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Cam Wurf Bike Training Course Day 5: Pro Triathlete Cycling Tests

Cam Wurf Bike Training Course Day 5: Pro Triathlete Cycling Tests

(motor whirrs) – Morning, trainiacs. MTK and I are the most touristy tourists that ever could tourist. What do you say back there? – Hello. – Off for breakfast. Day five in LA? Ooh, it’s gettin’ sketchy. This is gettin’ really sketchy. I gotta stop. Alright. Big day. Lots of testing, lots of biking. Lots of Cam Wurf (blows raspberry). (upbeat music) So, after surviving that scooter trip, big fan? – Yeah, it was fun. – Came for breakfast
at Bullet Proof Coffee. You’ve heard me talk
about Bullet Proof Coffee, a little bit of titanium tea. Fun things. Remember how last week… I’ve lost track of the time. I talked about how Patrick Langa, he fast, well, he doesn’t fast, but he goes on only water for
up to three hours in rides so that he can access his fat stores. Well, we were planning the
trip from here to go to Tucson to shoot the How to Run
with Sarah and Ben True. And what does Sarah say? Is she gives me her schedule,
blah blah blah blah blah. The morning of the 24th should
be a longer, low-carb run. Boo. And talking with Cam,
he said that this year, they’re going to be talking about how to get more fat
oxidation in the workouts. There is a lot to this. All that said, comment below. How interested would you
be in a nutritional course about low-carb and being
better at fat oxidation? Be interested to see how many of you would get in on that. Check this out. We are now accompanying Cam while he’s doing some testing? I don’t know, super smart stuff. (people talking in background) Barely even have the
opportunity to get Kim to– – [Biker] You can do it, you can do it! – [Man] Yeah, there he is. – Look at this, we got
a staff of six people. We got pros going up and down. Everyone’s doing testing and climbing. Guy with the big camera. Got a guy with another camera. Guy with a camera over
here, all kinds of cameras. (upbeat music) Hey!
(giggling) (upbeat music) Woo hoo! Dicey. Very dicey. We’re taking MTK to the airport. She just had a short little visit. – Going home now to the snow and the cold. – [Taren] And the dogs. – The dogs (claps hands)! – [Taren] That’s right. – Gracey and Petey. – Bye. Alright, now that she’s gone, let’s call Cam Wurf and get wasted, huh? Party time!
(door shuts) I think she’s gonna watch this. So this is gonna be super interesting, and this is a lot of what
separates the pros from us. This is access that you can’t just get by tuning into Triathlon Taren. You gotta tune in to
Master Class with Cam Wurf. We’re going to the
Velodrome, do some testing. Not me, unfortunately. Cam. We’re gonna share some tidbits. (people chattering) That guy right there. About to go fast, dam fast. (upbeat music) Here, Traniacs, check this out. We got wheel design over here that is very new.
(people chattering) Kinda interesting. If you’ve heard or seen the new zips that have the serrated back
edge, it’s sorta like that. This is, here, check this out. So this here is Princeton Carbon Works, and they designed this. It’s exactly what it looks like. It’s ripply, and it was designed basically as a thesis in Princeton based off of the concept that if you disturb, rattle up the air in this trailing edge, it’s
going to cause the wheel to shimmy back and
forth a little bit less, and that shimmy in the
wheel is very similar to what I experience as
performance gain on the Ventum that, because there’s no down tube, there is no rattle in the back wheel, and it takes that tension
off the shoulders. I know that works. This works similarly. Interesting. But they’re not letting me see the data. They called me a journalist
(blows raspberry). Fooled them.
(background chatter) (grunting) (sighing) Five days of getting insulted
by Cam Wurf, 20 videos later, (claps hands) that’s a wrap, and it’s gonna be good. Just about every single
(grunts) pro triathlete that I’ve talked to,
explaining these master classes and said that Cam was in on it, they’ve all said, “He has
got some interesting things “to say about cycling,” and I’m like, “Yeah.” Stay tuned. Probably beginning of March, this is gonna be available for purchase. I’m just gonna end it there. It’s been long, it’s been long! Later, Traniacs! Stay tuned.

