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Brownlee Commits To Kona & Tokyo Olympics! | The GTN Show Ep. 127

Brownlee Commits To Kona & Tokyo Olympics! | The GTN Show Ep. 127

– Welcome to The GTN Show. Now, this week we have
got news on arguably the best-known triathlete of all-time, finally announcing their racing intentions for the coming season. And we also spotted another
very recognizable cyclist being, well, interviewed
by a tri-industry icon. – Plus, we’re going to be sharing with you some exciting bits of new
tech that we spotted recently. And we’ve got plenty of photos. Both the ones that you’ve sent in as well as the Caption
Competition to look forward to. (upbeat music) (digital beeping)
(air whooshing) – Now, a story that we have been keeping a key eye on here at GTN, I’m sure many of you will be following with interest too, has been what are the
plans for Alistair Brownlee and the upcoming 2020 Olympics. Well, as of this week, we
now officially know that he has committed himself to the task of trying to qualify for the
Great Britain Olympic Team which will get him to, potentially, his fourth Olympic Games. – Yes, well if we rewind
to just over a year ago, to the end of the 2018 season. It was the 70.3 World
Championships over in South Africa and Alistair competed very
well there, finishing second. But it was an exciting three-way battle between himself, Jan
Frodeno, and Javier Gomez. And it looked then that it
could be the ITU heavyweights who were going to be making the way for the championship season
for the years to come. – However, after a disappointing
debut at Ironman Hawaii, Javier Gomez announced
that he would actually be stepping away from long-course racing and returning back to the ITU circuit and attempt to get to the Tokyo Olympics. – Well, it wasn’t long
until it looked like Alistair Brownlee was
following in the footsteps of his Spanish rival as the
beginning of 2019 saw him compete in a World Cup
in Italy which he won and then he went on to regain the title as European Champion later in the year. – Yeah, but then he announced
that he would be racing the inaugural Ironman Ireland in June. Which, despite some
incredibly demanding weather and a canceled swim, he went on to win his debut at what, well, should have been a 114 mile event. But, with that win it
seemed that the dream or attempt at going back
to the Olympic Games was perhaps slipping away. – Well, then it was a
hotly anticipated battle between the ITU stars and
the longer distance veterans at the 70.3 World Championships in Nice. And Alistair must’ve gone in
there as one of the favorites. It really did look like it
was going to be his chance to put his stamp on long-distance racing, which he was moving to. And it had a hilly and
technical bike course that was going to suit him. Although, there end up being a surprise from Norwegian’s Iden, who meant that Alistair,
again, finished second. – That much-anticipated
debut of Alistair Brownlee certainly started with a
lot of fireworks in Hawaii. He was amongst the early swim
leaders as you would expect. That carried on in the early
stages of the bike ride too, with him pushing the pace. However, he did pick up
an unfortunate puncture around about the Hawi turn point, but this didn’t seem to cause
him too much of an issue and he hit T2 in amongst
the podium positions. That being said, once
he started the marathon the wheels really started to fall off. The famed heat and humidity
of Kona took its toll and he faded to a 21st place that, well, he certainly wasn’t happy with. – So, unsurprisingly, he was
pretty keen to make amends. Pretty shortly afterwards
announced he was going to be racing Ironman Western Australia. And it could have been a seed
that was sown by Javier Gomez who had the similar tactic
in trying to qualify early for the Ironman World
Championships the following year where he went and won Ironman Malaysia. Well, Alistair Brownlee certainly did as he not only won, he
got the course record and recorded one of the
fastest Ironman times, seven hours 45:20, and ticked that box for
Kona the following year. – So just this last week the
final piece of the Brownlee racing puzzle, as we could
call it, has been announced. With him finally stating that he will push on for Tokyo 2020. All the long-course racing
can be pushed to one side now, he’s got that in his back pocket. And now he can revert his focus back to that short ITU-type of racing that he has been famed
for doing so well at throughout his career. – But all of this leaves
us rather intrigued as to how it’s going to unfold. The Great Britain team has
yet to be picked for the Games and no one would bet against the determination of Alistair Brownlee to get back into that three-man team. And you never know, we
might well see him racing with his brother Jonathan
for a third Games in a row. – Yeah, now of course Alistair
is an incredible athlete and if anyone is able to
do this then surely he can. Especially if he believes he is able to. But, the question is
more whether he’s able to step back up to that very high level that the sport has moved on to yet again. And if he can get himself
back into the peak shape we’re so used to see him
racing in a number of years ago over the ITU distance. – Yeah but none the less,
we’ve seen a lot pf parallels between Alistair Brownlee
and Javier Gomez. And Javier Gomez went back
to the short-course racing at the end of 2018 and very
quickly showed his form again. You know, being at the
spiky end or the top end of the ITU short-course racing. – Yeah he did, so it’s going
