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Caschi MTB XC Cross Country Marathon i 10 migliori del 2020 | MTBT

Caschi MTB XC Cross Country Marathon i 10 migliori del 2020 | MTBT

helmets for XC and marathon must
have the right balance between weight, protection and ventilation In cross country many details are focused on reducing weight and increasing
speed the bicycle as well as its components tend to be quite
light at least on top level bikes Clothing is very similar to road cycling, so clothes tight and aerodynamic. Even helmets
from XC are very similar to those used by road cyclists this
helmet type is very light well ventilated and rather aerodynamic. For this reason they offer less protection than those from All Mountain and Downhilli and some areas of the face and occipital area are rather exposed. The material
used is EPS polystyrene A highly effective material
in reducing the energy of impacts thus reducing possible damage to the
brain ventilation is very important
speeds in the crusaders are lower to the disciplines on the road, and the outlets
air are essential to facilitate the flow of air through the head e
allow the heat to disperse especially when tackling climbs
steep and slow. The security systems of rotation like MIPS Multi directional
protection system and the spin of POCs are designed to combat
distortion forces during an impact the rotation systems allow the
head to move inside the helmet up to 15 mm to reduce the impact on the
brain before going to find out what i am
ten best helmets of 2020 I would like remind you that is a
buying and selling portal completely free where you can publish a
indefinite number of sales announcements related to the world of cycling
or search for articles and accessories you are looking for. The Giro AETHER MIPS is a technically advanced helmet which offers excellent protection e
ventilation. The protection is foam layered double density eps
progressive to protect from a wide range of impact types the MIPS system is integrated and is embedded between two several layers of foam and this
helps to maximize comfort and ventilation weight is 269 grams
and is used by THÖMUS RN SWISS BIKE TEAM the strong points are the MIPS siszema a good one ventilation and as a negative point is the
price of 272 Euros. the Rudy Project Spectrum is the helmet used by the champion
Italian Gerhard Kerschbaumer and the team torpado ursus the spectrum uses three
eps liner to increase rigidity e improve energy dissipation
away from the head in the event of a fall the rs 10 fit system allows a
360 degree closure around the head so that the fit is secure and
comfortable positive points system fit 360 degrees negative points but
also at MIPS the price is 159 euros the proprietary Bontrager Velocis helmet
trek focused on the aerodynamics of the helmet and it seems that this does not have
affected the comfort to see it could it seems that ventilation to his
interior is minimal but the vents front transmit air through
channels arranged by distributing the flow on the head homogeneously
the velosis is equipped with MIPS and uses the fit system marks the points
positive are good aerodynamics and ventilation and helmet replacement
in case of accident negative points at low speeds seem to disperse little the
heat of 173 euros lazer z1 with the
MIPS system is truly a helmet lightweight weighs only 190 grams and the
result was achieved without sacrifice security level e
comfort the edges of the helmet offer a good protection up to the temples of the
test this helmet is used by the team Coredons-circus of which the
the rising world star Matheu van der Paul that I saw winning in Lenzerheide this year in front of the ribbon schurter. The positive points are the weight and
good heat retention points negative 0 the price is 177 euros the Scott Centric plus is a helmet from exceptional performance worn by the
world champion nino schurter being a pretty looking helmet
closed could give the idea of ​​providing little ventilation and instead of vents
strategically placed air that they channel the air over the head. The
helmet and fixed with the Halo Fit system by scott offering a fit
excellent positive points are that it is aerodynamic breathable and has the system
MIPS with a unique design as points negative not everyone likes the look
the price varies from 175 to 199 euros the strengths of the ABUS Airbreaker in addition to the ActiCage Lite system which provides integrated reinforcement to the internal structure of the helmet seems to be the air cooling system
forced that according to abus offers an excellent ventilation at full speed
positive points therefore on a good one ventilation a wide choice of colors
ten meters the negatives are missing the MIPS and the price which is 237 euros with Prevail II Specialized combines the excellent performance with new ones
advanced security features working as MIPS Specialozed offers
the same levels of protection as the standard system but with a low weight
and better comfort and ventilation To make our outings safer
specialized also introduced a sensor automatic crash called ANGi
than in the event of an accident send a text message to contacts
of emergency together with the gps coordinates the positive points are the design and the
ANGi system. The negatives instead are the price which is 270 euros POC Octal X Spin uses an approach
without compromise, everything in favor of security, and the bold appearance probably won’t appeal to everyone Octal X Spin is one development of the Octal road helmet by
POC and adopts the same coating eps this helmet offers better
head coverage by optimizing the level of protection instead of
MIPS POC technology use its own spin technology that according to POC
in tests it passed the MIPS system Positive points the protection system
advanced negatives according to some the look and the price is 177 euros Kask with the proton model claims to have a helmet with exceptional aerodynamics
and the lowest air resistance than any other helmet this is the
result of numerous tests in the tunnel of the wind that allowed Kask not only to analyze aerodynamics but also to optimize the ventilation the
Octo fit system offers numerous adjustments to get the best
positive fit are the fantastic aerodynamics the excellent
ventilation and the 19 variants of negative points coloring not MIPS
the price is 180 euros Oakley’s ARO3 is one of the first helmets
launched by the giant famous for its goggles the front openings
rear on the body circulate freely the air inside it
lines are aerodynamic and modern the polycarbonate shell combine with the eps foam layer and the membrane MIPS the helmet allows you to fix the
glasses frame temples on the front resulting
perfectly anchored in the sections downhill
the innovative BOA FS1-1 system is adjustable to the millimeter and 360
degrees positive points the price the buoy system and it is very convenient ones
glasses negative points the weight the price it is 126 euros and with this it’s all about
my website you can find the pdf to download with the articles in order of price and weight as always felt
free to comment below if do you think other helmets deserve to
be added to this list hello and see you next time

