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Casually Explained: Men’s Fashion

Casually Explained: Men’s Fashion

So the world of men’s fashion is a wacky, wild and turbulent place especially thanks to the Internet where 10 years ago if you discovered a men’s fashion forum looking for advice, they’d say, “Yeah, just wear jeans and a shirt that fits properly,” and you’d be leagues ahead of your average dad just by doing that. Nowadays while they’re existed to some degree, those fashions and forums have diverged and then grown into huge subcultures. They include things like your mainstream business attire, high-fashion, casual wear, street wear, and all sorts of subgroups under that, including things like your sneakerheads, tech wear, skate wear pale wave, avant-garde and then everything Kanye has been in the same room as On the surface they all seem like completely different and confusing genres but it’s kind of like how there are a million types of movies But they’re all built on the same principles So if you break it down into what the actual purpose or inspiration of the different trends are it starts to make some actual sense So to start with the obvious you take business and formal attire and it literally has barely changed for a hundred and twenty-five years besides the Fat Conductor hats A basic suit looks fantastic all the time And the only way it doesn’t is if it doesn’t fit or you’re wearing it at the wrong place, and that’s the whole point It’s a super simple yet refined outfit That says I’m a respectable put together person representing a respectable put together company so sign this contract and let’s monopolize American steel So is that devolves a little bit you have something like business casual, which is of course much more prevalent nowadays as business has become a lot less face-to-face and a lot more online Some people wear business casual or chic casual outfits all the time but it works better if you’re a bit older because if you’re a high school student or university freshman you can come off as a bit incongruent because there’s really no reason you’d ever need to wear a buttoned shirt other than when your date drove you to prom or that one job interview you’ve had So I might be good to wait until you’ve at least paid taxes before you look like you filed someone else’s So in my opinion this is the point where things get interesting because you get to your casual everyday clothes where you can really express your personality by copying what popular rappers are wearing So by far the most rapidly evolving area of men’s fashion I think the most noticeable shift recently has been the huge prevalence of street wear and designer brands gaining popularity with teenagers and young guys I mean not that long ago The only people who’d spend money on Gucci were rich middle-aged guys buying their wife something for an anniversary But nowadays the barrier for entry is getting like three a’s that semester The part that I found the most interesting about some of the street-wear culture is that a lot of unfashionable items are worn ironically where you’re sort of saying “I know so much about fashion that I’m wearing something I know is unfashionable because in order to identify something so unfashionable you would have to know a lot about fashion” Like a while ago it would be as simple as wearing a pink shirt and putting your hair in a bun because it was the opposite of traditional men’s fashion at the time. Then later It was overalls in a bucket hat because you live in a city and haven’t ever caught a fish And then eventually jean joggers and a NASA fanny pack because you’re emulating that one weird kid in middle school I’m still sour about this because I was literally that kid in middle school and people did not think I was fashionable I did however have a pouch for my laser pointer. Now this sort of ironic incorporation of uncool items certainly doesn’t end there because some brands seem to have been built almost entirely on this sense of consumer irony, and I think the most brilliant example of that is Supreme And they were originally a much smaller kind of skate shop clothing brand, but effectively they said “Alright, we’re a pretty niche shop with a pretty dedicated clientele. Do you think people would buy just a regular white shirt with a box logo on it for $30?” And it turns out they would. And as they got bigger, they said Alright, what about something like a Zippo lighter? And that sold out instantly. But as they kept getting more traction they just said “Fuck it.” Nun chucks? Sold out instantly. Tennis balls? Sold out instantly. Fire-extinguisher? Sold out instantly. And at one point they must have had a conversation that went “All right, what is literally the least useful stand alone item we could possibly sell? And someone said “How about a brick?” Yeah, brick and look Supreme was pretty big at the time and everything was selling out But would people actually pay $30 for a brick? and of course the answer was no, they didn’t. Almost no one would pay $30 for a brick. They’d pay $1,000 for a brick because it sold out instantly. *disappointment in humanity sinks in* So anyway, hit me up for that collab Like, like actually though. So once you go deeper into different contemporary fashions You’ll find some very interesting sub categorizations And they explore the extremes of other genres and some of them are pretty weird So, the most well-known is probably high fashion which does get a lot of flack for being weird But it’s really more of an advertising campaign for showing off a designer’s inspiration for upcoming commercial lines than it is for actual practical wear So in a way, it’s almost weird by design which is neither here nor there for me But if we start looking at the niche clothing that people do wear on a day-to-day basis it brings us to some super interesting trends. So of course a massive group that’s permeated all casual wear are your sneaker heads, and these are the people you might have heard of who would camp overnight to cop a fresh pair of Jordans But they only really wear them once for Instagram And then they resell them the next day at five times the price to rich Asian exchange students Something like normcore is wearing literally your entire outfit ironically, effectively dressing as blandly as possible on purpose. Pale wave is a sort of minimalism that centers around a lack of detail and subtle pastel color palettes I quite enjoy this look because if people come over to my apartment, I blend in nicely with my IKEA furniture Then there’s all black everything which is also a pretty solid choice (if you don’t like sorting laundry) I mean, I think it’s cool because it makes your washer spin cycle look like a portal to the fourth dimension That’s pretty neat And then something like avant-garde which is sometimes called goth-ninja is way more complicated but is fundamentally about being able to sneak up on people perfectly camouflaged in the urban environment, and then being able to tap them on the shoulder and they’ll drop dead instantly Lastly we have tech wear which is the most technically advanced clothing possible. Your jacket weighs about 14 micrograms and is resistant to all four seasons simultaneously Your carbon fiber gore-tex underwear is completely waterproof from both directions and has a concealed pocket for up to two Magnum condoms Honestly, the only downside I can find to a tech wear outfit Is that it costs $4,000, and you only use it to walk to work? Now at this point we’ve barely scratched the surface of all the fashion ideas that are out there But moving forward all these areas of fashion will continue to evolve in some very interesting in unpredictable ways Personally I’ve been trying to Pioneer comf-core which focuses on being as comfortable as possible at all times The only downside that I’ve realized is that it’s the literal opposite of fashion and usually devolves into you not leaving the house and binging YouTube’s top 10 lists so you have no Instagram traction on that one yet, but I’ll keep you guys updated

