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CARB CYCLING for women

Do you feel like you’ve hit a plateau with your body whether that’s trying to put muscle on trying to burn fat Maybe just trying to lose some extra weight in today’s video you guys I’m going to be talking about What carb cycling is what it does the benefits of it how you carb cycle and how to know? What your carb cycling macros? Make sure you guys stay tuned to the very end of this video because I have an awesome carb cycling cheat cheat cheat cheat for you That will totally help you on your journey to finally breaking through that Plateau Whatever your goal is whether that’s wanting to put some muscle mass on maybe lean mass. Maybe it’s burning fat or just weight loss Whatever that goal is this plan will help you You guys I have helped many many many women I’ve created thousands of carb cycling meal plans all different ways and we’re gonna go through that later in the video But I have helped so many women finally break through this Plateau With their body and I don’t even think it’s the body. That’s the issue I think it’s your relationship with your body and food and that’s what I love about carb cycling I’ve transformed or helped many women transform their bodies including my own physique by carb cycling You guys don’t forget to subscribe to my channel Give me a thumbs up hit that notification bell if you want to be notified when I upload new videos As well as leave your comments in the comment box below Everything I talked about today will be in the show notes You guys don’t forget to go check out the playlist nutrition 101 as if some of this doesn’t make sense It’s gonna be all piece together done in a video series So make sure you go and check all those nutrition videos out as this will help you along your journey to getting those amazing results What’s up, you guys? Welcome back to my channel if you are new to my channel welcome I’m so happy to have you make sure you comment below if you are new to my channel I would love to connect with you you guys I am a certified personal trainer for the past twelve years now I’m also a nutrition coach for the past five where I specialize in macro coaching In carb cycling so that is what I specialize in. I help women just like you Transform your body from the inside out and I do this by teaching you one how to train with a purpose two how to eat with a purpose and three how to have faith through the process because we know it is all About the process. How are you guys? Let’s get right into it. So what is carb cycling carb cycling? you guys means that you alternate high and low carb days carb cycling amines your cycling your Carbohydrates to manipulate your body’s way of burning fat and building muscle at the same time So you guys those high carb days refill your muscle glycogen stores? They help your body from breaking down too much muscle and then they improve your performance So if you’re again trying to build muscle or you’re an athlete those high carbohydrates are very important All right, you guys so low carbohydrates switch your body’s Energies this and energy systems to fat burning this improves your metabolic flexibility and the body’s ability to burn fat For fuel in the long term. So why would you need to carb cycle? What would who would carb cycling be good for you guys? Carb cycling is good for someone. That’s hit a plateau Either in their aesthetics it trying to lose weight loose fat put on muscle their performance If they’re an athlete those those would be times that you would probably do a carb set. Alright, you guys so the big question How do you carb cycle you guys carb cycling is an alternating High and low carb days. You can either do this daily weekly or monthly So the way that you carb cycle will be totally based on Your your genetics your sex your height your age your weight your BMI your activity level things like that So it is a calculation done With my calculator which state to the end and I’ll show you how to figure that out and Done towards your goal. So if your goal is to put on muscle guess what you’re gonna have more higher carb days Then let’s say someone that wants to lose weight. Okay, so an example A few examples that I have for you guys of how to carb cycle Let’s say you’re someone like an athlete and you need higher carb days but you’re still wanting to like lean out just a little bit you could do something like six high carb days and one low carb day a week Let’s say you’re a bodybuilder and you’re trying to put on lots of muscle. I would call this a lean bulk You can do the same like five hard carb days to little Low carb days a week and the way you alternate them You could do like two low carb day two high carb days one little carb day two high car or three high carb days One little carb day. So the way that you do it, there’s no right or wrong way Honestly, it is figuring out what your body needs what really works really well for you So a very popular way to carb cycle is high-low So one day low carb one day high carb one day low carb one day high carb now again This is going to depend on your goal. So I’ll take me for instance so I Started when a carb cycle with high low high low and that worked good for a bit and I seen some good results But I found that I needed more. I found that I needed to have an extra high carb day And so I would add an extra high carb dance. So the way there’s no writer way wrong to carb cycle It’s just alternating high and low carb days. Now. Some people need a little bit of carbohydrates everyday So what I would call this is you would cycle carb cycle daily So what this means is you would plan those high Carbohydrates in that day just around your workout. And the rest of your meals would be low carb now you guys I want to go over a Carb cycling and knowing that your low carb days does not mean like no carbs Okay, and those missed calories are going to be added in by adding a little bit more fat This is not a keto and a lot of people think that a low carb dameon’s. Ketone it doesn’t it? Just means that you are kind of Replacing those carbs with fats to maintain that energy and to use that fat for your body to use for energy Throughout that day comment. Yes below if this is making sense If you’re understanding If you don’t leave the questions below that you’re not sure of So now for the last thing you guys you’re probably wondering well, how do I know my Krebs cycle? And how do I know which days to cycle? So my best tip If you are a beginner is you are gonna go to my website fitness ministry CA I have a video done on that already It’s called calculating your macros for fat loss and muscle gain go see that video The links will be in the description below and it tells you exactly how to calculate your macros for Carb cycling and you’re going to follow that now My best suggestion is you follow that for the best you can for the next two to three weeks and see how you feel And if things aren’t going right, maybe you got to change your how active you are. Maybe you put that you’re not Enough and you’re way more active so your body needs a little bit more so play around It’s really there’s not one size fits all this is you listening to your body and seeing hey Maybe I need a little bit more. Maybe I need a little bit less It is really figuring out what your body needs. So that is the next step. You’re gonna go To my website under carb cycling calculator under my blog and input your macros and from there you’re gonna go put them into My Fitness Pal and reorganize your days so that they match those high low medium carb days if you’re not sure how to input your macros for different days of MyFitnessPal make sure you check out my video on how to input your Macros for carb cycling in my Fitness Pal. I will show you a tutorial of how to do that You do need the premium feature, but your first month if you’re using My Fitness Pal you get 30 days free So I would do it suggest trying the free feature because guess what if you follow it it works It’s worth the amount the 13 dollars a month. I think I need it. I love it. So go and do that Well you guys there you have it I’ve told you what carb cycling it is what carb cycling is what it does for your body how to carb cycle the different carb cycles and how to figure out your carb cycles There you have it. Thank you for tuning in today. Don’t forget to hit that like button Give me a subscribe leave your comments in the comment box below and go click the link below and get your carb cycling cheat sheet Other than that you guys have an amazing day. I will see you next time

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