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Benefits of cycling


– (laughs) Morning.
– [Clintus] Morning. (Baby growls) Morning Baby. What? You wanna play tug-of-war? Is that what you want?
Oh yeah. Trying to rip this dog. This bear is not even yours. This stuffed animal
that’s not even yours. You stole it! It was a Christmas decoration. (Baby growls) Good Morning clan. Welcome to Sunday. Here, in the house. In the house. In our house. It’s 7:30 A.M. Kids are still asleep. At least, last I checked
they were asleep. Tiff and I are downstairs
grabbing some coffee. I gotta edit today’s vlog ’cause we gotta get
back on the road in like, an hour in a half. So, it’s go time. (bass notes) Good morning my little sniper. How are you? – Good.
– [Clintus] Good. Made some egg
sandwiches this morning? – [Sierra] Uh huh. – [Clintus] Fantastic. We got bagels, eggs, pepper jack cheese, and sausage. Fantastic. – Ta-Da! – [Clintus] Good morning dear. – All ready for the day. – [Clintus] Ready for the day. – Put Sierra charge
you breakfast this morning. – [Clintus] I know.
– Thank you. – [Clintus] I like it. Alright, round two. Back at Wickenburg High School. Game starts at 11, which
means we got about an hour. Set up camp and chill. Would you like some help? – [Bryce]Yes, please. – [Clintus] Yes, please. Up and pull! There you go. Whoa (Clintus laughs)
– [Bryce] Ow, that hurt. (whistle blows) – [Clintus] Nice. Owww! Nice Sierra. Ohhh, oh, good save, good save. Nice, yes! (players cheering) (buzzer sounds off) (players and crowd screaming) Wow! Wow! (whistle blows) – [Chrissy] Nice! – [Clintus] Nice. Fast forward a
few hours later guys. We are back here at the casa and Snipers won the first match, lost their last two matches, and it was a long
day, man, let me tell you. Those girls
played their hearts out and that last match,
they just ran out of steam. No breaks, just
back to back matches, back to back games. They didn’t really get a
chance to sit down and eat. They tried to run outside and throw
something in their mouth and ran back on the court. So that last game
was a little rough. All the parents
were kind of looking at each other like, we felt bad for them,
but it is what it is. We’re done with
volleyball for now. I think the next
tournament is in two weeks. I tell you what,
didn’t stop this little girl. Back on the basketball
court playing volleyball with her brother. She’s like,
“I ain’t done yet. “I ain’t done
with that volleyball.” Same thing with this kid. This kid grabs a
basketball, and he’s like, “Back to the court,
back to the court.” (laughs) – No, no. – [Clintus] It’s your turn. – No.
– It’s your turn. – You didn’t do it fast enough. – [Clintus] It’s your turn. – I skinned my toe. – [Clintus] Oh,
baby, you hurt yourself. Here, let me help you up. – No, ow my knee. – [Clintus] Let me help you up,
come on, get up. – I’m never
doing the pool again. – [Clintus] Let me help
you up, come on. – Stop. – Alright, so I managed
to tighten up my chain on the dirt bike, long overdue. I know a lot of you
guys were telling me who watch the dirt bike videos. You were like,
“Yo, your chain’s too loose. “I can hear it smacking
all over the place.” Finally got it fixed. It’s about 6:30. We have about, it says we have
30 minutes of daylight left. I’m kind of feeling
like a dirt bike ride. Wanna squeeze one in, Bryce? Try to squeeze one in? – [Bryce] Yeah. (mumbles) – We’re gonna
ride ’til it gets dark. Let’s go. (engine roaring) – [Bryce] We’re going left? – [Clintus] We’re going left. – [Bryce] Okay. – [Clintus] Okay, here we go. – [Tiffany] Careful. (engine roaring) – [Clintus] I’ve never
been over here before. Let’s follow this
down, see where it goes. – [Bryce] There’s
houses down there. – [Clintus] That’s
that street we were on where we rode our bikes on. Remember? – [Bryce] Mmmm. (Clintus mumbling) – [Bryce] Yeah. – [Clintus] There’s
houses all the way up. This is a launch
right here, I think. (engine roaring) When we go up and down, make sure you
remember to look both ways make sure no one’s
coming across, okay? Bro? Did you not know that was there? – [Bryce] No! – [Clintus] Oh my God, dude. You are super
lucky man, holy shit. – Hey, get up. – [Bryce] Thank you. – Yeah. – Back up, back up. It’s not in neutral, so you won’t be able to roll it. Thank you so much, man. – [Male] He got lucky. – [Clintus] There you go dude. You good? Thanks a lot. Good thing you hit that
brakes when you gave in. What you just fall over? – [Bryce] No, I hit the brakes. – [Clintus] You hit the brakes? – [Tiffany] How was it? – [Bryce] Awesome. – We had some highs
and we had some lows. This kid went into the canal. (Tiffany gasps) – [Bryce] I got so lucky. – He literally saw
at the last second, hit the brakes, and
fell over on the way down. – So there was a dip
and I went up the dip and then I was going fast because it was like
this, so I was going fast and then as soon as I
got up, I saw the water, I was like, “Oh shoot,” I slammed on my brakes. – [Tiffany] Oh my
goodness, Bryce. – Tipped the bike over. – Like, I didn’t realize– – [Tiffany] So he was
smart and he used his brakes. – I literally thought
I was going to be soaked. – It wasn’t like a
