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CAR vs BIKE vs TRAIN – We found the FASTEST way through LA Traffic

CAR vs BIKE vs TRAIN – We found the FASTEST way through LA Traffic

– Los Angeles is known for
its incredible car culture. But is the car really the
best way to get around? Well today, we’re gonna be racing through rush hour traffic, in
the city with the worst traffic in the entire country. I’ve got my car, Zach’s got his bike, Raghav is gonna be taking
public transportation. ‘Cause he doesn’t own a car or a bike and he’s the only one we
found who would do it. Racing 13.6 miles from downtown LA to our office in Santa Monica, this is car versus bike versus public transportation. (car engine starting) (bike helmet clipping) – Let’s do it.
– Yeah. – Oh wait, are we going for real? – Alright, I guess this is it. – Alright. – Start us off Nolan,
give us the countdown. – Okay, three, two, one. (car roaring) – Raghav, have a great day at school. – Oh camera’s rolling, oh
geeze, Zach just passed me. Zach just passed me. – We’re here at the office
and we’re gonna track the guy’s progress with
this state of the art lap top computer and
global positioning systems that each of them have
on their cellphones. – This guy just walkin’ through. – Nolan has moved two
feet, looks like he hit some traffic right away. – It’s called a cross walk. – Yesterday I was like, I
don’t really care if I win, right now I really wanna beat Nolan. – My car 2006 Mustang GT,
save your crowd jokes, I don’t wanna hear ’em,
I’ve heard ’em all before. (upbeat music) – I’m just tryna time the lights right now as best as I can. – I’m using Google Maps which is giving me the fastest route. (upbeat music) It’s not hard to see why
people like driving their car to work, you know,
you got your own music you can listen to, you got
your climate control, and you can kinda just
have your own space. Totally forgot dude, I got pizza. – Ridin’ a bike, you get
immersed with the locals, see your neighbors. What’s up? – Hell yeah, pineapple
and ham, again, save your jokes, I love pineapple and ham. – What’s up man? What’s up? – It’s like hating on
Bruno Mars, you know, he’s a great musician. (train passing) (crowd chattering) – Or maybe we lost Raghav
’cause he’s underground. Ooh, Nolan and Zach, neck and neck. That’s not, that doesn’t
bode well for Zach. That doesn’t. – I have no clue where I am. – I’m excited, this is really fun, this is the most fun I’ve
had sitting in traffic. – Unless something happens, I
think Nolan just passed Zach. – Let’s give Zach a call. – I think I’m gonna call Nolan soon. (phone ringing) What’s up Nolan. – Zach, how are ya? – Good dude, where you at? – Probably east of Culver I think. I’m pretty comfortable, got the AC on, I’m feelin’ good man. Yeah I think that the
final stretch is gonna be key I think. I realize I was using my
phone while I’m driving. Not supposed to do that. It’s dangerous. – I like when people are
like, ah man, I’d move to LA but how do you guys deal with the traffic? That’s where Nolan is right now. – C’mon. – Zach didn’t have to make any turns. Zach is just like whew. – Wonder how Raghav’s doin’. (upbeat techno music) (upbeat music) – Why is everyone on the road? What are you doing, going to work? With your jobs. (super fast zooming) – No, no, no. I’m legit like stressing
out (laughing) over this. – Five minutes away. – Err, oh my-are you kidding me? That would’ve been Raghav’s train. No dude, no. – [Train Announcer] Now
arriving Expo Sepulveda Station. – Five minutes, goin’ crazy. (upbeat music) – Did I win? – Yeah. – Ahh. – You just smoked him. – Dude I’m exhausted, like I
need to go home and shower. (laughing) Yeah I need drive back. – Agh, well done, well done. 10 is just like you change lanes, ’cause one’s faster and then it just becomes slow immediately. – Yeah. (applause) – We actually clap for
Raghav, everyday when he comes into work, I dunno how the joke started. (laughing) – The takeaway is I think
the bike is probably I won’t say the best.
– Fastest. – The fastest way to get around LA. – During rush hour.
– During rush hour. But you get really sweaty. Public transit is really
cheap, but it takes a while. – Cars, you gotta spend
a lot of money on gas, but it is comfortable. – [Crewman] And insurance. – And insurance and
everything else, but I think the best way to get around
LA, is on a motorcycle. (laughing) – So Zach forgot his helmet
and we knew we couldn’t make a video of him, with
him not wearing a helmet so Eddie did this commute twice. – [Nolan] Yeah. – To go get Zach’s helmet from his house. – Especially in La, it
never rains and you can split lane so, it’s basically the best. Thanks for watchin’
please like this video, tell us in the comments
about your commute, we’d love to hear about
it, maybe we should make more motorcycle videos. – I guess we have to go to work now. – Yeah (laughing) yeah dang.