to be very interesting. So, that leads us onto our
question for this week’s poll which is, do you, quite simply,
think that Alistair Brownlee can qualify for the Tokyo
Olympic Games this summer? And you can click on the link
about Heather’s head there to give us your answer
whether that is yes or no. – What do you reckon, Frasier? – Yeah, I just think that if
he says he’s going to do it yeah, I’m going to give him a yes. – Yeah, I think I will too. But anyway, we’ll have to see,
let us know what you think. But, the results from last
week’s poll when the boys asked, does anyone else struggle with
the old January winter blues? Yeah, I mean I wasn’t in the show, but I would have been a yes as well. Although, I think maybe some
of you just have a really nice indoor setup or quite like the cold because it wasn’t actually that decisive. 54% said yes, and 46% said no. (upbeat music) – To start off Try News we’re
getting a little bit techy. And I know we are missing
our in-house tech, geek fan, but myself and Frasier
are going to do our best to share what would be Mark’s excitement as there’s been a few
Tech Try-related pieces that have come out of CES,
the Consumer Electronic Show out in Las Vegas. – Yeah, and the first bit of tech that we’re going to talk about is a swimming-orientated
device that’s called Instabeat. Now, the Intsabeat is a little
device that can clip onto the right side of your existing googles. Now, we’ve seen the likes of Form goggles with the Polar OH1 where
they can incorporate heart rate into the display
that they have in the goggle. Well, these Instabeat devices
they can basically give you traffic light-type of
system that you can see in your peripheral vision. You’ve got a blue if you’re
not working too hard. You’re green if you’re
in the correct zone, and the red if you’re working too hard or maybe pushing on a bit too much. So, it’s really interesting. That’s very similar to the
Flex that we have seen as well. So, I’d be keen to give them a go. – Yeah, there’s lots of tech as well on the running side of things
when it comes to feedback, both in the shoe and insole. So, Asics has got the
Asics EvoRide Smart Shoe that’s just been released. They’ve actually launched two new models which can measure several metrics including your running efficiency, your vertical movement, your kick back, your landing load reduction as well. – Yeah, and all these can help towards working on your footstrike. And talking about footstrike, another interesting bit of
kit that we have just seen is the Nurvv insole. Now, these are really cool. These are, effectively, insoles
with 32 individual censors in he sole that can measure
up to 1,000 times a second. So, loads of information, data points. But, all of of this, basically,
helps with things like your footstrike, with your
cadence, with your stride length and all sorts of data
that can be transferred on to their corresponding app and then help you with
improving your running form. – Yeah, it’s cool. – Suunto have also
launched a new smart watch, The Suunto Seven. And that’s obviously fitting
into the more daily-wear space. So, it’s got things such as music on it and ability to pay using your watch. So, going a little bit away from the really hardcore sports watch, but still an exciting new product. – Now for a slight change in tact. Because we’ve got a fun story here about well, one of our favorite people in the whole sport of
Triathlon, that is Bob Babbitt. Because this past weekend
was the 40th anniversary since he did his very first Ironman which was the third-running
of Ironman Hawaii back when, obviously,
it was staged in January and not it’s usual spot at the
second weekend every October. And it also used to be
not on the big island, but on the island of Oahu. And he’s talked about this
being such a pivotal point in his life. In fact, he said it was the
day that changed his life which is really– – Romantic that is. – Yeah, I mean, he says that
those first two editions of the race there was only
15 starters and 12 finishers. But when he did it in
1980, so 40 years ago, it had actually moved up to 108 starters, so it was a huge, I mean it’s only 108, but it was a massive upsurge
in interest in the event and it really, sort of,
gathered a pace from there. – Well, whilst our eyes were on Bob we also noticed that he’s
been busy in his day job interviewing famous athletes. One that caught our eye
was Wales’ Geraint Thomas, the former Tour de France winner. Interesting to see him have
a chat with Bob out there. – Yeah, and to tie it
all back in to Triathlon, the reason they Geraint
is actually training in Southern California
is ’cause one of his very good friends and training
partners is Cameron Wurf, who is none other than the
record-holder for the bike-course in Ironman Hawaii. So, they’ve been training hard together in Southern California in
the hills and around LA. So, yeah–
– Lucky them. – Yeah I know, so we’ll see how their seasons unfold from here. (upbeat music) – I got it done, I completed
the Zwift Triathlon Academy workouts in the knick of time. I must admit I was up against it because last week I had
to do two run workouts, a bike workout and the running race all within six days of
getting back from holiday. – So, tell us, how was it? – Well, let’s say the race
was not my finest hour because, I mean it wasn’t really my fault, but I did have a bit of injury and then obviously Christmas
got in the way and holiday. So, I wasn’t in the best
shape that I’ve ever been in, but yeah, I gave it my all within reason. But, I did have a bit of a
