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Can You Ride Street On A Fat Bike? | MTB Skills

– Blake, what do you think of fat bikes? – Martyn, I absolutely love fat bikes. This is like one of my
best bikes I’ve ever owned. – Well that is very good news. ‘Cause today, we’re going
street riding on fat bikes. Can you ride street on a fat bike? – I actually don’t know. This thing is designed for
certain terrains, isn’t it? – Yeah well, snow, sand, that’s
what it’s been designed for. But we’re gonna see if
we can push it today. – Yes. – Work with its limitations. – I’m up for that. – And amplify its strengths. – I know a few good spots, do you? – Dude, let’s go. – Oh yeah. – We’re gonna have it. Boy them steps are big. Like what about like trying
to just ride through them? You know, use the fat bike to just ride. Look, like three sets. – Just ride to the top.
– Just ride the lot of them. I’m scared you’re gonna get punctured, ’cause you wouldn’t be able
to do that on a normal bike. – Maybe e-bike. – Like right now, just ride through. – Sure I can.
– All right. – Oh my God. – Wow! – That was easy. Now you gotta come down with style. Take it off the bottom. That’s not style. – [Blake] Oh, that’s nice. – Can you come down them like mega fast? Down hill speed? Like clack clack clack. You know, like clack, clack, clack, clack. Send it, fast as you dare! (heavy metal music) (laughing) Woohoo! (claps) I reckon you could go
up with only pumping. – You reckon? – You’re doing the first
two sets so smooth. – It’s hard when I lose speed. – Come on. Pump it all the way up. Look at that crazy boat. Oh yes, speed’s good. Easy! Fat bikes are unreal, aren’t they? Wow, that’s amazing! – Yeah. Fat bikes are insane. Last step, last step, last step. – That’s nice. I like that a lot. All right, next spot. – Next spot. – Let’s go.
– This is fun. There’s a gap there. – Oh yeah.
– It’s pretty big. – I see this one. – Yeah, it’s pretty big. Oh dude, you gotta try it.
– It’s like two bike lengths. Two bike lengths? Two bike lengths, ’cause I’ll
have to land two bike lengths. – I think you could do that. It looks big but I think you’ve got it. – I think that it’s on. Should we gap it? – Have a roll at it. – Roll at it. – Offer it up. – Right. – It’s tricky as well. ‘Cause Blake’s gonna have to
land, like on a narrow thing as well as gap a big thing. It’s gonna be hard. It probably looks better
from there than here. – [Blake] I dunno. Yeah, actually. The speed I’m going. – Once you’ve hopped your bike up in turn, you’ve done a normal bunny hop. – [Blake] Yeah. – You’re there with
your back wheel, easily. – [Blake] Easily. – Like if you did a
lame bunny hop off that, you’d land here. – We’re flying up. All right just envision. – All you gotta think about is make sure your front makes it. – Yeah, exactly. Imagine. Oh no, oh no. – The most important thing
is you land front high. (Blake laughs) – Yeah. – If you’re not gonna make it. – I reckon I could bunny hop it. – I think you’re gonna do it easy. You just gotta commit to the
speed big time down here. – Big time. – Well, you can’t deny he’s brave. Oh my God. Easy. (laughs) – Let’s try, let’s try it again. I’ve got something in mind. – Oh yeah? – Potentially.
– All right. Maybe keep your eyes on the landing. We could be looking at a
bit of a manual landing. (hip hop music) – I reckon I got it though.
– Go on, have a go. (hip hop music) Hop to skid’s pretty good. – I reckon I can do it.
– I don’t think you can do it. – Shall we move on? – That usually works, to be fair. Awww. Hop to manual. So flippin’ close. And here he comes, a
slight jump into gear, and he hops to manual. I think we can give him that one. I think we can give him it. Yes, yes Zimbabwe is delighted, along with Blake Samson,
their one and only rider. The only man on the planet
who could have done this. And the emotions have come through now. Sampson on fire. – Thank you so much
everyone for supporting me. I’m actually crying, I made
it super emotional out of it. – Next riding spot. – Do you reckon I could bunny hop and stop just before the end? (laughs) – That would be hilarious. – Should I try that? – That would be pretty funny, I’d say. – Like jump, yeah it’s a fat bike. – Fat bike super grip. – Watch this.