88 comments on “CAR vs BIKE vs TRAIN – We found the FASTEST way through LA Traffic

  1. I was just about to say, "How about motorcycles" but no because someone could cut you off and you can get hurt while going in the middle like Bike (or bicycle).

  2. Y’all say metro is good, until the car you get in has people blasting music, every now and then someone lighting a blunt, people yelling (ahem blue & green line), a seat is wet. The worst so far has been a used condom on the blue line. Which is why i now take the 460 metro bus to downtown

  3. So, we're all just going to ignore the fact that public transportation sucks mainly because of the weirdos you often encounter on it? Okay… 😏

  4. Also, dude needs to upgrade to pineapple and bacon pizza. 😙👌 I call it "The Big Kahuna" 🌺
    …And don't you guys @ me until & unless you've tried it! 😤

  5. I biked from Venice beach to downtown and I was whizzing by cars in traffic until I got doored. Not a fun experience. Definitely 10X more dangerous biking but it can be faster

  6. Raghav got to sit down relax, save money, and not risk getting doored, and only took a few minutes extra. You guys should have started either at street level or somewhere not the roof. Then Raghav wouldn't have to walk for a couple minutes just to get to the road. Zach would have to also go to the street to where he has to unlock his bike. Nolan would have to walk to where his car is parked, unlock it, warm it up, and then go.

  7. Try motorcycle/bike/car/metro
    Maybe even the rental zegwave you ride on the street
    Also combination of distance and busy or not busy roads
    All those should make difference

  8. Here in New York City fast way to Manhattan is either the subway or bike which is a tie then is the car next is the yellow/uber last is the ferry

  9. Public transit looks like the best stress and effort wise as long as you leave enough time to get there. I would be cussing and sweating trying to not be late on my bike lol and I've definitely fallen for the trap of thinking my car is faster…

  10. You see how they had no pros for public transportation. It sucks it’s expensive and completely disgusting. It’s expensive to be poor. Motorcycle is better can’t afford one tho😂

  11. Here in Indy: started biking almost every day because of the time. Going home from work is a 45 minute, 8 mile ordeal, where I can actually bike faster

  12. I used to live in PE Lofts (The building in the background when they're on the roof) and I work by Pico and Centinella (down the street from Donut Media). When I got a motorcycle, my drive to work went from close to an hour to about 20-25 minutes. The day I got a motorcycle in LA was a revelation. I can get pretty much anywhere at anytime within half an hour, and that includes the time it takes to go to my bike, put on my gear, and find parking at my destination.

  13. 2 hr commute from rindge nh to quincy ma. !! Ypu should do an episode on frieghted work trucks. We rock a gmc 3500 turbo diesel. With a few ahh-hhmm upgraded extras and mods.

  14. The worst traffic in Texas is Austin. It feels like you're in typical LA rush hour traffic but only 2-3 lanes on I-35, 290, 183, and SlowPac. There's also endless road work that takes almost forever to complete.

  15. I know how that feel, I love this video, due to the difference to point A to point B..
    I commute all the time from home and I cycle all the to downtown. it's horrible but I get thru rush hour like it was nothing..

    please follow me on my channel to see the daily video to see my point of view.

    thank you.

  16. Or you can live in Belgium… You pay €5,1/gallon for gas (5,6$) and still it is cheaper to commute with the car than public transport (and you'll be faster!). But politicians don't see why everyone takes their car and get stuck in traffic jams 🤔

  17. Only issue here is the challenge can only take place to a location that the train has a stop. Reality is everyone in LA doesn't live near a stop.

  18. I worked in LA for 6 months this year and my average commute was about 30 minutes (going to different schools around the city every day)… Would have been impossible in anything but a car. Not too bad I think 🙂

  19. Possible issues:
    -by car, was Waze or Gmaps used w/ filter
    -by bike, if you have errands to run would you really bike til you sweat drenched?
    -by metro, that guy seems like he walked slow. Could his character have probably missed the earlier train

    Is it just a race vs a survey due to variables mentioned above?

  20. Ebike would make that cyclists commute feel like nothing. City of LA should be dropping mad money into cycling infrastructure. It’s literally the perfect city for it. No snow, no rain, lots of existing road to use.

  21. You want the best commute mode?

    Buy a foldable bike and use public transport as much as you can. Fast, cheap, good for health and it saves the planet.

  22. Best way is my moped if anyone wants to know. Moped/motorcycles can weave through traffic in California, that means you can go between cars at stoplights or in traffic jams.

  23. Raghav did 10 min more than Zach, which is not bad. If i lived there i would clearly choose metro most of the time.

  24. I think Zach was almost racing…which I don’t think anyone would do in everyday commute…the pace/speed would be more like Raghav or the car

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