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Cheap Mountain Bikes | GMBN Presenter Challenge

Cheap Mountain Bikes | GMBN Presenter Challenge

– Right, today is the
cheap bike challenge. We’ve all been given a hundred pounds each to go away and buy a cheap mountain bike, and today we’re going
to put them to the test. (pounding music) – Oh my God. I nearly hit a tree! (pounding music) – Come on Toby. (laughing) – Oh my God. – Look at the grip he’s got. (pounding music) – Oh, oh, oh. (laughing) – Beavers been here. Ate that tree. – Oh! (pounding music) – One, two, three idiots. One of us is going to die. – A load of challenges. We don’t know what they are yet, but I’ve gone for the retro bike. Cost me 60 quid, this. The Persia Lynx Africa GTI, I
think it’s called, from 1987. Got 15 speeds. Everything’s original except for the grips and paddles, they’ve been upgraded. – Ha, ha. – Toby, what is that? – This is my Italian
handmade steel Ducale. – How many quid? Probably “Doo-call-a.” – “Dau-call” – It’s a Hi-ten. – It is. It’s got some really cool features on it. It’s got matching grip
shifter termack closed with a fake vetter for sound saddle. – But 100 quid? – And it’s got prototype
max assist mini SS. – Got suspension. That’s dual suspension. – Ha, ha, ha. – Now what is that? – Look at this. – How much you supposed to spend? – A hundred pound. – A hundred quid? – A hundred quid, yep. – A hundred quid. – A hundred quid, yep. – Really, Blake. – What’s that? You’ve got a shock works shock. – Shoreline trail, that’s
like four inches of travel. – Your stem is longer
than your bars are wide. – That’s four inches of travel. It’s for suspension. – It turns out Dave and
me used to race these. – See, now that’s what I thought. I thought I’d go for one of them. – They were quite expensive back then. – A hundred quid. – It’s kind of a little bit skewed, but. – A hundred quid. – I like how your toes
are backward to soar. – That is for extra grip when I do… – Tell you what, I hope
one of the challenges is seat banks challenges. You know, that is pogo’y. – I did wind it up cause
I wanted it to be soft. – This is a classic. – It’s a thing of beauty, isn’t it? – This is what I first started on. I had a 24 inch wheel version of this. – Yah. – The breaks are not so good. – Look how long those chain stays are. – Chrome plated rims plus cables have not been replaced. Try one finger braking. – It’s like a clutch lever. – It doesn’t even go… (laughing) It doesn’t even go… – It’s like a 1980’s mobile clutch lever. – So, mine’s made in Italy. – Made in France. – Where is yours made from, Blake? – Marin. (Talking over each other) – Mountain bikes were
born there, weren’t they? – Yeah, not that one. – Marin county. – Friction shift notice index stuff, so. There’s a lot of friction. – Do you what, with the chrome wheels. Good luck being a bit
muddy out in the woods. It’s not going to work. – My tires have got like a
single ridge down the middle. – Super fast. – Super fast on the road,
but when you lean over, you’re on the knobbies. – Look at the geometry, this. – It’s ingenious. – This is modern geometry. – I like the tires. – Aren’t they cool?
– Yeah. – It’s alright. – Ducale. – Prototype Maxxis tires. Zoom suspension fork. – Is that the fastest fork in the town? – (mumbles) top out it hurts. – Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump. – Tires look pretty fast. – They are, yeah. – I like that you got some
nice grip on the edge. – There’s a weight transition
to the corner knobs. – Looks like a fairly budget old’ish bike. – I’m quite keen on this
old magnolia wallpaper kind of paint job. – Very Italian. – Where is your kickstand going? – Hey, we’re all running three by. – Yeah. – So there’s a climbing challenge. I think we’re all going to be even. Maybe me with a bit more traction. – Hmm. What is this? Number one. – Oh, what is this? I was wondering, who is the postman coming in with post. – It’s the old pay 45. (laughing) – Do you want, no. Brake test. (laughing) – Your brakes, too. That’s what you were talking about. – Before we go, we need
to check we can stop. Well, I know I can’t stop. The front brake, sort of. – I’m pretty confident. Are you confident? – The brakes work, but
I’ve got no traction. – Hmm, so what is in the… – We just have to stop. Whoever stops first.
