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BMX Bicycle Custom Maintenance : Custom Gear Tips for BMX Bikes

BMX Bicycle Custom Maintenance : Custom Gear Tips for BMX Bikes

In the past couple of years you may have noticed
a trend with the sprockets on BMX bikes becoming smaller and smaller. I currently running a
mid sized 36 sprocket a couple of years ago this wasn’t even an option and people would
only run 44 tooth sprockets. As sprockets keep getting smaller you have to run a smaller
clog in the back to maintain a similar gear ratio. This is all brought up by the advent
of high quality cassette hubs that will hold up to abusive riding, having a smaller set
of gears will give you extra room for certain types of tricks anything to where your sprockets
going to be closed to a movable object. For example grinding tricks if your doing any
sort of quarter pipe tricks you’ll notice that you’ll hit your sprockets a lot less
if you have a smaller sprocket. At the same time you shouldn’t exactly necessarily go
out and get the smaller sprocket that you can possible find because you’ll actually
experience vastly faster train wear. If your running a very small sprocket and cassette
in the back because essentially the amount of load that is spread out through the chain
is spread out through a number of teeth and you’ll find that there drive train wears out
a lot faster. So basically if your the type of rider who does a lot of grind tricks or
in general finds the amount of room that you need in the bottom bracket area is very great.
Then a smaller chain ring and cassette maybe the proper avenue for you to go at the same
time if you find that you ofter breaking chains and wearing out parts of your drive train
and that’s something that you really don’t like. Sticking with a little bit smaller chain
ring maybe the way to go.

26 comments on “BMX Bicycle Custom Maintenance : Custom Gear Tips for BMX Bikes

  1. can someone please help me with this…I've ordered a new frame cuz im riding again but i need a new sprocket cuz the 45T is out dated and wont fit with these new BB type(Mid). I ride dirt/trails and decided to go with a 37T sprocket. What type of gearing should i use for the freewheel??? Is 37/13 accurate? Also, What does dirt riding usually require,..3/32 or 1/8 for size???? Please help. THANX!

  2. a lot of dirt jumping bikes run 28 or 25 tooth sprokets. but you can get a 45T, cause they still make them.

  3. thanx, i ended up goin with 32/11 and i like it. i works quite well 4 me. ive got alot of complements on the bikes feel from ppl at parks.

  4. i have a question. on my bike, my brake mounts are on the bottom like this guys, which means that the smallest i can ride is a 36 sproket, but i look at complete bikes with a 25 tooth sprockets and the clearance looks fine even though the brakes are on the top, so i dont know. is there anyone with experience on this issue. thanks

  5. alright cool, but if you dont mind me asking, how do you know, like is that what you did. i just dont want to waste my money. haha

  6. im running 28/10 and my other bike has 25/9 and i love 28 better.. its a bit harder to pedal, but idk, i just like it better.. ive ran like every single gear ratio too. and by far my favorite is 28/10

  7. @MrGuitarplayerdude i have the same problem. get low profile brakes, or just take them off all together. fly brakes clear it, so do odyssey brakes… gear up a bit too.. 28/10 or 30/11 looks just as fly as 25/9 and will definately clear the brakes. what kinda frame?

  8. @iloveiphone93 its a good setup if it feels right.. if you like the way it feels, than its a good setup. its gonna take some playing around.. i playd around and now im running 28/10 and i love it, but others run 22/8, 25/9, 28/9, 25/10 list goes on..

  9. do i need to have a 8 tooth freewheel to ride with a 23t sprocket or can i just ride with a 23t sprocket and a 9t freewheel? what happens if i ride with a 9t freewheel??

  10. @teamst1nkypigs personally i prefer 26t if your doing park riding but if your just riding your bmx on the streets as a mode of transfortasion ( however you spell it ) i would say go with the 44t

  11. I have a 12t freewheel and a 25t chainwheel and what to get a 16t freewheel and 44 chainwheel, do I need a bigger chain at all? And if so what size? I'm new at this stuff

  12. Is there a sprocket gear setup for a DK XL that's really easy to turn like a second gear on a 10-speed? I have Muscular Dystrophy and I need an easy gear ratio to turn even though it'll be slow. But I don't have to go any faster than a cruise. Any advice

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