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Can Roadies Ride Mountain Bikes? | GMBN Coaches Global Cycling Network

Can Roadies Ride Mountain Bikes? | GMBN Coaches Global Cycling Network

– Can roadies ride mountain bikes? Well, Peter Sagan can, but
arguably, he’s a mountain biker, ’cause he won the Junior
World Championship on a mountain bike first. Pauline Ferrand-Prevot, she’s
been road world champion, and mountain bike, and cyclo-cross, so she can ride anything. But, can this roadie ride a mountain bike? It’s not a great start. And what are the basic things
you need to be able to do to call yourself a mountain biker? That’s better. (chill hip-hop music) (gravel crunching) Boom, there you go! – I jumped in a few puddles. – Correct kit, and you’re muddy, yeah. Does it feel good to be earthy? – I feel connected with Mother Earth. – Closer to nature, yeah.
– Yeah. – I mean, you look good, that
bike looks familiar as well. – (chuckles) It’s yours. – You’re just missing the
peak, and then you’d be sorted. You’d look like a mountain biker. – Yeah, I went through Blake’s drawers and managed to get myself
a pair of his shorts. Also, his gloves, and
yeah, I’m missing the peak, so sorry ‘about that. – Right, you ready? You actually got to ride
to be a mountain biker– – Ah, well I’m fine with that. I did seven years as a
professional road rider. – That’s cycling, that’s not riding bikes. Come on, watch this.
– Ah. – Hank, have you heard of a bunny hop? – Yeah, I can bunny hop over potholes. – Bunny hop, yeah.
– Curbs. – So I guess cyclo-cross
riders can do this, – Yeah. – But, it’s a mountain biker’s trick. – Okay. – [Neil] Now see if you can do it. (Neil laughs) – Happy with that? – Well, you got off the floor. (Hank laughs) – [Hank] Oh, so you kind
of coast, so (groans). (Hank cackles)
(Neil laughs) – Yeah, I know, but I know
roadies lose their (beep) when Peter Sagan does a six-inch bunny hop every year over a curb, but actually, it’s a mountain biker’s trick. And Peter Sagan isn’t impressive. – Oh my gosh! – Now, it’s an essential one, this, to be a mountain biker,
not just a cyclist. It’s all about using your body weight, and it starts with a manual,
so can you do a manual? (Hank chuckles)
Right, this may be difficult. You’ve got to, right, come down and back, so your heel’s down, your
bum’s right by the back wheel, and that should lift the front wheel without using your arms,
and then from there, you stand up and forward. So actually, a bunny hop is two movements. It’s a front wheel and
then it’s a back wheel. It’s not one of them. – That’s what I’ve been doing wrong. – A big spud hop. I mean, you can use that, but it’s not as useful on the trail as a proper bunny hop, ’cause
we’re going to try jumps soon, so you need to be able to do a bunny hop so you jump properly.
– Okay, there it goes. (grunts) (laughs) It’s hard, man.
– That was it. And then you need to stand up and forward. (bell dings)
That’s it! No.
– I’m using my arms, now. – So, do it in slow-mo. Ride long, stand tall, down
and back, and stand up. – (grunts) I’m thinking about it now, too much.
– Yeah. – [Hank] Right, you ready? – [Neil] Almost. (Hank grunts) – Gettin’ there. – That’s it.
(bell dings) (bell dings)
– I’m getting there. (Hank grunts) – [Neil] All about hips, hips down toward the saddle and back. Yeah, and then towards the bar. – [Hank] Yeah. (grunts) Shinned myself. – [Neil] (laughs) Oh. Yeah.
(bell dings) That was it, that little pop you got, so the front wheel lift, the manual, basically, you should end up like that. – Yeah.
– Really low to your back tire, and then
you’ve got somewhere to go. And once you’re nice and
low to your back tire, you just need to stand up. – [Hank] And then it’s
just putting it together. – [Neil] Yeah, so you stand up quicker. – It’s putting it together without the front wheel coming down. (bell dings)
– Yeah, that’s it. (bell dings)
That’s it. – Aww!
(horn honks) (Neil grunts)
Pit two! Am I a mountain biker yet? (buzzer buzzes)
Am I a mountain biker yet? (Hank grunts)
(Hank cackles) I know they’re only about half
a foot tall, but (grunts). (bell dings)
– Oh, not bad, but Hank, I’m afraid we’re
runnin’ out of light. We’re going to have to go to a jump. (Hank laughs)
(Hank pants) – Fast track. (bell dings) – [Neil] Oh, god. – Neil, what’d you make of that? – Oh, I definitely think you scored some mountain biker points there. – Yeah?
– Not bad, I’d say. I would say it’s not about watts here. Slow it down.
– Okay. – Just try and chill a bit
and actually use the jumps to give you height. – So use my bunny hop, really.
– Yeah, bit of a hop, it’s just
a little bit of a push in to take off, just to get your height, not relying on all that, those
pedals and speed to do it. – One thing I really want to know, am I better than Si? – I’ve not seen Si jump that much. I know he did with Blake,
but I don’t know, but– – Bit of potential.
– Good to have a jump-off between you
and Si, wouldn’t it? – (laughs) It would, yeah. – Might be a bit dangerous. – Right, so what can I
take into this next run? – Less speed, relax, think about pop. – Okay, (sighs) let’s give it another go. Mountain bike points, here I come. (bell dings) Oh. That wasn’t bad. He makes it really easy to
look like he’s shredded. Is that how you use the word shredding? How many points? – I think you’re racking up
(bell dings) some points here, it’s good. You just got to– – I’m feeling the jump more. – Yeah, I see it, you go with the flow and it’ll let the jump send you rather than have to
push and pull in to it. ‘Cause sometimes when
the air pull a take off, you see you go a bit wonky. – Yeah.
– It’s all about being straight above the bike. – That’s so true ’cause it kind of sends your balance and your body off. – It’s nice, I think we
should do some cornering before we get any broken collar bones. – Am I rad, yeah?
(buzzer buzzes) Okay. Now if I’m going to call
myself a mountain biker, I’ve got to get my head round berms. I mean, I’ve seen them. Neil! Bloody hell, Neil! (chill hip-hop music) (bell dings) (brakes screeching) – He went flying round there.
(bell dings) I mean, I guess that’s the one thing about riding a road bike, you will be used to going fast on corners. Absolutely bombing round there. – You reckon? – I guess you must be
used to cornering fast. – I love cornering.
– That was good. – But I can’t say I’ve
done it on a vertical, except on a velodrome, of course. – True, that’s a berm, not a velodrome. But, same sort of thing, I guess. – It’s similar, it’s a 42 degree angle. – So one thing I see some roadies do is hang off the inside of the bike. Which is good for starting a corner, sometimes you go really fast, you need to get your knee out maybe to get your weight inside,
to get the bike cornering. But then one of the biggest differences with a mountain bike is
then you try and stay to the outside of the bike. So actually, you angle the bike over and your hips come to the outside a bit. So, I’ll try that. – Okay.
– Might even help on the road bike. – Thanks, mate. The more skills the better.
(buzzer buzzing) ‘Cause then I’ll be shredding. (chill hip-hop music)
(gravel crunching) (bell dings) Neil, I’m definitely feeling a lot, lot, like a mountain biker. But the only one thing that
I’m really struggling with is your lingo. Like, what on earth are you saying when you’re saying that I’m shredding? – Ah, it just means
riding fast, riding good. – Ah, I like the sound of that. Gnarly? – Big, dangerous, cool. – Case? – I’ve seen a few of those. That’s when you come up short on a jump. – Ah, now what about squash? – Squash, that’s when you go
low over a jump and go fast. – Okay, last one, travel. – Travel’s how much
suspension travel you’ve got. – Ah.
– It’s easy! – Yeah, it’s easy for you. Thank you so much, chap,
mate, it’s been amazing. – No worries, dude. – Thanks, mate. I’ll see you on the flip side. (laughs) If you guys have enjoyed
the video as much as I have, thank you so much for
having me on the channel, absolutely loved it, then make sure you give
this video a big thumbs up. And if you want another video to watch where I’m on a bike that I know very well, compared to this one,
then check out this video which is just down there. I think I’ve lost Neil now. Here we go, Neil! Wait for me, mate! Trap, do!
(buzzer buzzes) (Hank yelps)

