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Cafe Racer (BMW R100 by UpCycle Garage)

Cafe Racer (BMW R100 by UpCycle Garage)

100 comments on “Cafe Racer (BMW R100 by UpCycle Garage)

  1. Great video Racer, as always. I think UpCycle Garage have done a super cool job with these two air heads and I love the nod to the R90s with the fairing. Ride safe mate. Cheers

  2. Johnny did an exceptional job building these two cafe racers….a his and hers. Listening to these two bikes riding down the street was music to my ears. Beautifully tuned BMW R100's that look as good as they sound…..well done Racer TV for turning the background music off.

  3. These two projects are absolutely beautiful! Both are very exquisite renderings of the Café Racer’s evolution. I can’t pick one to be the best without finding features on the other that I feel are better. The fairings are the first thing that captured my attention and I think both work wonderfully well with his design. Very, beautiful machines and certainly contenders for the 2020 Top Ten! And, as always, thank you for Racer TV, the Café Racers only choice! Ride safe my dear friend.

  4. Beautiful motorcycles. The structural and engineering simplicity is what delivers the beauty.
    The copper tubing is a great touch to the design, and the electronics are sophisticated but well hidden.
    Despite your arguments related to the fairing, I personally never liked fairings. It's a purpose that is necessary in racing, but for today's cafe racers, it has become a cosmetic ornament, a ornament that the bike can do without.
    Regardless, these BMW´s, in my opinion, one of the best I've seen.
    Thanks for another great video.

  5. Sei que vai parecer clichê, mas para mim foi realmente difícil escolher entre uma e outra: pessoalmente, gostei muito da combinação de cores do modelo verde: o resultado final ficou mesmo muito bonito.

    Mas as linhas e o design geral da cinza é mais sóbrio e esportivo.. e sim, novamente seria o já batido rifão da "combinação das duas", a moto final.

    Mas se tivesse que escolher apenas uma, exatamente como estão, então com muita dor no coração escolheria a cinza.. mas na menor bobeada eu daria aquela olhadinha de rabo de olho p/ a verde rs.. 😄

    Abraço caro amigo.. curioso para saber como anda seu novo projeto e até a próxima semana.

  6. Beautiful. I live right by the Back Bay any I remember seeing them make a bunch of passes on night a few months ago. Wish I would have known they were shooting a Racer TV. Awesome 👊✊

  7. A GREAT video, one of the best I´ve seen in a long time. I´m happier every day to have suscribed to this channel.
    The quality of your videos is amazing.

  8. Lo primero que salta a la vista es su parecido, pero es entretenido descubrir como son distintas, como dos verdaderas gemelas! Muy buenos proyectos Vitor! Gracias por tener siempre buen material

  9. Thank you once again – I like your channel very much! Two lovely bikes… I think the front fairings look a little "bulky" and the offset "one eye" headlight seems a bit odd… but then I'm old gen! 🙂 Blessings!

  10. Please help & share. Little warrior

  11. 2 very nice bikes. I think the original gas tanks are the ugliest Beemer has made but on these custom bikes it actual fits in and they dont look too bulky as on the stock model. I would prefer twin mini headlights but that could be made per customers order I would imagine. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Both bikes are well done and Beautiful, but the silver one would be my choice though maybe painted in that two tone green that is such a nice colour.

  13. You always find the most beautiful projects, I was looking at the fairings and thinking "They look simple, but ill bet their not", but the are, I was thinking about having a go at making one, love em or hate em, their a talking point, as for changing swing arm's, I put a "Single sided" on my old FZR fortunately it looks good, it was amazingly hard, I'm sure I would have burned the bleeding thing if it hadn't come out right. Yet another excellent presentation, thank you.

  14. wow so rare a b.m.w. cut up café racer … running out of cb350 are we , or the butt ugly Honda silver wings fake moto guzzis

  15. I run BMW boxers and I wish the sound I get was like these machines. Nice minimalistic builds. I have always liked bikini fairings on the BMW boxers. I have Puig's version on my current R9T cafe racer build.

  16. I’ve been working on a BMW r100 (1982) cafe racer for a few months now. I would google images for inspiration, and these two beauties would always show up. I guess it’s just happenstance that they pop up in my recommenced. Great job with the cafe racers, one of the best I’ve seen.

  17. I certainly required, in the very beginning, a'lil convincing… And, let me simply say, 'I'M SOLD'. What are showcased here can be described as genuine pieces of art! Good eye mate.

  18. I mean some motorbikes 'surgically' enter city scapes. Photography is the filter here, but you can imagine recreating the scene with others. Why do we exist, actually?

  19. I hate fairings and yet I love these bikes and their fairings. That silver bike is one of the best looking motorcycles I've ever seen.

  20. Thank you for another pair of fine custom motorcycles. But that only makes this harder to say. Its now 2020, and the machines have not taken over. So please please put to rest the robot voice! I fear I cannot take it much longer and will be forced to unsubscribe.

  21. I'd buy the blue one in a heartbeart and the girl on the bike looked like a bad ass / superhero vampire slayer on it. Really nice video, audio on this one.

  22. They are wonderful. They are like two twin sisters born the same day. So similar, but so different spirit. But, above all, beautiful.

    What a stunning scene. They are like parents taking their babies for a walk.

    Congratulations to his parents, Johnny Nguyen and company..

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