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Cedar Hill State Park Bike Trails – Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Cedar Hill State Park Bike Trails – Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

– NARRATOR: On the south edge of
Dallas, is a favorite spot
for mountain bikers –
Cedar Hill State Park.
– LONNIE: It is an escape
right here in the middle of the Metroplex. [tires on bridge] There’s a three mile loop,
an eight mile loop, and a twelve mile loop. This is a trail for everybody. We want everybody to come out
and be able to enjoy it at their level, take their
time if they want to. – It goes right by the lake. We’re right here
at the trailhead. – LONNIE: But even for the
most advanced rider, there’s plenty of challenge. – You’ve got some really
thick wooded sections, sections that you go along the
lake, followed by some prairie, so, a good variety. As you ride and as you run
through the park, you’re going to be engaged. You won’t be bored. – I like the diversity
of the trails. They’re not necessarily
real technical, but they’re beautiful. We have a lot of switchbacks,
a lot of climbing, some long slopes that’ll
wear you out. But of course then that
means that you’ve got a nice downhill coming. There’s always a reward
at the end of it. [bikes whizzing by]– NARRATOR: One reason cyclists
enjoy these trails so much
is that they built
and maintain them.
– MALEA: DORBA does a really
good job of organizing the trail workdays. – Knock the mesquite down… – RICHARD: DORBA is the
acronym for the Dallas Off-Road Bicycle
Association. [chainsaw starting] The trail itself has been 100%
maintained by volunteer hours. Last year was a record year for
us, we had over 10,000 hours contributed to trail maintenance
in North Texas, and on this trail alone,
we exceeded over 750 hours. That’s in one year. – You can hit those
mesquite stumps with your weedeater. Most of our work is in
cutting back the vegetation. [weedeater whirs] It’s a labor of love. – MALEA: Especially as much
as we’re out here, we owe it. But you know, we’re past
that now, I mean, this is where we want to be. [people chatting] – This is a good way
to stop work. A cold drink of
water and breakfast. – ROGER: We take a lot of
pride in the trail. We’re out here anywhere from
two to five times a week, running, riding the trails,
or maintaining the trails. – MALEA: This place is like
a gem in the Metroplex. I would highly recommend it. Oh my gosh, look at the sun. Wow!

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