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BMW R1250GS Exclusive REVIEW 2019 | Honest motorcycle review

BMW R1250GS Exclusive REVIEW 2019 | Honest motorcycle review

It is very difficult for me to talk about
the GS because it’s a bike filled with emotion. It’s the bike that taught me that big bore
engines could race properly and they could win races they could win hard races as they did in
the Dakar way back when and as they did with the HP2. It’s also a bike that brought
adventure biking into the world. I don’t mean that people started driving bikes
around the world only when the GS’s came out. Not at all but when Ewan and Charley
went around on the Long Way Round they brought it to the masses. And this is the bike they used, the GS. So, when reviewing a 1250GS the new iteration
the latest iteration of that mythical bike it’s very hard to put my feelings aside and
not push them through and not let them sip through when I’m talking about this. But, they’re pointless. What I think in terms of history is pointless and
in that idea in that sense I do not want to talk about this bike
as the legacy it has. I do not want to talk about this bike as
in can it perform offroad and can it perform on road. We all know it does and there is
more than enough people showing exactly what this bikes can do offroad. So when I’m here and I would be
talking about specs that’s also not good. Not for this video not for what I want to
convey to you because we can see this spec, this spec, this spec, and this speck and that
still is not going to tell us anything on the day to day. So what I want
to do with this bike is slightly different. I want to grab it, I want to drive a little
bit on road, I want to drive a little bit offroad, everything soft, everything’s smooth exactly
like the large majority of people are gonna use this bike and I want to
tell you every single little thing that I’ll find. Good. Bad. And just some things that
we will get used to it if we continue to drive this
bike for a long time. So let’s start. And what happens when
you leash this bike onto twisties? This is where it comes alive. This bike… is a prestige bike it’s a premium
bike but, it likes to be driven like a hooligan, it likes for you to dive into the
corners like crazy, it likes for you to push the throttle really hard, and for you to break
almost Moto GP like, right on top of the corner for you to get in and
hit the apex one time, another time… it… Works it just works everything
works brilliantly when you’re pushing it. The more you push it the better it handles. And.. uau.. that’s something, you do
not need more horsepower for this. You do not need a bigger engine for this. I’m pretty sure BMW is going to bring us one
of the two or possibly both next year just to be able to continue matching up and going
pound by pound with the other big adventure bikes. But, honestly I don’t think
it needs any of that. It just performs. Look at this little thing go. But I don’t think this is twisty enough so
let’s go into the mountain, let’s see how it performs right in the middle of the mountain
where the twisties is a little bit more tight and where we need
to well, drive differently. So on the road I’ve been driving this bike for
the past two days and it just keeps on performing. The shift camp is flawless. It’s smooth. I cannot feel it. Some people say they can, I could
not mimic the things that they said. So for me it’s a win. They did beautifully. You have always power available regardless of
the gear regardless of the RPM range. Although I do have the feeling that from the
4000 RPM up the bike just becomes super alive and it becomes slightly a different bike
not perfectly different like you are used to once the bikes hit certain range of RPM’s but
it just gets a little jush more and it works really really well. As far as the maps you
can change them on the go. They do work as advertised. For me I would just choose one setup and the
suspension and that’s what I would do on a normal day to day. But if you do like to
change and if you want to change between them you can it’s going to work. I wouldn’t like to use this bike on a day
to day in the city though, it’s a big boxer engine that does irradiate quite a little bit of
heat when you’re either at idle or just moving really really slowly, the clutch becomes
really hard when you have to feather quite a little bit and the
shift is a bit clunky. So… I wouldn’t like to do all of that in
the city on a constant day to day basis. I’m 170cm so in terms of ergonomics
the bike does perform really well. I can reach with my foot down on the floor
not with both enough to do maneuvers but I can reach with one really well I believe that if
you’re up to 165cm you’re also not going to have a lot of problems. Below that I would say definitely take it for
a test drive, and not because you will not be able to reach the floor but because
it is a 500 plus pound bike. It’s heavy! So when you have to move around
you’re not going to have a lot of wiggle room, if you’re a taller person you’re not going
to have an issue at all you’re gonna fit really well although above the 2 meter mark I
would say definitely see if your knees or if your legs are not going
to touch the cylinder heads. For me the sitting position with a seat at
the lower position I do feel my arms slightly bit higher than I would like and when I’m
standing up by do fill them a slightly little bit lower than I would like. So for me if this was my long term bike
I would need to find an adjustment but I would have no issue at all driving it
in stock as it is right now. So as far as the road
is concerned it’s a win. It’s a great bike. It doesn’t need more
horsepower, it doesn’t need a bigger engine. It doesn’t need a different suspension. As far as I’m concerned on the road if you’re
going to eat miles if you’re going to drive on the open road on the twisties or on the highway
but you do not want a big GT bike, you do not want a cruiser, this is actually a
very very good choice, pricey but a very good choice. And what about off road? How does it stand off road? So off road in this kind of terrain
where it’s free the bike just performs beautifully. It’s… it’s a highway any bike can go through
this and it can go through this and this one does it like no man’s business. Now when the terrain gets a bit more
technical as it does here things are slightly different, because although the weight of the bike
is really down low which allows for a very nice handling, the clutch does get a bit
heavy when you start having to feather it because this is a bit more technical than I would
like to have a bike this size and power on because it doesn’t allow me to actually release
all of that power so I don’t have enough space so I have to
fiddle the clutch quite a lot. Plus, it’s cast wheels not spoke wheels, it’s not
21″ in the front it’s 19″, and even the position of the brake pedal it’s quite low if
you want to actually break with the rear in any good fashion or manner. So off-road it does have its limitations but it
would be expected from a bike with this size and with this amount of power. So the real question is would
I take it off road? With the right set of
tires, I actually would. But I would also set the level of difficulty
of that off road as easy and very much within my comfort zone. I like to do off-road to have fun, and I find
it hard to do so while battling such a big and powerful bike, and knowing the price tag of
all the little parts that will break once I actually let it fall. Overall, this is a great road bike that with
ease will allow you to continue once the tarmac ends but so will many others at
a market at a very different price range. Still, set aside for prejudice
and book test drive. It’s pricey, it’s big, it’s heavy, but it retains that
feeling, that amazing feeling of a boxer engine, and that feeling something quite unique that
we should all try at least once in life.