cold, all serious in note, and I didn’t want to
make myself more unwell and obviously here at GTN we do talk about being sensible so I thought I
better practice what I preach. – Yeah, I’m not going to
disagree with you there. So, what does that mean happens next? – Well, basically I’m going
to get my breath back. Maybe have a look back over my sessions, but I will actually give
you guys more of an update and a bit of reflection on how it went and what comes next in next week’s show. (upbeat music) – Right then, so now it’s
time to have a scan through all of the pictures that you
guys very kindly send in to us. Please do keep sending them in. We really do love to get
an insight into your home’s pain caves or your
pictures for your training. The picture that we’ve
got to start off with here is a pain cave from Ben. Now he has shown us his Felt
B16 which is on the turbo, but he’s got a couple of the nice ones on the wall, hasn’t he? – Yeah, it was the Bianchis
that caught my eye. Actually, before I even rode a road bike I wanted one of those. It was the color that’s
always caught my eye. So they look rather beautiful
hung up on the wall, I must say. – Yeah, he says he’s got a
Baianchi Pulse all to himself and his girlfriend has a
Bianchi in the Rooney Seven. And this is from Gosport and apparently it’s their new pain cave and their very first home. – That’s exciting, congrats guys. This next picture has
been sent in from Olive and I think this is a Christmas Day photo ’cause it says “Burning calories
after Christmas Lunch is” And I don’t know how much
running I could do, personally. I presume it was a few
days after Christmas Lunch, I’m not sure. – Who knows, but it could
have been Christmas afternoon. – Anyway, it’s from the sea
front in Lahaf, Normandy. – Another interesting
take on the pain cave here is from Matthias who has
shown us a before and after picture where he’s
essentially removed his sofa or his couch and replaced
it with his Smart Trainer and his bike which is
taking centerpiece there in his sitting room in front of the TV. So, it seems like he has got himself a really good setup there. He’s got his CUBE Cross
Race Pro bike sitting there on the Turbo Trainer and he says, “I am loving my new indoor training vibe.” – Well, that’s one way
to get you motivated I guess in the new year. If you can’t sit down on your sofa you’ve got to sit on your bike. I feel like I should try that ’cause my sofa is
definitely more appealing. Well, anyway you can
tell that we’ve got a bit of January blues and we
want some motivation. So if you’ve got some great setups, or you’re out doing
some wonderful training then do share those pictures and we can then share them
with the rest of our viewers. And you can do that by
using the GTN uploader. (upbeat music) Well it’s now time for
GTN’s Caption Competition and last week we had this
slightly, well I found it amusing, photo from Ironman Bolton. Plenty of wonderful
suggestions to go with it. – Yeah, so our first submission for this Caption Competition
is from Kieran Fitzgibbon who has said, “I’m head
over heels for GTN” – Oh, that’s a funny
accent there, Fraiser. (laughing)
– Head over heels. – Well, it was really
close between the winner, we had a bit of debate with this one, but the final runner-up comes
from Fergal Acala, who says, “Watch out…or you’ll
get foot in mouth disease” That just makes me feel
a little bit gross but– – Which is a good one, it
would have maybe been a winner in any other week, but– – If Fraiser wasn’t here
it might be a winner, you’ll find out why. – So, Les Nottage has come up with, “Look, I have found the Loch Leg Monster” – Said with true Scottish loch-noise. Obviously playing on
the Loch Ness Monster. If you don’t know about it look it up or ask Fraiser. It’s a very Scottish thing (laughing). – Loch Ness has got a big–
– Congratulations! – Sorry we’ll stop going on
(laughing) about Loch Ness. Send in the details and we’ll
send you the cap to you. But if you want a chance to win a GTN cap then this is the picture for this week. – Yeah, and it is a
picture from an athlete at the start of Ironman
Barcelona last October and, well, you guys can
let us know what you think. I think it is a very
focused individual there with a bit of a death-stare
down the beach for the start. – Is that what you’re like
at the start of a race? – I don’t think I was no. I was usually focused but sort of relaxed. I’d like to think so. But, anyway, you guys
tell us what you think and drop your submissions
for the Caption Competition down there and you might be
able to win one of these caps. – Well, this show is coming to an end, but there’s still plenty more
to look forward to this week. We’ve got a video on how to
use a snorkel whilst swimming. We’ve also got 10 treadmill mistakes. Anyway, hopefully you’ve
enjoyed this week’s GTN show. So find that thumb-up button
and give us a Like if you have. – Yeah, and remember that we have a shop full of all sorts of stuff that you can get yourself involved with. We’ve got bike kit, caps of course, so have a look in there. See if there’s anything you
would like to get ahold of. Hopefully you want to see
more content on the channel so find the globe on
screen so you can Subscribe and get everything else. – And if you want to see a video
on how to return to running after an injury, find that just here. – And if you want to see
one that Mark and I did about a V02 Max Test, well
you can find that here.

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