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CCC Pro Cycling Team’s Giant Trinity Time Trial Bike

CCC Pro Cycling Team’s Giant Trinity Time Trial Bike

– This absolute weapon is
the Giant Trinity TT bike, as used in time trials by the CCC team. Now before I go into all the geeky, nerdy, beautiful, aero details on this machine, be sure to subscribe to
GCN if you haven’t already. And also, click the little bell icon, as it’s free and it
gives you a notification every time we upload a video. This particular bike belongs
to Lukasz Wisniowski. Now the standard colors for CCC are this matte black and white. Now, it’s quite a simple paint job, but it contrasts really nicely
with the bright orange kit that the team wears, so when
it’s combined with the riders, it looks great. And I like the way the tan
sidewall contrasts as well. Now the Giant Trinity
TT frame has been around a while, but it is regarded
as being one of the fastest time trial frames available. Now it is a rim brake designed bike. We’re starting to see
increasing numbers of disc brake time trial bikes, but the rim brakes are
neatly tucked in behind the front fork. In the case here, it’s
like V Brake design, similar to the old giant propel. The rear brake is tucked
under the vault and bracket out of the wind. Now this is a UCI legal
bike, but there is also a triathlon version in
which there’s loads of triathlon gubbins that
gets festooned to the front of the bike to make it
even more aerodynamic. With that said, the cockpit is very clean. I love this torpedo
shape at the front here. It just looks like it’s
perfect for slicing through the air and it tapers nicely towards the seat tube. And a really nice little
detail is the Di2 junction box. So the bike is fitted
with complete Dura-Ace Di2 throughout and the
junction box so that Di2 can be tuned and charged is located here in this nice little recess,
and there’s a little slot that, so you can press
the button to activate the junction box and you can get access to it by just turning the steering tube. You don’t have to undo
anything to get access to it, which is nice from a
mechanics point of view, but also from an aerodynamic point of view An aesthetic point of view,
it’s neat and out of the way. With Dura-Ace Di2 fitted throughout, we’ve got satellite
shifters on the brake levers of the base bar and also
little bar end shifters on the end of the tri extensions as well. Now this is a standard cockpit with fairly standard setup. It’s not 3D cockpit and most
riders in the Tour de France will use standard setups. It’s only on teams like Ineos where we see 3D cockpits
given to premature the riders on the team even the non
time trial specialists. I’m told that the team were
actually doing some team time trial practice today on these bikes. So it’s setup in full race mode. So we’ve got a power meter on there. It’s the Dura-Ace power meter and those chain rings are 54/42, so Lukasz Wisniowski isn’t
a time trial specialist, who isn’t known for being
a time trial specialist, so it’s interesting to see the chain rings that he’s running there. A lot of the TT specialists
actually run bigger chain rings these days. On the back we’ve got an 11/28 cassette. The cranks are 175mm long, and the saddle is a
short-nosed Giant saddle. Giant, the brand, I’m
not referring to the size of the saddle, it’s clearly not giant. But interestingly,
short-nosed saddles were first employed because of a UCI
rule which stipulated that the nose of the saddle,
if you run a plumb line down it had to be two centimeters behind the bottom bracket. But this saddle is clearly
being run far further back. It’s right on the back of its rails. Lots of lay back there. Interestingly Lukasz is still opting for a short-nosed saddle. This water bottle is really cool. So it’s a Giant specific
one that’s been designed for the Trinity to be as
aerodynamic as possible and it just blends really
nicely into the lines of the bike. It’s fully UCI legal and
just saves a few watts over a round bottle which
would compromise the aerodynamics of the down tube. Now the wheels are particularly bling. I really like those. They are from the new
component brand, Cadex, which is a subsidiary of Giant. And at the front, we’ve got
their new four spoke wheel, and at the back, their new disc. They’re made of this
kind of TeXtreme carbon which I remember first
seeing on some Giro helmets a few years ago. These spokes on the four spoke front wheel are actually bladed. They’re like a wing
shape so they’re rounder on the leading edge and
taper off to a sharper edge at the back. So this wheel is direction specific. You have to put it in the
right way or I’m sure it’s well not very aerodynamic at all. These wheels were designed with
CFD and wind tunnel testing. They’re new wheels I just
found out from the mechanics. The wheels are tubular
and on to them a mount of Vittoria Corsa Speed 25mm tires. These are a time trial specific tire and the mechanics often don’t
get much life out of them. They’re very thin, but very, very fast, with very low rolling
resistance and they’ve got latex inner tubes inside them there. I’ve measured the width of the verneers and they’re coming out
at 25mm on these wheels. (tire spinning) Ooh, that’s really loud. That sounds great. I like that. Spins quite a while. Sounds like a claxon. You can signal air raids with this thing. I’ve got the GCN scales of truth here. So I’m going to weigh the bike as well. I’m always intrigued
to see what they weigh, especially with tubular wheels on them. Time trial bikes generally
weigh more than road bikes, but let’s see what it hits the scales at. Let me tare them. 8.59 in a full race build
with pedals, computer mount, power meter, not bad
for a time trial bike. Some of them are over nine. Now I hope you’ve enjoyed
this look at the CCC team time trial bike. If you have please give
the video a thumbs up and share it with your
friends and to see more time trial tech from the Tour de France, click down here on this really
cool four spoke front wheel.

49 comments on “CCC Pro Cycling Team’s Giant Trinity Time Trial Bike

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