100 comments on “Can Roadies Ride Mountain Bikes? | GMBN Coaches Global Cycling Network

  1. While cornering, you shouldn’t put your body on the inside on the road bike’s just that most roadies are shit at any technique.

  2. Such a fun vid, so many punchlines from Neil… "That's cycling, that's not riding bikes" . "Peter Sagan is not impressive". Informative and fun, what's not to like ?

  3. I spent 8 hours in a neck brace on Friday after going mountain biking for the first time in 4 years… I'll stick to the road 😂

  4. you can tell me why mtb or roadbike are so expensive ? in 1978 , bikes are to cheep … and i want to roard with mtb bike and i dont have more money to buy a mtb bike … so sad

  5. "You should get down nice and low to your back tyre." -Hank proceeds to go not one inch closer to back tyre. I know what it's like. I'm a roadie. Been trying for ages, but I'm just not getting down.

  6. Cue all the roadie/Lycra hate from insecure teenage boys. Luckily you never actually meet these people in real life where most cyclists are just happy to meet someone else who is passionate about the sport.

  7. As someone who was into freestyling back in the 80's. A bunny hop was lifting both tires at the same time. Lifting the front then the back was know as a bronco. Just my two cents.

  8. He's bunnyhopping higher than I can. I guess being able to hop every time you try is more important for jumps than how high you can bunnyhop.

  9. This roadie vs mtb rider is like right vs left in politics. While a right wing person would accept and consider some of the left wing suggestions, you will never see a socialist agree on anything that comes from the right. To me mtb bikers are the "progressive" living in the exclusive cult of their righteousness. They would never ride a normal bike, as if going on wood trails, to scare animals on their chunky motorcycle-like bikes is the normality. They should know a normal person would go better on city and other roads (which are the roads one would normally encounter) with a fitness or a road bike. I see a lot of mtb's in town, with 30 something gear in the front, which gives you the speed of a snail. Also all these "skills", bunny hops, manuals etc, really?! To jump over logs in the woods? Why jump over logs??

  10. Just goes to show that talent on two wheels can be transferred to different disciplines with great instruction and a willingness to learn 👍 well done Hank and Neil. More of this please. After more 2 decades on mtb, I still learned something new watching this. Thanks.

  11. It doesn’t matter one jot what you wear. If you are comfortable in Lycra then great, don’t make it out that it against the rules, that isn’t what riding your bike is about, and if it bugs you then you have a serious problem.

  12. I know this thumbnail was meant to be a joke, but i actually do that whenever in a descent with a MTB, especially when riding with those MTBers that for some reason, ride on the road but won't buy a road bike.

    Edit. I even made makeshift aero bars and later on adapted zipp aero bars in a MTB of mine, just to ride with those road MTBers

  13. Just found a lovely old school frame to build which is a trek skye 2012 with a slight and I mean slight slope on the top tube, I'm Blake sized and the frame fits me well ,what are your thoughts on this and the whole geometry thing?

  14. Hank, where can I send the case of beer for making me feel much better about myself? – I have about the same level of MTB skill as you. At least MTBing is something you don't "have" to be good at to enjoy.

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