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Blazing MTB Trails in the Apennines – Bike Diaries – Part 2

Blazing MTB Trails in the Apennines – Bike Diaries – Part 2

IN THE PREVIOUS EPISODE The idea of the trip was pretty much
to grab our bikes, our backpacks, and helmets,
and to get to the beach. You don’t ride a mountain bike
on a broad, gravel or asphalt road. You ride a mountain bike
along single tracks. You get a different feel
when you’re on a bike… the smells are different…
You see different types of surfaces, you see different places
and eat different types of food. Italy is a fantastic place
and I think it has this plus: it has different types of places, which
are not too distant from one another. You ride past a peculiar medieval village
in the province of Piacenza, and then you ride up
the ridgeway of the Alta Via, and you see these narrow, ancient paths,
and roads dating back to the Romans. The Ottone circuit is like
an amusement park to me. On these uneven roads and rocks… loose spokes are to be expected. And your friend here always forgets
his spoke wrench and we have to improvise the tools… I told Leo to bring the spoke wrench!
– You and your brother are jerks! Only you and your bike can fit
through a single track and when you’re part of a group,
you ride single file. The fact that we rode different kinds
of bikes was great: I was on a bike that’s kind
of “all-mountain” cross country, so I was pedaling away. They were on bikes that were
more suited to enduro, where it’s harder to pedal
but you go downhill a little faster. Today, I really let it rip. With that damn bicycle chain… And in the end, it looked like Claudio
would have ended up on foot! But if I hadn’t brought the pliers,
you would have had to stop because of that tire. When we started going downhill,
you really had some adrenalin pumping that you couldn’t wait to unload! I’m not a “sabbione”
like my brother. Yeah. But when you overturned
yesterday, you took such a tumble! That’s okay, those things happen…
For example, Marco is terrific
but he also turned over – two or three times…

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  1. ебаные лохи, а слабо, бля на хрдтейлах, ебануть тож самоемое?! уёбы модных на двуподвесах!!! я в КРЫМУ на хардах и то по хлеще делаю.  Вы бля в Крымские горы приедьте там посмотрим, как вы там выступите на своих модных байках! ПИЗДЕЦ! Я вам съемочную команду найду вместе с маршрутами, в просто охуете!!! Видос респект! молодцы! ))))  

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