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Brompton Electric vs Manual – effort test and comparison

Today, we’re going to compare an electric
six speed Brompton. Sorry they’re a little bit dirty, but if you watch to the end of the video we will have taken them out for a comparison ride. We want to see
how much effort it takes to ride the electric Brompton with no power
assistance or on the level one two or three. In comparison to riding a standard
Brompton. Now let’s unfold them. Unfolding the
electric Brompton is the same as unfolding a standard Brompton The main differences that I’ve made to
my Black Edition Brompton is added a dynamo front wheel that has a dynamo
front light and the dynamo rear light I’ve also added Crankbrothers pedals
that have small pins in one side and you can clip in on the other side. We’re
going to compare the Bromptons starting at the front and working backwards. The
grips are the same on the electric Brompton and the black edition. So are
the brakes and the shifters, also they have the same bell! The handlebars on
both these bicycles are low-rise M type and they’re black. Although you can’t
really tell the difference the stem on the Electric Brompton is reinforced in
comparison to on a standard Brompton. It has a completely different front carrier
block because this is what holds the battery in place. It has a maximum
capacity of 10 kilos were about 4 kilos is taken up by the weight of the battery
and the bag. Because the modified front carrier block it doesn’t accommodate the
standard Brompton luggage you can only use the specific Brompton electric
luggage. The bags fit on differently the O bag just fits on to the front carrier
block and clicks in place. The battery also just pops onto the modified front
carrier block it clicks in place as well removing is where the key difference is.
The front carrier block is undone using the lever here and the bag removed.
Whereas the battery is removed by depressing the button on the top of the
battery and lifting up. The Brompton Electric comes with a Bush and Muller
front light. It comes with three settings on/off or auto sensing so it only comes
on when it’s dark. It’s powered by the battery. The forks on the electric
Brompton are also reinforced because of the additional torque that is generated
by the front wheel you can almost hear the difference! The
brake calipers are the same as those used on a Black Edition Brompton
however the brake pads are Swiss stop that give you better braking performance.
The front wheel is where the biggest difference is, it contains the motor
developed by Williams for Brompton that drives your front wheel. The rims on the
electric Brompton are different from on a standard Brompton
they’re single walled and the holes for the spokes are angled to provide
additional strength. The standard prompting from wheel is double-walled
and the holes for the spokes are straight. The front wheel spins with no
drag caused by the motor. The hook on the electric Brompton is different from a
standard Brompton it’s reinforced for the additional weight of the front wheel.
The hook on the standard Brompton just for comparison. Like with a standard
Brompton it comes with a Schwalbe Marathon Racer tyre. Colours, it comes in
black, white and the new electric blue that we haven’t seen yet. On the front of
the main frame it has a lightning bolt electric blue decal. The main decal is
electric blue. It uses the standard spider crank set with a 50 tooth chain
ring. Inside here is the torque sensing bottom bracket it feeds back to the
motor depending on how much effort you’re putting in through the pedals the
frame is modified to allow the cable to come out of the torque sensing bottom
bracket and feed back to the motor. And this is a standard frame with a normal bottom bracket. It has a 6 speed Sturmey Archer wide ratio setup. It has black mud
guards rear and front, they’re the same as on my Black Edition. It has a Spanninga solo electric light that’s powered by the battery the weight of the electric Brunton is
approximately fourteen point seven kilos compared to 13.74 Today, in our unscientific
test, we are going to compare an M6L Black Edition with the electric Brompton
also a six-speed. We’re going to do the same lap either on the Brompton
without electric assist or with the electric Brompton on either no power level one two or three. So we’re just about to start lap
one on the M6L. We have turned the dynamo light off though. We’re going to come back
to the same spot and then start the lap timer from the start the course
which is this triangle over here. The end of Lap 1 on the M6L now we’re going
to take the electric Brompton out with the battery pack but with no power assistance So enter lap one on the electric
problem with no power assist and I am quite impressed
it didn’t seem much more hard work than my standard Brompton but I was really
thanksful to the six speed with in hilly Windsor Great Park. Now we’re gonna go
for the second map on power one power on, on level one, but we are going
to turn the lights off I’m quite amazed, the first lap on one dot
on the electric Brompton and it’s like riding a brompton just with a little bit
of help. And now we’re going to try a lap on the second setting to see what that’s
like Lap 4 – second powered lap on the
electric Brompton. So this is level 2 I still found myself putting in effort and
almost purposely slowing down when I got to about 25 KMH when you could feel
that I was working harder and the motor had cut out but it was really really
smooth I was quite amazed how smooth the motor cutting out was. I think for
commuting to work it would be brilliant because I don’t think you’d get so
hot on your way there So now we’re going to try the 3rd power first lap on level three. It’s awesome!
it’s just good fun it’s amazing how you can really notice on level three I guess
as you’d expect the motor of kicking in but really smoothly I found it just good
fun. if I was commuting to work I think I would be inclined to use level three
because I don’t have a very long commute and I really don’t think i’d get there hot so
I wouldn’t necessarily have to have a shower when I arrived. we finished our
child and we’ve done three assisted laps on the electric Brompton and we’ve only
used one bar of power. Did we miss anything? please let us know in the comment
section below. if you liked this video please give us the thumbs up and if you
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with an equivalent standard

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