25 comments on “Caschi MTB XC Cross Country Marathon i 10 migliori del 2020 | MTBT

  1. Ciao ste….dal mio punto di vista dovrebbero cambiare il regolamento x quanto riguarda il casco ma anche altre protezioni nel xc…troppo poco protetti e in gare si rischia tanto….però interessante👍🤟…una cosa che sanno in pochi è che il casco va cambiato ogni 2-3 anni a seconda dell'uso, anche se non ha mai picchiato in terra….la schiuma interna si degrada,specialmente a contatto con il sudore che contiene sali…e quindi il casco dopo qualche anno non è più efficiente come dovrebbe

  2. ma ..mi son sempre chiesto..vestirsi "fru fru" è obbligatorio oltre quale limite?? cioè..oltre dh enduro am..arriva lo slim fit obbligatorio? un buon motivo per non comprare mai una bike oltre questo limite!! eheh 🙂

  3. Guardalo come si è dato all'xc da quando è arrivata la stoll!! 🤣😂 No dai comunque fai bene e più divertente e veloce di un all mountain!! Alla fine con una full da xc/marathon si possono fare un sacco di cose

  4. A mio avviso, anche se nn bisogna risparmiare sulla sicurezza soprattutto in bicicletta, i prezzi sono sempre elevati; anche perché se il casco prende una botta, non può più garantire un' efficacia ai massimi livelli, quindi andrebbe cambiato. Poi, abbassando i prezzi, credo che venderebbero molto di più…

  5. Sono gli stessi caschi che utilizzano anche le squadre protour su strada no??🤔
    Complimenti ottimo video 👏🏻

  6. Ei Lupo di mare 😜,, si capisce sempre di più perché andrai a fare gare XC….. 😍😋…. s'è capii,,!!!
    😂😂👍 Ciao Stefano. Bellissimi questi caschi,. complimenti per la ricerca di tutte queste informazioni. non ne facile in 8 minuti restringere il tutto nel succo 👍.. ogni volta che sto per arrivare alla somma per il casco, accade sempre unimprevisto 😢.. mà si spera un giorno di realizare ☺️ anche perche è la parte più iimportante della nostra vita 1⃣
    ma un giorno ci riusciro 🦸‍♀️
    Ciao Marco & Kimba

  7. Ciao Stefano..ottimo video…come sempre😉😉
    Mi sono registrato su mtbtshop, ma quando clicco sul link nella mail mi dice che la verifica è fallita…mi puoi aiutare?

  8. Il MIPS è a tutto vantaggio della sicurezza, comunque anche senza dovrebbe andare bene, l'importante è indossare sempre il casco. Per quanto riguarda POC, è vero ha un'estetica un poco particolare, però il prodotto a mio parere è molto, molto buono. Ho anche uno dei caschi da sci della POC e la qualità del prodotto si sente. Ti dirò che ho anche un'altro casco da sci di altra marca, buonissimo per carità, però il POC è altra roba. Stefano ti faccio i complimenti per il video, molto bello e sempre più al top.

  9. Vedo che tutti o quasi, pur essendo di alta gamma, non hanno, a mio avviso, un semplice accessorio quanto importante e che io metterei obbligatorio: una retina frontale anti-insetto che se ti capita di far entrare un ape, poi me lo racconti… mia scelta oltre a tutto quello che hai detto va anche in questa direzione, ma non spendendo mai più di € 80 magari dell'anno precedente ad offerta: complimenti come al solito ma come fai ad avere questi video di tutti i caschi con in sovraimpressione i dati che vuoi elencare?

  10. Lo ritengo un video interessantissimo perché il casco è un componente importantissimo per la sicurezza del biker! Io ne ho usati, e ne uso, di diverse tipologie e marchi ma sono rimasto affezionato al mio Limar che considero un pò un portafortuna! Fra quelli recensiti in questo video avevo già adocchiato il Rudy Project Spectrum e il Kask Protone….sto valutando entrambi ma sono combattuto su quale acquistare! In realtà dopo questo video sono ancora più indeciso! Grande Stefano!

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