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  1. I find that so sad about men fashion, it's all just jeans with a shirt. Women have so much more choice, vary the length of the shirt from ridiculously long to a crop top. Jeans can suddenly be way shorter, or just choose a skirt for the day. Or neither of that and choose a dress, now what kind of dress? A long white church mom dress? A big dress with an insanely tight corset and frails on the bottom? What kind of straps does it have? Thin or wide?
    I hate that about being male, I don't have any options.. Color and whether to wear a jacket or not…

  2. lil pissed street wear has dissolved into that nonsense lol. some good fittin slightly baggy levis, airforce 1s, and polo t always hits

  3. Hey, bricks are more usefull than some stuff that I can list like a furry comic, that bike lock somebody used as a blunt weapon, or this mug that I bought that is so small that if I put anything in it, it spills.

  4. Y'know i was kind of expecting him to diss the fact that men basically wear the same thing but on different forms
    We need a Casually explained:Women Fashion

  5. “No they didn’t” oh ok good I almost lost all faith in huma-“they bought them for 1000 dollars” alright let me get the bleach out of the cabinet.

  6. 1:29 Fun fact; on non-Fridays, my parents made me wear a button-up shirt from elementary school to halfway through High school

  7. The best fashion choice I’ve made is wearing sweatpants and a random anime shirt under a sweater I never take off (accept every weekend so I can wash it, then I wear what I call a weekend sweater that basically consists of a over sized micky mouse pajama shirt I stole from my mom)

  8. Other Supreme items:
    Supreme cough drops
    Supreme axe
    Supreme Honda motorbike
    Supreme combo lock
    Supreme hanging lantern
    Supreme fanny pack
    Supreme foldable shovel

  9. All black everything is the easiest way to look put together with the absolute least amount of effort. Almost any garment has a black color option. Every clothing item works with every other clothing item in your wardrobe. Makes bulk buying more simple. Black generally doesn't show stains or sweat. It's the best.

  10. 2:45 ok so my speaker is shit and the first time I heard this I thought he said razorblade and I was like "wait what"

  11. I just throw on the first comfortable thing I find. I think most guys wake up and are to tired to care what the hell they look like.

  12. I just say screw it and wear Hawaiian shirts and the funniest printed tees I can find. Including an extremely high detail close up of a bowl of pho.

  13. Supreme: releases useless stuff for 30 bucks
    People: buys
    Supreme: bricks are useless let's sell them for 30 bucks
    People: no one would pay $30 for a brick lmao
    Me: regains faith in humanity
    People: wE'rE gOnNa bUy iT fOr a tHoUsAnD dOLlaRs bEcAuAsE tHaT mAkEs sEnSe
    Me: drinks bleach

  14. I gave up on fashiom the moment I decided to cut the sleeves off my denim jacket and patch it up, now I look like a bald pinboard.

  15. Normal person: Buys all black clothes because it’s cool
    Me: Buys black clothing to open a portal to the void in my washing machine

  16. It's funny, because some people shit on Supreme saying that things are super over priced, but they know nothing about streetwear and supply & demand. Like how people complain about "how expensive the box logo tee is," even though it's only high priced because people sell it that high from popularity. Resale VS Retail is really different, and people should do research first.

  17. My favorite thing to wear is tennis shoes, khakis, a solid color T shirt with a zip up hoodie over it.

  18. Here from the year 3047 trying to figure out what people around the world wore more than a thousand years ago for my school research project. I'm angry because you didn't put in that people around the world are wearing the exact same thing (which I already knew, but now I have no source to cite it)!!! WHY??

  19. This holds up in funny points to GradeAunderA's vid on men's fashion. I know no one watches him anymore, but that video is still one of my favorites, so good on ya, Casually Explained.

  20. My older brother got married wearing a pair of Jordans. It just blows me away how into these brands some people can be.

  21. My fashion: Shorts and a t-shirt. Every. Day.

    I live in like coldest part of the U.S. Excluding Alaska but I still wear this unless I'm outside AND it's winter.

    Edit: Sometimes I wear it then to lol

  22. Wear a tshirt, wear a hoodie, wear a milsurp jacket or that looks similar over it, shed as necessary, make sure they all fit well.

  23. I cycle tow ork, and started to hate my job years ago, so I stopped re-dressing at the office. Black Cargo shorts and black Nerd-Tshirt it is.every day, no matter the weather. Because fuck peoples opinion about my clothing.

  24. I've been binge watching today's my first video 👀 and I must say the more I watch the more am like okay well alright I feel better about my self more now😌

  25. You know what works the best every occasion boots going to work boots going to dinner boots going to a funeral boots the only occasion you can’t wear boots is running a marathon (I’m talking about cowboy boots)

  26. Wow I've been normcore my whole life and never knew there was a name for it heh. Clothing that draws zero attention. Not positive; not negative. If someone were to be asked what you wore, they wouldn't remember. Perfect.

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