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Brand New Cycling Helmet & Shoe Tech At The Tour Down Under

Brand New Cycling Helmet & Shoe Tech At The Tour Down Under

– I’m an absolute lover of cycling shoes and I’m always jealous when I
see what the pros are using. So what better place to start for 2019, then to Tour Down Under, the opening World Tour race of the season? Let’s have a look at what
they’re using this year, and while we’re at it, what
helmets we can find too. (upbeat electronic music) Now being a self-confessed helmet geek, I’m pretty excited always
to see a new helmet, and this one here is the
new Rudy Project Spectrum. It’s the first time I’ve
actually seen it in the flesh, I’m pretty sure I saw a photo of it and I think there’s
been chance that Nibali was using it bought midway in 2018. Now the helmet itself in a
Medium weighs in at 260 grams, so its pretty lightweight
and while its sort of semi really well-vented
and semi airier helmet, it’s a happy medium if you like. And a really neat little
feature here on adjustment is a little groove where
you can basically slide your headphone cable in. Of course, headphones and
cycling not really recommended, but these riders, remember,
they do use earpieces when they’re racing so that’s ideal for them just to tuck it in there
keep it out of the wind. Winning. (rock beat music) Many of you will remember
last year where I spotted some really flashy,
Specialized S-Works road shoes on the feet of the
Specialized sponsor teams here at Tour Down Under. Well this year, they’ve done their A-game. They’ve produced another
really flashy color way. Now apparently, just like last
year, they’re only released for the Tour Down Under to
really make a big old impact and well, again, yeah,
you’ve won my heart. (upbeat electronic music) The 2019 squad of
Deceuninck Quickstep Floors they’re going to be using MIPS
SL inside of their helmets. So as you can see, it’s
totally different from what we commonly see with a MIPS helmet
which is the yellow liner. For the SL one, it means that basically, you’re going to have increased
air flow which is ideal, especially here at the Tour Down Under, where it’s pretty hot I can tell you. Now you can see just the
fastening points inside of the helmet there just allows those patches to move very slightly, but
enough to make a difference if you were to be in an accident. Now something else, speaking
of accidents, that I should just point out is this on
the rear of the helmet. It’s called ANGi. So if suddenly you decelerate very quickly or you’re head starts
rotate more than normal, the kind of thing which you
would encounter during a crash, ANGi, which does connect
via Bluetooth through an app on your smartphone, does send
a message to a loved one, So, they’re aware that
you’ve had an accident. But the great thing about this, is that you can actually
set a delay on it, so if you were to have an
accident you can set a delay of 15 to 90 seconds, for instance, therefore, canceling it
if you’re okay and well if you’re not okay, the loved
one, they still get a message. Safety first. (rock beat music) This is the brand new POC Ventral Air that squad of EF Education
First Pro Cycling are going to be using for 2019. And well, there’s no
better fitting situation or surroundings to
actually launch the helmet than the Tour Down Under because,
right now, its 39 degrees, and this helmet is designed
with cooling in mind. But first up then, let’s
actually have a look at the shell of the helmet, so it’s
covered in polycarbonate and what I really like about this is that it’s wrapped around really far
on the sides of the helmet, meaning that if you were
to slightly drop it, or something like that, then it’s not going to get gouged at all, especially in transportation
where helmets tend to get a little bit scuffed and they
end up looking not that good. But this one, that’s going to stand the
test of time, I reckon. Now when we flip it around
and look on the inside of the helmet, we’ve got POCs SPIN pads. And well, they’re not bulky or
anything thick or unsightly, in fact, they’re really
minimalistic and they’re only going to be touching your head
where you really need it and actually to wick away any sweat. And of course, we do have
the retention system which is adjusted via a little knob
on the back of the system. Also, that retention system is able to be adjusted vertically so
you can find the ideal place for it to sit on the back of your head. Now, one of the neatest features
they’ve done on this helmet which I think is brilliant,
is the addition of this eyeware garage just here on the
insides of those front vents and they’re covered in
a really sticky fabric. It actually reminds me of the CPC covering on the Prologo saddles. So because of the sticky
nature of that fabric, they are going to hold your
eyewear in there if you decide to take them off of your
face and want to store them in your helmet for some reason. Price wise, 250 US dollars, 250 euros, and apparently it’s
going to be out in March. (upbeat electronic music) Now another new helmet
coming out of Rudy Project is this one here, the Volantis. Now it’s an arrow helmet
with some ventilation, so if you remember, back when arrow helmets
were first launched, well generally, they didn’t
seem to have any vents at all. This one’s got nine vents