23 comments on “BMW R1250GS Exclusive REVIEW 2019 | Honest motorcycle review

  1. Do you have a 1250GS or have tested one? I would love to know what you think of it, and what use you give your bike! 💪🏍

  2. Viva! Yes… 1250GS HP… best bike I've ever owned, and my only regret is that she's well above my riding competency. Um abraço de Paris.

  3. Very good and honest review mate we actually have dirt highways here in Australia that will do it justice some are four lanes wide and go for hundreds of miles.
    The Tanami desert comes to mind where when I was younger and sillier I took an 1150 adv to 130 and 160kms per hour sustained and had the biggest drifts of my life coming out of the bends due to the corrugations and the that beautiful engine delivering power so smoothly. I knew though that if I made a mistake at those speeds I would be vaporised
    I am sure I can take it through the deserts here and some much better riders then me have already taken them to the high country which scares people on 650s and 400s but it is mainly a beautiful sporty touring bike which most people will use on good dirt roads on occasion.
    People like you and me that like the road less travelled lament the fact that they don’t bring out a modern version of the original 800 with great suspension and low weight or version of the modern 800 that mimics what you have done to your bike but like you said they will keep getting bigger
    Cheers mate

  4. thanks for the review. What is your height and inseam? I'm 5'9" with 30" inseam and i'm debating between GS and GSA. Part of my concern is the slight increase in height of the GSA. I've test driven the GS with seat in low position and it felt manageable but since i'm likely going to upgrade lots of accessories (frame guard, lights, panniers, etc), it would be more cost effective for me to get the GSA. BUT, not sure the extra bulky tank and slightly higher suspension would be ideal for my height. Thoughts?

  5. I ride a 2018 R1200 Adventure and I’ll never take it seriously off road .. it’s too big for that and too heavy and finally too expensive as it will be dropped at some point, there are other bikes more suited to that task .. as you say it’s the perfect touring bike and I’ve covered huge distance fully loaded on mine .. in supreme comfort. I’m not sure this is a bike that suits someone under 170cm? I’m 175cm and a very strong 50 year old guy and have thirty years experience, this is a heavy bike not suited to most riders, it’s high even on the lowest seat setting and 267kgs fully tanked and 290 with luggage. Yes it’s a pussycat on the move but very very heavy around town and moving slowly. Undoubtedly however one of the world’s finest motorcycles 👍😉

  6. I have just bought a 1250 hp, I love it, I have owned many many bikes inc 12 other incarnations of the gs Aldo Ducati multi strada and Ktm 1290 super adventures x 5 ! The best pound for pound all rounder on the market. 👍🏼

  7. I’m surprised you find the clutch heavy. I ride a 2008 Yam FJR and I was surprised to find the GS clutch lever to be much lighter to use.

  8. I’m assuming that English is your second language (bike screen) so this is no big deal as everyone understands. You drive a car but ride a bike or bicycle. Small point.

  9. Bought this exact model in Feb (my first ever GS) and so far I've taken it to Norway/Sweden & Spain. I have to agree that it's a great road bike and just chews up mile on motorways and mountain twisties. At 5'6" i have no problem getting one leg planted on the ground but am in tiptoes for both feet (standard suspension & seat), but I've got around that with adjusting the auto suspension settings and buying new seat bungs to bring the height down but a few more mm. Yes, its a heavy beast but once your up and running that just falls away.

  10. As an old biker, when I hear a person talking about "Driving" a bike I turn off , when will Europe learn you "Drive" a car and "RIDE" a bike!!!!!!!!!! FFS

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