– Oh you’ve got to stop it. I’ll tell you what,
let’s make it definite. I’m gonna park at the end. So you have to stop. (laughter) – You know, this is testy. – I’m putting myself on the line here. If he doesn’t stop, oh my
God, this is terrifying. – [Blake] You ready? – Wait a minute, you’re at the end. Full speed ahead. (screams) (laughs) – I thought I wasn’t gonna stop. – It really didn’t look
like it was gonna work. – No it didn’t. I was like, oh my God. – Fat bikes have got some grip. Thank God. – Thank goodness for that, dudes. – Let’s go somewhere else.
– Next spot. – Let’s go to this one now. (laughing) – Drop in, drop in. – [Blake] I see it. – [Martyn] Straight in that bank. – You’ve seen this one before. – [Martyn] That was so scary. – Oh my goodness, me. I thought I actually wasn’t gonna stop. Imagine, it would have plowed into you. – You’ve gotta try this
drop on the fat bike. I know you’ve done it before.
– Yeah, I’ve done it before. – Putting style into the fat
bike could be quite hard. – Yeah, there’s some big wheels, eh? Lovely day. – [Martyn] I’d like to see that. – [Blake] Droppin’ in, on the fatty. – [Martyn] Here he comes, crazy (bleep). – [Blake] Oh yeah, oh. – [Camera Man] Did you get it, Martyn? – I got it. – [Blake] That looks. That is a sick 10,000 likes
on Martyn’s Instagram. – Should I put it on Instagram now? See if I can get 10,000 likes on it? (hip hop music) (skidding) – [Martyn] Yes. – That’s a big, that’s a nice gap. I like that gap. – That’s a successful piece. Look, we’ve already got
144 likes on the post. – Oh, and it’s only been four seconds. That’s not bad. – That’s not bad.
– That’s not bad. – That’s good going. – That means I got down
here in four seconds. That’s pretty clever. – That is pretty clever. – Shall we go on to the next bit? ‘Cause I’ve got a feeling there’s a bit of a wall right down there. (claps)
– We need a wall all right. – It is that way, I
think. Yeah, down here. – I think it is. – Come on, fat bike. I’ve got more for you. – So you’re going to call
me fat then? (Martyn laughs) – [Martyn] Fancy bit of park. – [Blake] Oh look man, yea, a
park is something interesting. – [Martyn] There will be something there. – [Blake] Shall we go? – [Martyn] Yes, go have a look
at that. Look at that slide. – [Blake] I hope there’s no dog poo here. – [Martyn] A playground
mate, instant challenges. – [Blake] Oh look at this! Look at this. I’ll just ride down it. – [Martyn] Maybe give it a roll, and then maybe give it a manual. – [Blake] Manual? – [Martyn] Manny. – [Blake] I think that’s on, dude. – Manual, manual! – [Blake] You’re acting up. – [Martyn] You gotta manual
it, man. That is perfect. (laughs) – [Martyn] Have another
go at getting up it. – [Blake] Getting up it? – Have another go at getting up it. That looks pretty difficult. – [Blake] ‘Cause you
can’t pedal going up it, you gotta strike on the side. – You gotta get all the
speed at the bottom. And get a proper pump
off that bottom piece. – [Martyn] Oh yes. Yes. (laughter) That fat bike works well for that. – The fat bike is the best
for this at the moment. – Do a stopping down it. – Stopping? – Stopping in. – [Martyn] Yes, yes. Oh nice! Yes. Mate, manual time. – Scary time.
– C’mon, just go for it. It’s full commitment. – [Martyn] Whoa. – [Blake] See, that’s
what I was worried about. – [Martyn] Whoa. Ohhh. (laughs) Go on, go on. Whoa. Go on, dude. Go on, I want this, I want this. Yeah. Wow. I like the hop in.