including this one here to help try and get a little
bit more cooling effect over the top of your skull. Now just like the other
helmet, the Spectrum, which I’ve already talked
about, it does have the same features here to
enable you to actually put your headphone cable in
there for your race radio. Weight wise, 270 grams. Let me know what you
think of it, hot or not? Now if you’re a national
champion like Daryl Impey well, then you’ve got to go full custom. Just check out out those shoes. We’ve got custom colors
and those Boa dials, if you ask me, they look bang spot on. For 2019, the squad of Groupama-FDJ, well they’ve actually
decided to change helmets from BBB to Giro and this is
Aether MIPS spherical model. So the purpose behind the
MIPS system is actually to reduce rotational forces. So ultimately, allowing
the actual helmet to move a little bit rather than your skull in the event of an accident. However, what they’ve
decided to do in this one is actually create a separate
liner between two bits of EPS of the helmet itself. So as you can see here, I’m actually able to move the inner EPS section
away from the other one, because they are connected, but that is the MIPs
technology inside of it. Great looking helmet, this. I’m a big fan of their
kit finish here too. (rock beat music) I’ve had a quick snoop around as ever, and well, I do like a
custom pair of shoes. Especially if you can
customize the Boa dials like on this pair of S-Works shoes, but better still, check that out. Yes, you can customize your soles too. A company called Pro Cycling Stickers, they actually make these, and well, last year I saw Bob
Jungels rocking a pair too. (rock beat music) The Terrex range from Adidas
to actually specializing outdoor equipment, so
hiking, that kind of thing. And also, they happen to sponsor the BORA-hansgrohe team of Peter Sagan. And well, this pair of shoes
has a Boa dial on them too, and it happens to be customized
in the color of the team. Eight and half, my size, Peter won’t mind. Managed to wrestle some
new shoes, actually, off of Lachlan Morton
of EF Education First. And well, they’re a new shoe
from Rapha it looks like. Now, I don’t know much about
them to be perfectly honest other than I’ve not ever seen them. At first, I wondered if he’d actually, kind of, homemade little
bits of them themselves, but I guess they’re in
the development stage, and the laces are pretty long. When I’ve seen them on
his feet he does actually have to wrap the lace all the
way around on the underside of the sole and then
tuck the laces underneath the velcro fastening at the front, but it’s great to see
more shoe developments. Yeah, if you’re Italian champ, you get Italian color way shoes and those, they are bling aren’t they. Check out the Boa dials, they’re custom. It’s just a fully custom
day affair, love it. (rock beat music) Now many of you remember last
year at the Tour Down Under I got a first glimpse at the
HJC helmets of Lotto Soudal and well, for the remainder
of the season, they tended to use them in just a
matte black color way. But the good news is for 2019
we’ve a got a colorful one and I think it look absolutely great. I do like a colorful helmet. This one is a little bit sweaty inside, I’ve just grabbed it off of Adam Blythe. It’s got 16 vents so it is
going to keep you nice and cool and also help you get through
the wind a little easier. And just inside of it
too, the retention system, I really like because it’s got a nice positive, loud clicking sound
when you tighten or loosen it. (clicking) (bass beat music) Something that always looks
fantastic, in my opinion, is a custom helmet. The reason being, if
you’re a national champion, in particular, you can really
decorate yourself to show off your colors with pride. And well, the team of
Deceuninck – Quickstep Floors each and every year
they seem to have plenty of national champions on their
squad so in the case here I’ve got the helmets of Elia
Viviani and Michael Morkov so the Italian and Danish
champs respectively, and in this arm I’ve got
their Evade II arrow helmets and in this one the Prevail II
and I think they look great. And it doesn’t actually take a
helmet manufacturer very long at all to produce the polycarbonate shells in these color ways. And if you are a national
champion, demand one. Always. Now unfortunately, or maybe
fortunately for the riders I didn’t manage to walk
off with any of their shoes or helmets but let me which
bits of kit are your favorite down their in the comments section. For me, it’s got be Daryl
Impey’s shoes and for helmets I’m still thinking about it. Don’t forget, give it a
like, a share, a thumb’s up. And also, check out the GCN shop at For another great tech video,
click on the Ferris wheel.

70 comments on “Brand New Cycling Helmet & Shoe Tech At The Tour Down Under

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  9. 'Jealous to see what the pros are using' which is exactly what their marketing companies want you to be. Components are designed to shift units to MAMILS first, then function 2nd. Cycling as a consumer culture, and GCN as a necessary pimp in this process, just one of many.

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    I love the Giro Aether MIPS, got one myself 6 months ago! You can also customize it! Simply love it!

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