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Captain Trash Wheel Game at Masonville Cove Engages Students

Captain Trash Wheel Game at Masonville Cove Engages Students

Teacher: Who’s the captain? Students: “Captain Trash Wheel!” Teacher: Perfect! My name is Mary Chiarella And I work for Maryland Environmental Service doing education and outreach on behalf of the Port of Baltimore So today our students were out here at Masonville Cove learning about the trash wheel that they named They had earlier in the day had a tour of the dredged material containment facility and then afterwards they came back And we just went over the parts of a trash wheel. What a trash wheel does and how it does its job So they looked at the parts which you can see here on the board and they’re all labeled So look to the parts and how they fit together and then the kids played a game That kind of got them up and moving around and acting out things that the trash wheel does. It’s a game called captain’s coming Only we modified it a little bit So we made it into ‘Captain Trash Wheel is Coming’ and each of the actions that they act out in the game are Based on the parts of the trash wheel that they were acting out it’s a really fun little game that just gets the kids up and moving around and it Works a lot of different age groups if they’re competitive. So after the game was completed. We got all our students back together and Broke them into tiny groups and they just thought again about how all of the pieces Really fit together to make our trash wheel functional and let it do its job here at Masonville Cove.

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