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Cafe Racer (Triumph Thruxton 900 by Tamarit Motorcycles)

Cafe Racer (Triumph Thruxton 900 by Tamarit Motorcycles)

83 comments on “Cafe Racer (Triumph Thruxton 900 by Tamarit Motorcycles)

  1. One of the best cafe Racers to come straight out of factory in recent times.
    Difficult to customize an already beautiful motorcycle, but the end product had me blown away!

  2. Thank you ,man, for bringing the motorcycle's enthusiasts worldwide the unadulterated inspiration. Greetings from Ukraine!

  3. Although I wasn't so sure about the rear end Design, still it is a unique blend of custom and original look of Triumph 900, well done!

  4. Beautiful motorcycle! Thanks for sharing.
    Obrigado pelo excelente trabalho de divulgação destas motos de culto. Um abraço.

  5. Cenário de fundo maravilhoso, a moto bem construída e muito bom gosto. Boa semana Victor , e uma pergunta como anda o resultado da votação.

  6. Excellent motorcycle shown off by an excellent man behind the scenes on his excellent channel. Cheers from Pittsburgh my friend. Till next time. 🙂

  7. Sorry but can’t stand the robotic voice if you can’t have someone fill in with a proper voice then don’t make a video

  8. Man these vids are exquisite! How are you getting those closeups during movement around 5:15? Maybe a vid about your skill to shoot would be nice. ThAnks for doing this, total eye candy.

  9. Please,please,please ….wear a jacket when you are riding!!!!
    I have riden bikes with no jacket and i have got the scars.
    Lovely bike ,zeus customs THE custom builders .
    See you later, take care on the road 👍👍👍🇬🇧

  10. not really my style but credit to the builders, the craftsmanship is superb.
    A beautiful build quality and great proportions finished with ideal blend of colours.

  11. Dificilmente eu gosto de cores vivas em café racers ou qualquer moto com estilo clássico.. essa é uma das poucas exceções: a combinação de cores com o novo visual deixou ela mais que simplesmente esportiva ou uma café racer "de briga".. também deixou ela mais exclusiva ( acho que parte disso veio da grande combinação entre banco e rabeta ).
    Contudo, ainda tenho um certo distanciamento dos tais pneus balão: continuo vendo-os como algo desnecessário e "apelativo". Tá, eu sei que isso é pessoal, mas meu sentimento a respeito deles, certo ou errado, é que eles aumentam a massa móvel, a trepidação, reduz a agilidade no pêndulo, sei lá.. tudo que é gordo me passa essa sensação rs..
    Mas ainda assim, mesmo com essas questões, parei p/ esse projeto rs..: concordo plenamente com a intro, que diz que as Thruxton não precisam de alterações.. mas o resultado joga na nossa cara que valeu por esse camarada chutar a bunda das convenções e do consenso.. ponto p/ ele.
    Um grande abraço, Vitor e até a próxima semana.

  12. A superbly designed and assembled machine! Very unique elements have been included to compliment the Café theme. I really enjoy the parallel twin conversions. This is an excellent example. As always, thank you for Racer TV, the Café Racers on choice! Ride safe my dear friend…..

  13. Lindo projeto. E a posição de pilotar é bem fluída e agradável. Número 50 mais que aprovada E como sempre: -Até o próximo video.

  14. Loved the project. Not over customized. Overall looks of this beast is amazing. Loved the rear side cz it has a seat pillion. I would love to make my RE a Cafe racer like this one.. 💕💥

  15. Without any doubt – look and sound of this bike are wonderful !! … Congratulations !! … BUT … when I see pictures at 8:12 — riders position on the bike — his knees are deep down / very near to cylinders / knees are not at the fuel-tank-knee-positions … even shoes seem to be very near to end of exhaust-pipes … ?!

  16. In my personal opinion, the bike is absolutely beautiful…but the seat and rear mudguard don't quite fit my taste.

    Lift the rear tank mounts just a tad making it completely level, a new subframe that followed the bottom line of the tank, along with a slim bench seat and seat hoop would have been amazing.

  17. I'm afraid it must ride like a pig,superfluous fork springs, never to be compressed form over function, depressing content Plus idiot rider no jacket gloves knob head

  18. Fantastic! What a good realization! I wish a great future for "Tamarit Motorcycles".

    Thank you for your videos and regards from Spain.

  19. The front wheel is too big in according to it's shoker. It is making the bike vunerable. It is in competeable to the back wheel. The front wheel should be as low as street fighter wheel, caffee racer wheel should be reconsider it wheel formation. The look really is not unified.

  20. The exhaust sound do not match with the video, the rear suspension has been shortened too much (short legged owner) so the clearance under the engine has been reduced drastically but the bike looks good!!

  21. Who doesn't love a Triumph Cafe Racer? As always, your presentation of this stunning build makes me want to go out and buy a Thruxton 900 just so I can replicate this bike.
    Just read that Triumph and Bajaj are going to sign agreement on Jan 24. Can't wait to see what these two cook up for all of us.

  22. Great video Racer, as always. Tamarit motorcycles have made a great bike with super cool looks. Love the Triumph twins. Ride safe mate. Cheers

  23. A cafe racer from a cafe racer? Just for start that something strange, but the result is something extraordinary: to refine the original lines of the motorcycle. I loved the short escape. It will be by legal provisions that manufacturers install these horrendous and unsightly devices. The color is classic and certainly the most aggressive driving position. A motorcycle that will generate imitators or a tendency to free the Triumph from the superfluous

  24. Cafe racer tv ,may you continue for decades.
    Brilliant video's,, brilliant choice of different customised bikes.
    See you later.

  25. Your getting me into those "Chunky Tires" they remind me of the old "Avon RoadRunners" I had on my Yamaha XS650 (the Japanese Triumph), you've already convinced me to build a BMW this year, and I think I'm going to have a go at one of these (or an XS). As always an excellent presentation, thank you, ohh, and "Happy New Year, I hope it's kind to you.

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