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Canyon Spectral:ON 2019 e-Mountainbike Review

Canyon Spectral:ON 2019 e-Mountainbike Review

Hi, my name is Mark, from GearLimits
and this is the Canyon Spectral:ON the “E” version of the well known regular Spectral. The past few weeks we’ve been riding the
bike in Chamonix, the Alps, in the Ardennes, in the area around Dinant, and on trails of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, where we are now. It’s really a nice, “chunky” bike, I’m not only referring to the bulky frame, a strong motor which will help you climb, more about that later on, But I also mean the specifications of the bike itself, with 150 mm travel in front, and 140 mm in the rear 2,5 inch tires up front,, 2,8 inch in the rear, and brake discs of 200mm. It’s really a bike made for the rough stuff. The idea is that the 29 inch will help
you roll over obstacles and keep up speed, and still being agile with the 27,5 inch rear wheel including the grip provided by that thick rear tire. The geometry of the bike is that of a long travel trail bike. which crosses over a bit to the Enduro segment. As far as climbing is concerned, we’ve had to do some really steep climbs in Chamonix, We had to climb them to film trail runners higher in the mountains a lot of loose rocks. really I climb I, and I think more people like me, wouldn’t be able to do with a regular bike. That’s where we really felt the power of the pedal Hoe bevalt het?
– Het is geweldig. I don’t know how much we’ve climbed, but… I would never have been able to make it on a normal bike. The pedal assist just gives you more power, gives you extra torque There are three different settings, the urge is, the more steep it gets, the more pedal assist. but what we soon noticed, if you climb and you choose the highest power setting, on a lot of sections with less grip,
your rear wheel will spin out, on sections where you do have grip, the torque is so strong you start pulling wheelies, That effect is reinforced by the fact that
the front wheel is larger than the rear wheel. Your body weights shifts backwards, and there’s less pressure on the front wheel,
which is difficult when climbing. So what we discovered, on those really steep slopes, that you actually have to chose a lower power setting, and that you actually have to ease up the climb, in a low gear, to put the dropper post in a lower position. In my experience, it really helped to lower your center of gravity, for more traction. And you actually sit bit more forward on the bike, which results in more pressure on the front tire. The same climb of 800 vertical meters, which we first climbed,
we also had to descend. because of the steepness
you want to control your speed, which requires a good set op brakes that will keep up braking power for a longer period of time. The 200mm brake discs did their work quite well. I’ve also done a number of other descents in the mountains, nice and rocky, and with that travel on the suspension it just gobbles up the uneven surface of the trail easily. Keeping in mind the bikes weighs a lot more, 22,5 kilo it still feels quite agile. The engine delivering the pedal assist
is the Shimano Steps E8000 engine. It was the first time I rode with this engine, and where in the past I often felt,
certainly in the higher power settings that an engine would almost launch me on every pedal stroke, the Shimano steps engine delivers its power more evenly. And that is quite nice, because it is easier
to feel what the engine is doing, and you can play a bit more with
the torque you need at different moments. What really stood out with this bike, when I went faster than 25kph or I when the the power setting was turned off, I felt surprisingly little engine drag. I did a few smaller climbs here on Amerongen, Without pedal assist! and it does ride quite well. With other engines you can get a lot of engine drag, making it next to impossible to get up the climb, but with this Shimano Steps E8000 that was not the case. The engine drag when it’s turned off,
or if you reach a speed above the 25 kph is really significantly less on this engine
than a lot of others I have experienced. What the pedal assist does is
deliver acceleration, not speed per se. In the Eco setting you can go just as fast
or slow as in the Boost setting. Only the acceleration in the Boost setting is higher, That means that on a cross country trail like this, it is easier to keep your speed up, because you can ride through corners more easily, and keep up your speed on climbs more easily, An e-mountaibike is very good at that, Which makes riding these trails with an e-MTB a lot of fun. Because your average speed through the trail is just higher. Which does mean that you have to steer
much better and more actively. at least if you don’t want to be braking all the time. I always like the challenge of braking as little as possible, and steering as good as I can. And that is what this machine forces you to do. You really have to steer very actively, throw those bars around well, elbow your way through fast turns, certainly if you do not have berms, maintain pressure on your outside pedal, all those technical things that are about riding better, you will need those to get the best
out of these trails on this bike. One thing I did notice was airtime, I like airtime, I really like trying to get as much
airtime as possible on these trails, there’s not a lot of jumping opportunity on Dutch trails, and when there is, I want to get some air as well as I can. So, this bike is 10 kilos heavier than a regular bike, and you do notice that with hopping, it’s a lot heavier and you really have to work
to get the bike off the ground. As for the components, it’s a good set-up
on this version of the Spectral:ON Shimano Deore XT brakes, crank, derailler, Shimano casette Alexrims wheels, Fox 36 front fork, a Fox Float DPS damper Maxxis tires are burly, with good side studs, for quick grippy cornering, All great stuff. For more details on the bike, check out or complete written review at My conclusion, just a great bike to ride, with it strength, with the power of the pedal assist you will be able to handle almost anything in the mountains. I’ve had a lot of fun on this bike, I really always have that with e-MTB’s on these trails. You just have to want to go fast, you have to want to steer really well, the bike does demand that from you, making sure you don’t hit any tree’s, a challenge in itself, In short, do you have around € 4000 euro’s to spend, and you want a bike that can handle any circumstance, and which can help you out when the going get’s tough the Spectral:ON might be a really good choice. Thanks for watching this review, I hope you liked it, Subscribe to our Youtube Channel, or keep an eye on for more. If you did like the review, all the love is much appreciated. Thanks or watching and see you next time.

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