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BRAND NEW Pinarello Dogma F10 – Team Sky’s Bike For 2017

BRAND NEW Pinarello Dogma F10 – Team Sky’s Bike For 2017

– This is the bike that Dutchman, Wout Poels will be using in
the 2017 season for Team Sky. Poels of course the winner of
the 2016 Liège–Bastogne–Liège but this year he has the privilege of using Pinarello’s brand
new updated road model, the F10 which has literally
just been released at their training camp as we filmed this. Now, as you might expect, they’ve managed to make
improvements in terms of both it’s stiffness
and also it’s aerodynamics whilst also reducing the weight. Now if you want specific stats on that, I’ve got them for you right now. This frame set weighs 820
grammes which is 6.3% less than it’s predecessor the F8. They have managed to improve
the aerodynamics here on the down tube in this concave design which they brought over from
the Bolide time trial bike by 12.8% in terms of less drag. And also at the forks there they’ve also brought something over from the Bolide time trial bike and that is the fork flat dropout which apparently improve aerodynamics by up to 10% whatever that means. Overall it’s 7% stiffer but
they have maintained exactly the same geometry as they had on the F8. Now, as you can see it’s
quite a sleek paint job but it does perfectly match
the 2017 Castelli team kit which teams go out using. In terms of what’s on the frame set it’s pretty much exactly the same sponsors they’ve got this year. That includes a full Shimano
DURA-ACE Di2 groupset and it is the brand new
2017 model, the 9100 which was launched all the
way back in July of 2016 but has rarely been since. Team Sky obviously managed
to get their hands on a set. The chainrings at the moment are 53 by 39 which you probably keep
for the vast majority of the races this year and 11 up through to 28 cassette at the back mounted on
these Dura-Ace wheels. Now, they would of course
have a bit of choice when it comes to wheel
depth throughout the season so don’t expect it to
always remain the same. Handlebars, stem and grip
tape are all provided by PRO which is a subsidiary of Shimano. He’s got a 117 millimetre stem. Team Sky of course partly
famous due to the fact that they’ve got stems that come in one millimetre increments which is very, very rare indeed. The bars measure 42
centimetres from edge to edge and up here he has a
Fizik Antares VS saddle, that’s the one he chooses
and it’s got that channel that runs right down the middle. Now, just been doing some
measurements along with the width of the bars and he’s got a
saddle height almost exactly the same as mine, just over 80 centimetres so I might take this out for a quick spin, if I’m allowed, just after this video. The reach from the tip of the
saddle to the centre there of the bars is around 59 centimetres. What I haven’t done
yet is weigh the thing. Before the all important weigh in though, a few finishing touches which
I haven’t mentioned just yet. They include the Elite
bottle cage just here and Continental these
Pro-Limited tubular tyres which are favoured by many professionals. Also, have a quick look
at the junction box that Pinarello have put in down here for the brand new DURA-ACE. Looks very, very neat indeed. Okay. The moment of truth. In fact, I’ll turn it
around so you can see it. 7.075 kilogrammes, pretty light. I actually do like the look of this bike. Don’t suppose I will be allowed to go out for a spin on it, unfortunately. Okay, if you want to get
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but a couple of older ones for you to look at first. The first of which is actually the launch of the Shimano DURA-ACE 2017 group set which I did last year. Now you can find that
in the corner down there or this time last year we
actually spent some time at Team Sky’s training camp and did a behind the scenes video which you can find in the
other corner down there.

97 comments on “BRAND NEW Pinarello Dogma F10 – Team Sky’s Bike For 2017

  1. 116.8736% bullshit "upgrades" over last year's model for 0.314159265359% improvement on other bikes already on the market…..or is it?

  2. Hot or not? HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!!😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 but why f8 to f10?😂

  3. I can't but think, all these aero stats for the frame, but the PRO stem+handlebar combo is so old school with that massive front area.

