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Bluetooth your Android phone to Indian Motorcycle Ride Command – Indian Motorcycle

Bluetooth your Android phone to Indian Motorcycle Ride Command – Indian Motorcycle

It’s Kenny and AJ again with Indian Motorcycle
and in this video we’re going to talk about how to pair your Android device to the Indian
Motorcycle touch screen system. First AJ, let’s go to that Bluetooth menu. Now once
we’re in that Bluetooth menu we’re going to want to select our phone. Our display is
going to ask that you make your phone discoverable. Once your phone appears on the display, select
your phone from the list. Confirm pairing from both the display and your phone. When
pairing with an Android device you will see a series of confirmation messages on your
phone. Make sure that you select okay on each one of those messages. Once your device is
paired, you can back out of the screen by selecting the button in the lower right hand
corner. Let’s go into our audio menu. Here you can change your source to Bluetooth audio
and stream audio. Let’s go back to that Bluetooth menu now. If you have a compatible
headset available and paired you can make and receive phone calls from your bike. You
can make and receive those phone calls directly from your contacts list. Your contacts can
be found by selecting the phone icon, going to the contacts button, and then scrolling
through your list. Another feature you have, is you can look at your text messages from
the display. Let’s go back to the Bluetooth menu, select the text message icon, and here
you see the messages that are on your phone. From anywhere on the device, you can scroll
from top of the screen down and is going to bring a drop down menu. You can verify the
status of this Bluetooth device from anywhere. You’ll see that you have the same features
for Bluetooth, phone, and text messages right from the top of the screen. If you ever want
to unpair this particular device, let’s select the Bluetooth icon. Select the X from
our device. Let’s forget this device and go back to the main menu. And don’t forget
on the top of the display, we have a cubby with the USB port that will charge your device
while streaming audio. That’s all for now. Continue watching the Indian motorcycle YouTube
channel for more how to videos.

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  1. Could you guys do a how-to video pairing a Sena headset? My 20s pairs, but won't play music or GPS guidance through the headset, and the music icon is greyed out. Sena said basically "live with it" which is not an acceptable answer given how much a couple of 20Ss cost.

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