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Changes to Curbside Single Stream Recycling in Moscow, Idaho

Changes to Curbside Single Stream Recycling in Moscow, Idaho

There have been big changes to Moscow’s
curbside mixed recycling program, and we know that it can be confusing. That’s why
we’re here to help you sort your recycling. Let’s start with what can go
loose in your recycling cart. First let’s start with plastics. You’ll want to make
sure that your plastics are a bottle or jug shape like these ones here, and
second you’ll want to make sure that they have a number one or a number two
on the bottom. Then they’re good to go loose in your recycling cart. Second is
tin and aluminum cans. If your cans are clean and dry, they’re good to go loose
in your recycling cart. And mix paper and cardboard that is clean dry and free of
food is also good to go in your recycling cart. Now let’s talk about what
goes in your trash. Anything marked with plastics three through seven will go in
your trash. Any plastics that are light and have a clamshell or hinged container
no matter the number like this solid container or this berry container will go
in your trash. Plastic bags or films of any kind also belong in the trash. Any
aluminum foil or tin pans will go in your trash. Aseptic packaging, for example this milk jug that has plastic on the inside and paper on the outside goes in
your trash. And any napkins or paper towels will also go in the trash. Make
sure that the items in your trash are bagged. Historically China has imported half the
world’s recyclables. In 2017 and 2018 China implemented severe restrictions on
the import of low-grade recycling materials. These restrictions have caused
dramatic worldwide impacts to recycling markets and effectively flooded the
domestic markets with recycling materials and driven prices to historic
lows. Currently domestic recycling processors
do not have the capability or infrastructure to handle the excess
tonnage of low grade materials caused by these restrictions. Moscow has eliminated
some of these low grade materials from our single stream program that are
ultimately being landfilled by processors at an inflated cost. The
decision was not taken lightly but rather an effort to maintain this
program’s economic viability. When you’re recycling cart is marked as contaminated,
you’ll get a notice like this on this side it says items that are frequently
found as contaminated in carts. On the other side is a recycling guide. We ask
that you remove the contaminated items and your cart will be serviced on your
next collection date. If you are confused about why your cart was marked as
contaminated or you need a service before your next collection date please
call Moscow recycling at 208-882-0590 for a house call. At a house call a
representative from the Moscow recycling center will come to your house and help
you sort your recycling. After we have worked together to remove contamination
your cart will be serviced. Moscow is privileged to have people who care about
responsible use of resources. If you’d like to learn more about our recycling
program please follow us on Facebook at Moscow Recycling and visit the recycling
page on the city of Moscow website

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