– [Blake] You like the hop in? – Two more. You should never say one more, really, ’cause people think it’s bad luck. Never believed in it
myself, but it is a thing. Lots of riders don’t want
to hear “one more go.” ‘Cause it’s always the last
one where you do yourself in. Good luck, Blake! – [Martyn] That was (bleep) hot. Oh my God, that was good. Oh my God, that was good. No messing, that was good. That was well done. – [Blake] That was good, wasn’t it? – [Martyn] That was well done. – [Blake] I kept hitting it. I was like rev up! – [Martyn] I was like no, no, no, yes. Right, I spotted the rocks. – Rocks. – You can’t have not
seen them. Look at them. – That’s the thing when you go
out with mine, you do trials. – Can the fat bike do trials? – [Martyn] Aw, look at these. – [Blake] Look at that. – [Martyn] It’s a simple
challenge, isn’t it? – [Blake] Well. – [Martyn] Can you get from one end to the other on the fat bike? Can the fat bike do trials? – [Blake] That’s quite,
that rock, that third rock looks like, no fourth rock looks like. – [Martyn] Yeah, but dude
I’ve got this, right? You just break it up into little bits. – Yeah, I’ve broken
these, this first one in. – It’s like, that’s one move. Front on to that one, then you can stop. Next one, stop. That one, you’ve got
space on to really pause, and get this last bit right. Back roll, back roll out. – [Blake] Yeah. – High five. – High five at the end. High, not hi. – At the end. – Oh, yeah, true. – Just think about doing a second hop once you’re on it. Get on it, hop again. Hop. Yes. – [Blake] Oh it’s hard, quite hard. It is hard. – [Martyn] Oh, fat bike saved you there. Keep your game. (laughs) – Now there’s no place for
annoyed when trials riding. You’ve just got to. – [Blake] Be zen. – [Martyn] Yeah, trials is zen. There’s no annoyed. – [Martyn] Take it apart,
put it back together. – Oh lovely, lovely. Big lift. Awww. Yes, yes. Go on, put that front wheel on it. Now wait, wait wait. (laughs) Damnit. When you get there,
dude, when you get there, – Yeah? – I’d check, because this
is so common in trials. If you get there, then
what you’re going to do is let the front creep over
so the axle is right there. – Oh so it uses it like a hook. – And then it’ll pull you over here, all you’ve got to do is forget
where the back wheel goes. – Yeah. – And you’ve got to get
your front, you know, just think about the front wheel. It’s going to want to go this way. Go phew and then just stuff it into that. – Yeah. – And your back wheel will be here. – Yeah, it’s got loads of platform. – And it’s got loads of surface area. – [Martyn] Aww, nearly. Aww, nearly. – Go. (Martyn laughs) Yes. Yes, yes. Yes. – I got across that. – And that is how you do trials. That was amazing. (laughter) – [Blake] I need to sit
down, that was scary. – That was amazing. – Sorry, bike. It got me through. – We are finding the fat bike limits. – We are. (laughter) – We’re finding my limits. Let’s get away from
here before I get hurt. – Oh God. – [Martyn] What have we found here? – They’re steps. – [Martyn] That is a serious set of steps. – Do you reckon I can get up them? – [Martyn] They’ll stink to come down. I don’t know if you’ll get up them. But I think you should try.
– I should try, yeah. (laughter) – And you get plenty of speed around here. It’s just how fast you
come round this turn. – [Blake] Yeah. – [Martyn] Full commitment
on the turn, and then hit it. – [Blake] And you don’t
really want to pump into it because I don’t know if
you’ll get punctured. – You won’t puncture that
bike, it’s not puncture-able. This corner’s a lot
tighter than he thinks. (laughs) What do you think of that corner? – I, I don’t know how
fast I can go around that. But let’s try. – [Martyn] Let’s try. But
I think you can do it. – That’s steep. That’s steep. – [Martyn] You’ve only
got to get the front hook over the top and then you just hop it up. – [Blake] Yeah, and pedal. – You’re gonna roll over the
top of there, no problem. – [Martyn] Go on, bingers. (bike on stairs) – [Martyn] Oh my god, that
was a horrendous noise. – It’s all good. It’s all good. – [Martyn] Yeah. – It’s not good. – [Martyn] Oh no. You won’t puncture that
bike, it’s not puncture-able. – Martyn, you know what? You jinxed it, man. – You know what though? I think this is a good way to end it. I hope you enjoyed our street ride today. We definitely did. – I loved it. I just wish it carried on. – Stick with us on GMBN, and remember you can
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