative electropop music) – Oh my gosh! Neil, I’m not gonna lie, the best alpine I have ever ridden. – It’s one of the best
trails I have ever ridden. – Yeah, it’s insane. It’s insane, we can’t get enough of it. We keep going off, oh let’s film this bit,
let’s film that bit. – We’ve only gone about
two minutes down the trail. (laughs) We’ve filmed everything. – Alright, let’s go, they’re calling us. (alternative electropop music) What the hell, man, what a trail! We got to the bottom, we’re gonna head, I don’t know where. Neil? – I don’t care, just love it. – That is so insane. Look, dust, water, and a
crazy steam thing over there. I’m gonna go look at that. Wow, 80 years that’s been here. That’s super old. – Yeah, super old, like 80 years here. – It’s used for chopping logs? – Yes, and you can see
all the logs over there. – All down there. What an introduction to Patagonia. Day one was a big travel day and then straight into riding our bikes. It was time to head back to camp, relax, chill out, because tomorrow
is a big, long day. (electropop music) Day two, we’ve got our stuff ready, we packed our essential
things that we wanted to carry with us. Left some stuff in the van because we were going to meet up with the van at the campsite. This is a two-day extravaganza. And riding some epic single-track trails. (electropop music) But yeah, we’re all packed. Now time for a two hour drive
on some dusty-ass roads. (alternative electropop music) So we’ve arrived at the stop. It took us how long? – Two and a half hours. – Two and a half hours,
but it was not boring. – No, it was cool. – We’re going to do a quick
bolt check on our bikes and then have some lunch. What do ya got, what is that? – Cheese sandwich. – Nice, nice! And then we’re going to hit the trail, I can’t wait, man! (alternative electropop music) So we’ve had our tea, it’s like damn rocket fuel, that stuff. Now we’re on the dustiest trail ever, man. It’s like you’re riding mud. Super fun, though. We’re following this lake. It’s called mysterious lake. I don’t know why. – [Neil] Peter Andre. – Peter Andre. There you go, Peter Andre. – [Neil] He named it. – He named it, he was
inspired by this lake. (alternative electropop music) Neil, is this a strawberry? It’s not a strawberry. – The flower, right there. – [Blake] Oh yeah, yeah. – So they can– – [Blake] Oh yeah, fun one, look at that! Ahh! – [Neil] Aah! That’s another fir, man. – [Blake] Look at this beast, man. Oh, that is so sweet! – [Neil] Yeah. – [Blake] Big, red one. Whoa, I feel like a forager. And I’ve found a nugget. – [Neil] Nice! – [Blake] Get off! Look at that. That, my friends, is
the sweetest strawberry you’ll ever have. Wild straw– oh my goodness me, it’s better than candy. Alright, enough strawberry huntin’. (alternative electropop music) (Neil talking, drowned out by wind) – [Neil] Come on! – [Blake] Bye Neil. – [Neil] See ya! – Wow! Cut, Neil! (laughs) It wasn’t, Neil. This things is so flippin’ old. Look at it. Like, you could have ridden across that, but it wouldn’t be any fun if you couldn’t catch that little thing. It’s not every day you get to do that. What did you think of that, Neil? – What a wicked adventure, I need one. – What did you think of that? – That was like amazing. What a mode of transport. – So good. (laughing) – I need to go wash my face. (electropop music) After a few hours on the saddle, it was time to take a break, grab some lunch, recharge, and get ready for the next
half of our epic adventure. (alternative electropop music) Man, that fire road was insane. We’ve just come through
that valley behind us and now we’ve come to like a y-junction, which we don’t know which way we’re going. We bombed off. We’re all in the
butt-middle of nowhere, man. We have no clue where we are. Valmancali– – Valimanijualez, 25. – Kilometers that way. Should we get a coke now? Well, let’s get some sugar in us. Wow, they got everything in here. (tab popping) (alternative electropop music) Oh ho! Hooah! Campsite, look at the dinner, all ready! What the hell? – [Neil] Oh man! – Wait to crack open a beer
and sample some of that lamb. (alternative electropop music) (group laughing) (alternative electropop music) It was a slow pack up at camp, early start, we grabbed
ourself some breakfast, and we hit the road to our next location. (alternative electropop music) (laughing) Ah, he’s like hunted. Look at him! (laughing) Oh wait, go back! You looked like you
were stalkin’ the place. (alternative electropop music) Nice! So we’ve got 12 kilometers on this trail and then we’re going to
stop off at the bottom, do some fishing and then from there, we’re going to shuttle all the way back to that first spot where
we rode on the first day. Which was epic. (alternative electropop music) (water splashing) Look, there, this is the worst one, uh! – Cracked some peddles, smashing rocks. – Smashing rocks. I think my down tube got hit, I felt myself lift off
the ground. (laughs) – (laughs) Some tuck. – Some tuck, tah! What a trail. Alright, can we go down there? Down that trail and then to that bridge. Yeah, yeah! Nice! What an epic ride! (gravel crunching) We’re gonna stop riding, we’re gonna go back to the lodge. But it was amazing, just
to dip the fly slightly. I’m not very good, but I dipped the fly, it was super fun. So I got my Bear Beer and we’re gonna do some drone shots of us leaving this place. It’s gonna be sweet. To the sky! That’s for you, Pilgs. (alternative rock) Shower, dinner, bed, tired. Big ol’ days. (electropop music) Full of coffee, Neil? – Oh, too full actually. Three cups of coffee this morning. – (laughs) Same, man, same. Alright we are gonna get ready. This is our last day. – It is. – In Patagonia. – Not the last day ever. I’ve got to add, I’m coming back. – I’m a hundred percent coming back. – Yeah. – Let me know, I coming with you. We’re gonna get suited and booted, get back in the truck, and then head up the mountain. – Ben, how’re you feeling today? – Pretty good. Pretty fresh, probably gonna
ride some mental stuff today. – (laughs) I know. – With the chance of some
big drone shots supposedly, big, dusty drone shots. – Oh wow. The king of droney. Vans all packed, ready. I’m sun-creamed up. (upbeat jazz electropop music) – [Man With Green Shirt] It’s really cool. (engine roaring) – [Blake] Yeah, yeah! – [Man With Green Shirt]
Yeah, man, we did it! – We did it! Sick! – We’re dropping now the whole
way down to town Coyhaique for a hot tub and a beer. Apparently this is the best trail here, so I can’t wait. They’ve all been good so far. – If they say this is the best one, our minds are going to be blown. It’s called Chicken Run, drop me. (rock music) Oh yeah. (rock music) Man, that was the last ride out here. What an epic descent. How far was it down? Seven kilometers from the top all the way down to here. There’s the up-lift truck, we’re gonna head back to the lodge, freshen up, have a jacuzzi, and then it’s time for dinner. Thank you very much to Niner
for lending us these rigs. Alright, beer time. – [All] Cheers! – [Blake] Coming up in the next episode, Neil and I go racing. You don’t want to miss out on this one. (hard rock music) Oh man, that’s horrible.

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