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Benefits of cycling
Camp Hansen Recycling Center

Camp Hansen Recycling Center

The recycling center on Camp Hansen
reduces the amount of solid waste that enters the canal in landfills and
constantly strives to find new ways to recycle on top of helping earth to stay
clean the recycling center is fiscally self-sustaining recycling program
generates around 1.3 million dollars in annual revenue this revenue is used to
pay for the expenses to run the program including pollution prevention projects
it’s used to invest back into the program for development and recycling
capabilities and a portion is used to support the Marines the MWR initiatives.
In a way when you recycle on base you can turn that old soda can tin can or
even ammo can into Morale Welfare and Recreation programs like high intensity
tactical training or unit barbecues so don’t forget the impact one bottle can
have on the Department of Defense

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