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Building 1,018 lb Wagon Wheel For a Chandelier | Engels Coach Shop

Building 1,018 lb Wagon Wheel For a Chandelier | Engels Coach Shop

Well, you will recall that last week I made spokes and felloes for these wheels that we’re gonna make that are gonna b a thousand pounds. Well, this hub weighs 187 pounds and I can’t lift it up on to the wheel stand without some help so I’m gonna use my hoist to pick it up, but I need something to grab a hold of, so I’m gonna put a couple of spokes in that I can put my straps to, hoist it up on the wheel stand and start to build this thousand pound wheel that’s gonna be a chandelier. Well, we have the wheel together, and the tire is sized. Now generally I size tires two tenths of one percent under the circumference of the wood wheel. This tire ends up being about three-quarters of an inch shorter in circumference. Remember that’s not diameter, that’s circumference. So now the challenge is to get them heated up and expanded and set on to the wheels We’re gonna build a bit fire around them. But this is one of those things that I just can’t do myself, as much as I like to think that I can do about whatever, so I’ve finagled a few friends to come in. We actually have a couple that came out from Virginia just to visit the shop and their timing was just right and we have a couple here from over there close to Butte, in Walkerville Montana that also came to help out today. And also Trent from down in Basin Wyoming country came up, and he’s the one who’s actually gonna run the forklift for us when we pull these tires out of the fire. So we hope you enjoy the process of of setting the tires on these thousand pound wheels. Well it certainly is nice to have adequate help when we’re setting these great big tires. You notice on a lot of light buggy wheels and wagon wheels I can kinda get it done by myself, but there’s just no way around these 500 plus pound tires, doing it by myself. So now with the tires set, I take the time to clean up all the char marks and I actually put them back in the paint room and gave them a fresh coat of oil and a couple of hub bands I had to tighten up, but now we’re ready to head ’em home to Virginia for a chandelier So next week I’m gonna take the time to put these in a crate kind a walk you through that and get em headed home. So, once again, thanks for watching!

100 comments on “Building 1,018 lb Wagon Wheel For a Chandelier | Engels Coach Shop

  1. Every time this old carpenter looks at one of your videos I'm more amazed by your wonderful jigs and exceptional skill, hats off.👍👍

  2. perhaps skills like this are what we really need than web design (i'm not interested in designing or programming a website, i'm just sad that skills like this and boat-making are being lost due to technology)

  3. Хорошие колесики получились, на велосипед или самокат в самый раз пойдут. 🙂

  4. It's nice to see how the professional works!
    Great job !!!) 👍👍👍

    Приятно смотреть как работает проффесионал !
    Отличная работа!!!) 👍👍👍

  5. A staggering amount of work, even when using power tools. It really puts in perspective the effort it would have taken without a modern workshop.

  6. Отличная работа. Мастер !!! Жаль если нет последователя в этом деле.

  7. Would have been a nice video if it were not for the elevated playback speed. What a bummer. Thumbs down for ruining a beautiful piece of work.

  8. At the risk of asking a series potentially "triggering questions," why would (A) someone want a 1000-plus pound chandelier and where is it being used, (B) how would an architect or an engineer know that such a load would be put on a roof or a ceiling joist or truss unless it was part of the original design or (C) how drastically would a roof or ceiling joist or truss need to be modified to carry that much weight when a typical chandelier in a home would weight substantially less and in a public space could be done at a lighter weight too, and (D) would it be possible to use much lighter materials to design a full-sized structurally accurate wagon wheel instead of making it out of all the typical materials that weigh over 1000 pounds?Of course in a ballroom or large open court area in a commercial building, perhaps such a load could be carried by a roof or ceiling joist or truss set-up, but then one would certainly need A LOT of space to hang this from a ceiling, both in height clearance from the ceiling to the floor and from side to side in the room. And this doesn't even include the wiring for such a chandelier. I'm sure that many a crystal or glass chandeliers in any of the ballrooms and open spaces in public spaces that I've been in must weight many hundreds of pounds if not close to 1000 pounds or more.

  9. You can guide that saw with very much precision, i always have trouble making a straight cut it’s all wavy and way off when you compare the two sides

  10. I'm extremely Impressed! Simply an Excellent AND Outstanding Job!!! Do you also perform all the electrical installations too? Very, Very Nice work Sir!

  11. : about the tire sizing there's something I don't understand in the commentaries : with a wheel circumference equal to 80 x 3.14 = 251" shouldn't be the circumference reduction equal to 251 x 0.2% = 1/2", not 3/4"? Maybe it doesn't matter?

  12. Great video. I am a retired carpenter 76 years old. Thank you for this great entertainment. You must have a fortune wrapped up in all that equipment.

  13. My Grandpa learned building wagon wheels as his profession back in the days. When i was little, he built two for the history museum of my village, i helped him doing so. He did not use any electric tools, which i think really shows how much effort went into building one of these and a wagon had four of them. Still in awe to this day.

  14. That is one heavy chandelier and must be suspended safely!
    Most onlookers beneath it will have no idea the extent of workmanship involved.
    Thanks for this video and others.

  15. Ой, какой мастер – "золотые руки", в одиночку, молча творит красивые вещи! Спасибо автору клипа.

  16. I just found your YouTube channel and I have watched many but not all of your episodes but I will that is for sure. Your work is amazing and as a Journeyman Machinist and a woodpecker for the past 40 years you have my utmost respect. The table saw you use is something I have never seen before and it you get a chance I would like to know what was the manufacturer.

  17. A tip I learned a long time ago, add a bit of bees wax to your dowel and mortised ends. Makes it easier to marry to ends together.

  18. Hope he charged triple the price for making that beautiful wagon wheel that (very few people left in this world could craft) for someone that is going to butcher it up to make a Chandelier out of it, what a waste of talent and wood. jmo and had to give it a like cause its a joy to watch him work.

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