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CD-70/SR-70 Hi-Speed Motorcycle Bike’s Complete New Parts Review And Their Prices In Urdu/Hindi

CD-70/SR-70 Hi-Speed Motorcycle Bike’s Complete New Parts Review And Their Prices In Urdu/Hindi

Greetings Today i am here with another video that is about motorcycle parts and these all are brand new parts purchased from market So, today i will tell you the price and review all of them As you guys told me that make videos in Urdu OR Hindi so, today i am here with Urdu Hindi video. In this video i will tell you the price and review the parts. Friends if have not subscribe my channel so,click on subscribe button and click on notification bell icon so, you will be informed when i post new videos. friends this video deserve a big thumbs up! So, friends i have purchased almost all parts of bike CD-70 Mine one is SR-70 everything is same as CD-70. i have brought every parts of bike except silencer ,front shock,rear shock,seat and tyres. So, friends let start as you can see this is a rear
ISH company DRUM . as you can see it’s price is Rs 800/=i have written price on all of them easy to remember. and this is front wheel drum it’s company name is crest goshi and it’s also good it’s price is Rs 750/=i have got it on 750/=maybe you get it more cheaper or more expensive when you want to purchase it as you can see this front wheel’s drum bearing are already fitted pretty clean these are brake shoes it’s good made in taiwan and it’s price is Rs 370/=this crown lifan’s ignition set 3 in1 there are things inside ignition switch,Fuel tank cap and Handle lock these are three things in there it’s their key friends it’s price is Rs 420/=these front and rear mudguard tails these are good and are flexible it’s price is Rs 110/=as written on it this front logo of bike and got it on Rs 60/=these are front and rear brake switch both price is Rs 60/=friends this is complete wiring on Rs 320/=Inshallah i will make a separate video on wiring by the way it’s price is 320 this assembly kit it’s price is Rs 440/=as you can see this head light on/off button and this on is for low and high this brake switch already fitted in it and it price is 440/=and friends these are indicators one of them cost Rs 60/=sum of them is 240/=this cost Rs 50/=it’s set nut bolts and washers of rear mud guard these are front shock’s ears that we call it Rs 150/=is it’s price and it’s a Saga company and it’s good these are called ear’s katori it also cost for 40 to 50 Rupees friend as you can these are jump glass and it also cost 150/=this back light that we called a brake light it’s price is 140/=you get it on 100/=also but it’s quality is good the good in this is the reflector on it that reflects when light falls on it this is head light and it’s price is 210/=as you can see it it’s brand new this silencer cover it cost 30 to 40/=these brake rods and both of them cost 70 to 80/=now it’s RIMS turn friends these are ISH company Rims Both of them cost 910/=these are normal in price and quality and if you want to purchase more good quality so there is union company rims are the best and approximately that cost Rs 2100/=for pair of rims you can see it is bright and brand new friends when you wanna go to market you should know parts name and their price in this way no one will cheat you there are more qualities in it till 750/=if you the best one so i will recommend you UNION this is handle it cost Rs 300/=a SAGA company there is steel bar inside in order keep it strong friends it’s price is RS 550/=it’s called CHIMTA the rear wheel fits here and it’s center wheels holes and this front Mudguard and it’s rear Mudguard as you can see there is not any scratches and dents friend it’s price is Rs/=850 now it’s time to show you the tank and side covers friends this is fuel tank as you can see friends my bike model is 2011 and this streaker os 2017 model you see this tank it’s brand new these are side covers these are seat covers friend the price of fuel tank,both side covers is 1150/=this seat covers comes separately cost 70/=on 1250/= all of them so. friends as you can see these all are motorcycle parts and i have told you the prices of them friend if you enjoyed this video Like this video subscribe friends this 2011 model motor bike all of these parts are for this bike i will replace them and also i will make a disassembling video on this bike if give me good feedback i will keep making videos so’ friends should i make videos in Urdu/Hindi so tell me in the comments section my next video will be on how to remove bike engine LIKE SUBSCRIBE SHARE THANKS FOR WATCHING!

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  1. bhai apke video boht achi hoti hain aap ne ek video m engine ko color karne ka bola thaa woh video ap ne upload ke hai plz reply mee

  2. Horan dram rabar is Tara ka chota mota saman jo zada tar change karaty ho wo Kasey pata chalay ka original ha kay nahe original ka koy neshany batay ga bro chotay saman ka

  3. ماشاء اللہ. بھائی جان، بُہت ہی زبردست ویڈیو بنائی ہے آپ نے. اللہ آپ کو توفیق دے کہ اِسی طرح ویڈیوز بناتے رہیں.

  4. AOA Brother
    Aik cheez k rate missing hain.
    Front wheel drum ka break shoe wala piece
    wheel drum ka break shoe wala piece

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