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Brazilians told me NOT to go there (Ciudad del Este Paraguay) – ep94

Brazilians told me NOT to go there (Ciudad del Este Paraguay) – ep94

Welcome to Paraguay, we’re going to speak Spanish again Now we see where we go right? We’re going to the mall with motorcycle stuff. They have everything there. Ok Look at my Paraguayan motor taxi friends Good after noon, how’s it going? Team moto! Keep your eyes out for thieves eyeing the camera. Today I’ve got to watch it I don’t really support Gremio, it’s meant to blend in as Brazilian Then you’re a Gaucho. Gaucho? Guacho is a Gremio supporter Today I’m a Brazilian. You’re in Paraguay I know, I’m a Brazilian here in Paraguay Everything is good here I handle the ladies here in Paraguay He plays from the back right, like a defender From the back? “Traseiro” He gives up the ass Only women right? Yes only women He said that he likes woman Good after noon, how’s it going He’s looking for motorcycle clothes $190. Don’t you have anything around $100? These are waterproof too But what’s the deal with them, they’ve been in stock for a very long long time So were dumping them for $99 If they’ve been in stock for so long then I’ll take em for $10, they’ve become worthless I’m joking let’s have a look Where you’re from? Netherlands Why didn’t you come to Paraguay on your motorcycle? Because I don’t trust the Paraguayans with my motorcycle no no They told me, they say in Brazil it’s dangerous in Ciudad del Este No those are the parking vendors, here you can park for $1 you can park all day Well then I don’t need Reinaldo anymore, let’s go and I’ll come back with my motorcycle Without Reinaldo No he’s very useful out here, this guy knows everything, I just follow him These guys know everything about this city Are you paying commission to this guy? No he’s paying me No no we don’t do commission here Go go, interview him… Speak English! No no but I don’t know how to speak English, he’s the one who does How are you? Very good No man for real I don’t know how to speak English That I know No say it with your pronunciation That is our cashier, she came yesterday from Spain Speak Spanish, you speak Spanish very well And Guarani. That’s indigenous right? Yes yes Where you from? Reinaldo I’m over here What Brand is this? Thanks mate, take it easy, safe trip, goodbyes, all the best with the business “Thank you” Goodbye mate, safe journey, see you next time I support Flamengo, cool I’m Brazilian today, I’m Gaucho, I support Gremio. Mate! Here we are again fellas, how’s it going So I have to go with someone from Paraguay? Yes. And you follow then? Past customs Take it easy! Everything good Reinaldo? Let’s go go go! So no customs? Nope Hey mate, thanks! For the great help

37 comments on “Brazilians told me NOT to go there (Ciudad del Este Paraguay) – ep94

  1. SUBTITLES for the Portuguese bits are in the works! Check English subtitles.

    Check out the playlist with all the South America episodes so far

  2. Lovely place Paraguay, makes up the sketchiness with the good deals and friendly faces. Best of luck in Patagonia bro, will you be passing by Buenos Aires?

  3. He kept your hat! 😅

    There is a saying in spanish for these kind of places: "Manten los ojos abiertos porque aquí el que no corre vuela"
    english: "keep your eyes wide open because here whoever can take advantage of a situation will do it"

  4. Pedro, I am missing Your adventure-like videos in the wilderness. Like where you repaired a trail with rocks and your own hands. I hope to see that soon again. Really loved that… greetings from Arbil.

  5. I love this video and the idea of a moto taxi. Thanks for giving us a slice of what that lifestyle tastes like, Pedro. Really cool. I'd be using strictly 3/4 helmets for my passengers, though, if that's legally permissible. The chin guard can house strange and unwanted microbes from hundreds of different passengers.

  6. Get what your saying about the heel of a boot. Lol. I've try riding with heel and heel less boot. And it feel werid when you switch. And feel like you got to readjust the foot levers after lol

  7. Waiting on this snow to be gone. Got the itch to ride. It was melting little today. Say going to be 40 degree tommorow so that should melt enought to get the bike from the shed

  8. Fun shopping! Great prices and if the boots and gloves last 5000 km it is still 20% of what it would have cost you anywhere else! I shop the same way when ever I can, this way I can get new gears more often still at half the price. Great city video, now get back on the road Pedro o:)) Cheers

  9. I live about 120 km from CDE and it's true that there is a LOT of smuggling going on in CDE but I mean it's one of the more extreme cases so it's not all bad everywhere

  10. Discovered your channel recently, been trackbacking on the "MOTORBIKE AROUND THE WORLD" playlist, it really ends on mongolia??

    Also, checking the "build" playlist, on kozo installation yet 😀

    Nice channel, keep on going man.

    ( Brasileiro vivendo em Portugal aqui )

  11. Whitout custom check is how criminals enter and hide in Paraguay so easely, there are some fugitives of renown from Argentina and Brazil that are now hidden in Ciudad del Este.

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