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Bluetooth your iPhone to Indian Motorcycle Ride Command – Indian Motorcycle

Bluetooth your iPhone to Indian Motorcycle Ride Command – Indian Motorcycle

Hey it’s AJ and Kenny again with Indian
Motorcycle and in this video we’re going to talk about how to pair your IOS device
with the Indian Motorcycle touch screen system. First AJ, let’s get to that Bluetooth menu.
Once we get to Bluetooth we’re going to want to select our phone. And here it’s
going to ask to make sure that your device is discoverable and the Bluetooth is on. Select
“okay” and you’ll see that your device is popped up on the screen. And then we’re
going to select confirm. It’s going to ask you to confirm pairing from your phone. You’re
going to want to confirm from both devices. And now we are waiting for it to connect.
Once connected, let’s just hit the back button to get out of this menu. And now you’ll
see that you have a few different options with your phone. So you can stream Bluetooth
audio. So AJ let’s get back to the Bluetooth menu. With a compatible headset, we have the
ability to make and receive phone calls. We can make those calls right from our contacts
list. If we select the phone option in this menu, you’ll see that our contacts list
is already paired. From anywhere on the screen, we can drag down from the top of the display
and see our Bluetooth status. And don’t forget, you still have your USB cable and
your cubby on the top of the display which will charge your phone. So when we’re done
using our device, now it’s time to disconnect. We’re going to go back into the Bluetooth
menu. We’re going to select the Bluetooth icon, and deselect our phone from the list.
Pairing a compatible Bluetooth headset is going to be very similar. We’re going to
select the headset option from the Bluetooth menu, and again it’s going to ask us to
make that headset discoverable. The rest of the steps are going to be similar. That’s
all for now, continue to watch the Indian motorcycle YouTube channel for more how to

7 comments on “Bluetooth your iPhone to Indian Motorcycle Ride Command – Indian Motorcycle

  1. still no CB Radio… I'm very disappointed…. cutting out communication with everyone else.. not a good business choice Indian. riders want the option to talk to each other while riding….

  2. No CB? Yeah I was really upset to see they didn't put a tape deck on it to..

    Seriously, only thing I was disappointed to see missing was a SiriusXM option.

  3. I bought a Sena 10s. So far, it is not possible to stream the music from the Ride command radio, Bluetooth and USB to the headset. Also I can not choose between the Bike speaker or Headset speaker. Before ride command it was much better! … :-(( … EDIT: !!! Now I checked this with a KEF (Porsche) BT-Headset. … It Works! … It's only a Problem of the Sena Headset.

  4. I have just purchased a Roadmaster 2017. I have a Sena 10C headset. I'm able to pair it with the Ride Command and have all the functions operating through the headset except the function of being able to make a call with the 10C headset on the fly. I know there is a safety feature built into the ride command that disables calls on the fly but I have always been able to make calls with The 10C headset on other bikes. This is very frustrating. I am able to receive calls through my headset just not able to make calls while riding.

  5. Can you use a USB wired iPod and a Bluetooth synced phone simultaneously? Can you use iPod for music and still see phone calls on screen? Or will one have to be priority?

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