  4. unbelievable… "New" model again lighter etc.. But Still not 6.8 kilograms. and yet there all about marginal gains, you rarely see a bike that is 6.8 kilograms on gcn

  5. In case you didn't know, Pinarello is being sued by a company called Velocite, for that concave down tube……..I could ride that bike. My saddle height is 79 cm, but my tip of saddle to bar is longer, at 62.5cm.

  6. Looks like one of those long-exposure night-sky photographs where the stars get stretched into radiant trails of light as the Earth revolves beneath them.

    Good, in other words. It looks good.

  7. I notice the rear mech looks fairly stretched there already, with the selected gear only about halfway up the block… reckon they shorten the chain by a few links (over what us mere mortals would have ours) to save some more grams off the total weight. Savage looking bike.

  8. I get irrationally triggered and die a little inside every time I start hearing about bottle cages in these videos.. who the f cares!?! This is intended as a serious question, does anyone actually care about what bottle cage they utilise to provide delicate water bottle support? Also, spoiler alert for future review videos: the bottle cage is going to be elite.. /rant. Great vid as always fellas!

  9. The fork flap dropouts whicj apparently improve aerodynamics by up to 10%…"WHATEVER THAT MEANS"… Dan, I tip my hat to you sir…

  10. Did any GCN Presenter keep their pro bikes from racing years? What's in your bike garage? Any classics, team issue bikes or track bikes? It would be rad if GCN made a batch Presenter's Bike Fleet videos. Maybe call it Fleet Week!

  11. Pinarello designs the frame around Di2 (hence the built in junction box on the down tube), but fails to design direct mount brakes, or direct mount rear mech hanger, for Dura Ace 9100. FAIL.

  12. Please, please don't use auto focus when doing close ups on a bike. If you look at the video you will see that when you do use auto focus that it goes in and out of focus multiple times, a little unprofessional. Set the focus to manual zoom right in to achieve sharp focus and then zoom out to get the shot, this will make your videos look much more polished.

  13. Team Sky actually get the B-grade stems from PRO that don't fit the normal standards (because their difference varies from the standards). Team Sky then just label them with their own 1mm stickers and thus make them seem "special". Quite ingenious marketing I would say….

  14. Guys, could you please include the saddle to bar drop in the reviews when talking about saddle height and reach to the bars?

  15. Di2 junction box beneath a bidon? Is that smart?
    Also aren't edge to edge 42cm handlebars (which probably translate to 40cm middle-middle) too narrow for a big rider like Poels?

  16. Long gage derailleur, almost mountain bike or triple derailleur ohh…
    Also the saddle stem ratio super extreme .
    Super bikes for super riders go SKY 2017!!!!

  17. seeing vivianis pinnerello frame snap like a twig last season put me off this brand but they're definitely a well handsome machine

  18. @Global_Cycling_Network : What exact frame size is this? Seat height and reach are pretty much exactly what I use on all my bikes, and I 'd like to know which size F10 this corresponds to! Thanks

  19. Very few bikes I see make me go "ooo, I want that one", being quite happy with my Merida Scultura so far, but this one….Oooo, I want.

  20. It is sad that pinarello look everybody stupido… These frame are made in China for around 400 USD and you can buy them for 500 USD on dhgate or alibaba. From the same fyctory guys!! Wake up pinarello! All other brands are available and I stress that they are identical to the "genuin"",since they are from the same or neighboring factory….

  21. He showed that the Pinarello bike is a brand that has no equal in the world

    without evaluating the brands of Italian brands of bikes

    Americans, Canadians, Australians, Germans, Austrians and could not miss the KING of "made in china" fakes

    even China has tried to copy and forge Italian brands, but with shame, I have never bought anything made in China, because it means ruining a centuries-old tradition of Made in Italy, anyone going to buy from Chinese stores it means not respecting the world, the environment, and nature

    China is the first nation in the world not to respect their life and the lives of the inhabitants of the world, with its companies without rules, and without rules for its inhabitants, and their workers, working without rules, in the end thousands of deaths of tumors at lungs

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