54 comments on “Cam Wurf Bike Training Course Day 5: Pro Triathlete Cycling Tests

  1. Interested in an overall nutrition course, of which low carb could be incorporated. However, I’d be more interested in an overall nutrition course that includes overall solid advice even for those not doing LC. And race day nutrition as well.

  2. When you and NTK do this full time, will you move from Winnipeg to someplace warmer? Or at least more triathlon mainstream (e.g. Boulder)?

  3. very very interested in a low carb fat oxidation course, i'm trying low carb since 3 weeks an it's all pretty new I would love to learn a lot more

  4. I'm intrested in a course for low carbs nutrition but I wouldn't pay for it there is so much info all over the internet. What would be cool is having it located in one place

  5. I often run or train first thing in the morning without eating breakfast and do up to 14miles running , 1hr swim or 40miles on the bike before I feel the need to eat .

  6. Very interested. Been keto for 13 months and at 77 pounds of loss on it. I have ridden up to 2.5 hours on a bike with no food and ran for 90 minutes. My big questions come in with electrolyte needs. I hear we need like 4700 mg of potassium in a day. I eat omad and giant salads with 1 pound of meat and that might take me to 2400. The real question comes in with being worried about being too low on potassium and how that might cause issues with arrhythmia. I might have a handful of salty peanuts or a pickle on a ride break and it does rejuvenate me. So the question is mostly around safety with arrhythmia and endurance sports with low carb. PS – sometimes I’m up to 75g of carbs on heavy exercise days.

    PPS – it took me 2-3 months to get all of my strength back after I went low carb. The first month (if you do it) you may feel weak. It all comes back.

    Take a look at volek and phinney studies on low carb performance. Their book was amazing.

  7. I would be interested myself, but from my own research there doesn't seem to be any scientific evidence that a certain diet is more effective than others. Though I might be wrong.

    I feel this is a subject that is anecdotal only and every person has they're own opinions. I know a pro wouldn't lie but if theyre is nothing to back up their habits I'd rather not copy something that has no backing

  8. I eat carbs all day, everyday and can ride z2 for 3 hours without eating, probably more if i tried. Thats from time spent training and getting stronger. The pros already have the massive base of fitness and are looking for the small improvements. Amateurs with a 3w/kg ftp, should just fuel their training and go train, instead of forcing themselves to resist sugar, thinking its going to dramatically improve their performance

  9. if you want to progress slow, eat fat and do low intensity, if you want to progress fast eat carbs and do high intensity, eassyyy

  10. Well, I can´t say that i am interested in a low carb diet, but defently in improved fat oxidation during the training. And if i had to just leave the carbs for a couple of hours, then I would say: "I´m into that." 🙂

  11. There is a very long way between "improving fat oxidation" and bulletproof coffee. More and more professional cyclists are starting to talk about using ketone. I think it's already going on and people want to keep it secret for now.

  12. Personally, I do not eat or drink water during endurance training, no matter if it's cycling or running. If it gets hot, I rather spill water above my head and body to provide cooling by evaporation. Only when a race comes clother I excercise eating and drinking but not for short races.Outside of training, I try to eat complex carbs than sugar and I avoid snacks between regular meals.Still I am interested what is the pros' approach to nutrition in training.

  13. To be honest I am not interested in the diet. I think it's a good idea, I'm just thin and personally like carbs too much.

  14. There is a lot of confusion out there regarding low carb / fasting / keto and endurance training. putting it all together in one place for triathletes is a great idea. Ben Greenfield's blog is a super good resource, and I'm sure he'd be up for talking to the traniacs.

  15. Totally Interested! Ive been training in ketosis on a high fat low carb diet and there is not nearly enough info on how to incorporate it into an endurance athlete lifestyle. Please make the course!

  16. Nutritional course: Very interested. Did a full Ironman on a keto diet last year. No carbs the first six hours with out any issues.

  17. Yes very interested in LCHF advice. To reduce and hopefully avoid GI distress I recently started a Keto diet in preparing for my first full IM. I would be interested to know how long adaptation to Keto requires and what effects on training I need to consider

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