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Chased down with a GUN!! They wanted our bikes!! [Chase and Yummi Adventure Series]

Chased down with a GUN!! They wanted our bikes!! [Chase and Yummi Adventure Series]

Chase: It is not your… Yummi: It might have been a business like ten years ago Chase: I mean let’s be real that place made Chase: more with Walking Dead filming then it’ll ever make Chase: but.. Yummi: that’s what i am saying if we go out and go in here right here Yummi: right here and we go left Chase: bu- dude hell no, hell to the nizzy no Yummi: whyyy? Yummi: the railroad tracks are right there Chase: but course this is Yummi(over Chase): prime for the tracks Chase: let me show you the exit and then we can- and then we can talk Yummi: I just like I cannot believe they recorded walking dead here like Chase: no they absolutely did Yummi: we’re in the absolute f–king ghetto Yummi: the absolute ridiculous ghetto and they recorded… Chase: Wait do art studios and creator spaces take a love Yummi: Oh its createable oh god damn chris Yummi: gonna t-bone you Yummi: like this is not a good area and they recorded like what big Chase: woh where the f**k stuff people got it started way to kill someone I’m just going to go straight i guess dude I’ve never been this way i heard someone yelling and I’m a little scared you probably should be he was yelling I’m not sure what he was yelling at not sure if he was drunk probably was drunk I don’t know but if I had a gun from here oh I’ve never been this way all the way there’s a guy running after that’s oh we are probably going to die oh god hold on we’re going to die here i am pretty sure we are dead here oh shit there glass here be careful alright ready to die i’m ready to die huh what kind of bike what kind of bike? wr250 videos I’ve never been that way due to concentrate she has a good movie on what do we need to get a new he had a gun in his pocket he pulled his gun out are you serious i’m not joking chase he pulled my god we don’t like I’m not going I’m not going to be here I’m not gonna be around that look that kid not the tall one the other one he had a gun I’m not kidding either the big 21 took out his gun and then you put it back in his pocket as they were walking realize why he asked why we were recording only are you done I’m not kidding with you i’m going to zoom in that video after we’re done and you’re going to see this kid pull that gun out of his pocket he had a full gun and a large magazine probably double sacks probably eat around holy shit my blood I’m my big / stop I cannot believe that could take out we’re not stopping for anyone ever again ok care who they are holy shit i did not see that at all what do you think yes while we were recording I curiosity no no one runs you down asked what what kind of ice you have an ass while you’re recording and the little kid i’m not kidding walk back with his gym shorts and it had a gun in his left hand hitting face oh my god that was terrifying them in the ghetto like that man I’ve never stopping my god again okay well let me ask why I had a camera going yeah that was probably know what’s your idea you know what the plan was just the plan was to hold up and take both of our bikes that’s what the plan was ok so that’s always said that service typically the way i get there is i go on the sidewalk right up here and you can go to actually you know there’s no way like we can still get indeterminate I’m not like we’re like let’s look at those guys are right there and getting to hear on foot is a way quick no no we will not go with just you know my heart is pounding I’m sorry but we literally all just got held up at gunpoint of these cameras are going ok so this terminal it looks like it’s actively in business and shit but typically only the other side of terminal like that like the movie side this isn’t really exactly but what the movie sideways if you’re going that insurance and take a left that’s the movie side the reason I say this is slight sketch because we could go up on that thing or whatever but those dudes the Cedars opening the gate right here literally where we were when omg i thoght i was going to die thank god they started coming around the corner here chase I’m not I’m not I’m telling you I wanted to see this and now okay now we’re not hovering around here this I cannot believe I cannot I cannot believe it thirteen-year-old have a fully loaded Glock bigger than both of his hands come out oh my god a perfect moment where my invite will not go into the I cannot believe she’s got held up at gunpoint from my bike a thirteen-year-old i think it was definitely probably two parts guys whatever part this is any we’re going in this part here it might be part to my part 1 but I i I’m legitimately I’m flabbergasted I only know what word to use when when I just saw that could take out that gun and honestly this is one of those moments where Gophers just wanna say savers life because I don’t think you a shot but like if we want to give them bikes he definitely would have you know probably shot but I i would like to actually sit here and tell you that if we didn’t have these cameras going they were taking our bikes there is there’s no I’m not even question that they were taking our bikes that kid had a gun a fully-loaded probably Glock in his left hip coming out of his fucking pants as they walked away and he comes up to me and starts looking for asking why i’m recording what do you think i’m recording you you got my heart I didn’t see that shit at all dude I didn’t see it until they like with the other direction and started walking away and walk away he had the gun like this and they put it back into his pocket I’m not around that they go for a better because i’m going to zoom in and you’re going to see this that is the closest I’ve ever been to getting rocked in my life and I don’t have my concealed on me right now and like that asked if our cameras are going we could have just gotten a firefighter right there I’m not a firefighter like fire death but you pulled a gun on me i would like I’m saying just now it wouldn’t have been because we don’t have anything off right now we will be on the next part order we’re going to explore this area kinda just hover around it and not go exactly resisted the only shot i just i’m thinking about that now and like that area we were just in was like out of like it was in the corner of nothing so it was not like a regular road and nope like asshole shit ok guys make us like button to subscribe and share to me they are six essays on two wheels he has people like the videos we can make them love you guys hope you enjoyed the blogs and we’ll see you guys on the next part of so let’s take over right i mean at this point where it for mode edited

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