deep canal, it’s ankle deep but he would’ve
fallen far enough down that he would’ve
endoed and hurt himself, more than anything. I didn’t even realize. I seen him go up the hill, like well here I go, I come down the hill,
I look up and he’s gone, and I’m like, my first reaction
was like oh my gosh, I think he just went
in the (laughs) canal. There was a bunch of other guys riding their quads around. They all come running up
there, like, “Oh my God!” – [Tiffany] Oh my gosh, Bryce. – Overall though, good ride, quick ride ’cause
we ran out of daylight. – [Tiffany] Right. – Fighting for sunset, but we were back
further than we went before. I showed him where
we went, little track. And then we went further back, all the way up on a hill back where the
houses are being built, and it’s pretty cool. We got a lot of places to ride. It’s gonna take at
least two or three more rides so I can explore everything. I’m excited. What was the best part Bryce? – Driving out from our garage. – We can just load
up here in our super garage, left the garage
door open for us. So we would have just
went out into the street, went out into the
desert, came back, rolled right through
the garage, like– – [Tiffany] Where
you puting your stuff? – In the closet. – [Tiffany] So helmet’s up there. You know that? Good job, high five. – [Clintus] Somehow
you can tell he got dirty. He crashed a couple
of times, he’s all dirty. – [Tiffany] Yeah,
you’re like dusty. (Clintus laughing) – [Clintus] High five.
– [Tiffany] Did you have fun? Yeah, did you get scared? – A little, when
I fell into the canal. And there was a
couple of other times where there was
like dips in the floor, I went into those,
so when we were going through those, Daddy
told me which side to go on, and when we were coming back
I was on the opposite side, so there’s big ones and
I almost fell into them, but I went past them. There’s another time
I just fell into a bush. – [Tiffany] He just
fell into a bush. – I didn’t fall, I just
like drove through. – Look that smile, seriously. I’m more excited just
because you’re excited. Turn your gas off and make
sure you turn off the battery. – It’s off. – That’s off, now
turn your gas off. No, no, no, yeah that. Like half, turn it
half, there you go. Oh my gosh, you
guys, that was so short, but so amazing, and I think it
just paved the way for at least Bryce. For a moment there,
Sierra was actually like, hmmm I was like no, 65 is
not ready for you or Bryce. Haven’t touched it in months. And we only had 20
minutes of daylight, we only literally had
20 minutes of daylight so it was a short
ride, but it was enough to give Bryce a taste. To make him wanna go, yeah dad, let’s go
for dirt bike ride. I think now, he
got a lil taste of it. We got ready in
less than 10 minutes. We were on our dirt
bikes from the time I said, “I’m going for a dirt bike ride. “Anybody wanna come?” to the moment we
rolled out of the garage, was less than 10 minutes. We went out for a 20 minute ride and came back,
and it felt awesome. It felt awesome. It was enough to give him
a taste and be like, yeah. And I got pumped
to see him smile. I got pumped to watch him ride. Now is just, I love it, I love it, man. I did not imagine
this to be this way. I didn’t that this house, where our location was, I thought we were a
little too far from the desert to ride from our
garage, but knowing that people do it all the time. Clearly, it’s not
that big of a deal. I went out on
Monday, found the trail, found where we can go. Totally feel safe
taking Bryce and Sierra there. This is happening,
this is happening. I’m so excited. So the girls been working on a secret dinner for the family. It smells amazing. I see some white
cheddar mac and cheese, some green beans, and there’s
something underneath the foil, which I think I know
what it is from the smell, but I’ma let you go ahead and reveal
it and do your thing. – Surprise dinner is Teriyaki salmon? Right, this is salmon? Teriyaki salmon
and sriracha cod. – [Clintus] It’s not
what I was gonna say, but good enough. And there we go. That looks like, that looks like
something you get at a restaurant. Look at that. That’s pretty awesome. Nice job Tiff. – [Tiffany] Not sharing? Awww, how cute, awww. – Did you like use
the rest of everything? – [Tiffany] Yep. – [Clintus] What is that? – The rest of everything (Bryce and Sierra laughing) – What the heck, what the heck? What happened? You’re gonna make
him choke even more. What’s so funny? – Well guys it has
been a really long day to a really long weekend,
and I am ready for bed. Hope you enjoyed the video.
If you did, thumbs up. “i” in the sky for more videos. Last five years of vlogs, down in the
description down below. We’ll see you guys
tomorrow as we head back to our old house to
meet up with our realtor, Michelle, to go
do our walk-through and see if it’s ready
to be put on the market and ready to be sold. I’m very excited. I wanna close that
chapter in our life. I wanna be done
with the old house, and just move
forward with the new house and with all things new. I’m excited. So stay tuned. Check back tomorrow for that. And vlog on. (upbeat music)

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