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Benefits of cycling
Broke derailleur hanger while riding down Divis mountain with PPaan

Broke derailleur hanger while riding down Divis mountain with PPaan

So, take it this time Come on! Ah, come on! You must be tired of it! Serious? No worries, come on Glad it’s dry today That’s pretty cool!
Oh yeah! Jerry the Conqueror Did you survive? – It was a bit faster than…
– Gosh, I was scared! I bet you were It was a bit faster than I expected I’m going to do it right now (deflate tyres) So, when did I break the derailleur hanger, you ask? Well, it was right here While carrying the bike over those little steps I slipped off and the bike fell exactly on the derailleur However, at that point I didn’t know, yet Until… You have just broken the derailleur What?! Hanger You’ll need to replace the hanger Well, we can walk home now If you want, I have the chain breaker with me, but you’ll need to replace the chain then How Jerry went for a single-speed Something always happens, mate I’m not going anywhere with you again True that mostly you were the victim until now One picture as a memory How is it going? Watch out ahead! Get off the bike and carry it Watch out, stairs I need to slow down a little Watch out! Gate! Your worst enemy! Jerry, slow down, please! Don’t do this to me! Remember what your mum said Don’t risk it! Hey hey hey, seriously.
Leave the bike there and I’ll hand it over to you It’s going to be much safer I need to clear it! Dude! Hold on to that post, please Oooh! Punctured the tyre, but fine! Don’t puncture it! Don’t do that! To the left, isn’t it? I enjoyed it! If there weren’t the troubles… Come on! Come on! What?! I won, I won, I won! I have the new hanger now so I’m just gonna wash the bike a little bit and try to put it back on

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