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Buggy Wheels Converted to Hard Rubber Tires | Engels Coach Shop

Well, it is a very common request that I would convert a buggy wheel that has steel tires to rubber tires. Now if I just took the steel tires off and put new channel and rubber on top of the original wood wheel, that wheel would be about two and a half inches taller in diameter than originally. So it is very common that I will take the old felloes off, cut down the spokes, put new felloes on that are two and a half inches shorter in diameter and then when we put the channel and rubber back on these wheels retain their original diameter. So that’s what we’re gonna do today, I’m gonna put some new felloes on and then reset some channel irons, and put new rubber on these wheels, converting them from steel to rubber tires. The real advantage is when we drive on pavement and gravel roads today just like it was done originally in the 1800s for cobblestone streets. Well, this type of conversion I actually do quite a little bit, because of all the pavement and gravel roads that we ride on today. So, contrary to kind of a popular belief that this is a new fangled tradition, these rubber tires, it actually is over a century old in concept. So, once again, thanks for watching!

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