– Yeah. We’ll ride along side by side, and whoever stops first is the winner. Cool. (soothing music) – [Camera Man] Three, two, one, stop! (laughing) – My front brake case under the rim. – Two fingers weren’t effective. – Mine’s got four fingers. I think you need to get new brakes. (laughing) – Nice. So, verdict? I think, Neil, you don’t have brakes, but is full gas with one finger. Good luck on the trail. You’ll be the fastest, that’s for sure. (soothing music) Alright, so who’s gonna win
this pro-bike challenge, then? Right, so just to explain this, we’re gonna fit the nearest light to light to what we have today. So, which is the lightest? Well, clearly this is the Ducale. So I win this category. (laughing) Gears, bearing in mind
that it’s more fashionable, more appropriate to have
one by 11, one by 12. The nearest to that is you. – I could even go…
– Is that a 15? – I could go one by five if wanted to. It’s insane. – Suspension, who has the most? Well… – Most usable suspension. – Head angle, ironically
the slightest is Neil. I got it right the first time around. – Yeah, we’re talking
about a classic here. They made a Persia 205 GTI. – And then they stopped
making good cars after that. – The bike equivalent. Yeah. – That was the last of a good stent. Bar width, you win that one as well. Widest bars, and you’ve
got the shortest stem. – You just put your grips out further. – And it’s the best looking. – And if we’re gonna
have long chain stage, you’d win that as well. It’s got those, too. – Oh, wow. – And it’s got cyclist brakes on it. All around, so pretty
much Neil wins pro bike. – We’ll see it on the trail, though. We’ll see if your brakes
work on that trail. – I think Diffy’s gonna
win that challenge. – I don’t think he is
gonna win that challenge. – Time to get these beautiful beasts out onto the trail, and the bikes, too. (thumping music) – I don’t envy you, Neil. – Gonna topple over us, isn’t it? – Wow! – This is where I fell off last week. – One, two, three idiots. One of us is gonna diet. – Staight down to… – I don’t like the look of that sign. – The challenge. – Oh no.
Here we go. – Oh, what have we got here. – Let’s take a guess. – What could we have here? – Wow, we’ve just hiked
up the worst trail ever. – And predictably, we’re gonna
race down the (mumbling.) Fastest time wins. – He’s putting him in the race. That mean you’re like, with no brakes, gonna be the fastest. – Oh well, we’ll see what happens. (beating music) – [Camera Man] Three, two, one, go. – Don’t snap my chain. Oh my God.
I nearly hit a tree! (laughing) Oh, no. (beating music) Oh, tree. Oh, brakes. (laughing) Yes. I keep changing gear. (screaming) I survived. – Have you engaged dyno
mode on your Zoom fork? – Um, yeah. – Three, two, one, go. (fast paced music) – Well, to be honest,
when I come into corners, cause I’ve got these massive grip shifts, I keep going (creaking) in the turns and I’ve go no gears, but that was so fricking fun. I dread to feel like
what Neil’s gonna feel like coming down here. Here comes Doddy. There’s a tricky section up there. Like you could go horribly wrong. (intense music) Go get it. Watch that tree. Yeah Come on. Blimey. (laughing) – Just how out of control I was. – How much fun is that? – I’m going for three
fingers on the brakes. My thumb and my little fingers
grasping onto the bars. – [Camera Man] Three, two, one, go. (base music) – Oh my God. (base music) (mumbles) (laughing) – Oh, lucky you’re wearing padded pants, cause holy moly. Here comes Neil. Oh, wow. – He’s going fast. Look at him go. His feet are on the pedals. Watch that tree, Neil. Well, he’s pedaling. Look how fast he is. (mumbling) (laughing) – Oh nice, I mean they’re
same gears their age, doesn’t it. – My gear’s changing. We’re gonna need them. We’ve got a climb coming up. – My headset is very loose. – Is it? – Clunking. Not surprised. – How many gears you got? – Fifteen. – Good luck. There’s a climb coming up. – Only 10 will work. – He’s got a bigger range of
gears than you though, Blake. – Has he? – Yeah. – He’s got a smaller small
gear and a bigger big gear. – Fire Road climb. – Fire Road, man. What’s that all about? – Don’t know. It’s sending us to a steep part. Oh, Neil, you’re amazing. (talking over each other) Do you know what? You’re struggling up that. Make sure you don’t get, like. Oh, challenge. You know what it is? – No, come on. – Techy climb. You’ve got the gears, but
do you have the skill? Tech climb challenge. Furthest up the hill, this hill. – Oh dude, that’s steep. – This hill. The furthest up this hill wins. – Well we prefer these slicks. You’ve got mountain bike tires. – You’ve got a bottle
cage that’s got a weight on one tire on it. – No excuses now. – That’s a cross country
stand rider position. – A bit worried for you Neil, cause you struggling going up that. – Alright, who’s first? – I reckon he’s got quite a wide range of gears on that bike. You might be alright. – I’ve got the most gears. (base music) – Neil’s going first. He’s going for a run up. (mumbling) (laughing) Go on, Neil. – Go on, please. – You look like you’re struggling already. (laughing) – He’s getting there. He’s getting there. – Not too bad, you’ve got
some diesel in those legs. – Oh, out of the saddle. – Don’t snap that chain. (laughing) – He’s up! He’s up. – Aw. – Is that the summit? – That’s quite good. – See if you go that way. – We need to go further? – Yeah, you got through the mossy bit. – Alright. – Good luck. I think I have got a disadvantage with poor suspension. – You got traction, though. – There you go. – You got loads of traction. – No. – Don’t talk your way
out of it now, Blake. – Oh, yeah. That’s a lot of work. Go on Doddy. Doddy’s got the legs of an ox, and he pretends he can do well. (panting) – The Italian climbing machine. Ducale. – The British… – Go on! – That wasn’t bad. – That’s not bad. I’m quite nervous. – It’s that massive cassette. – I’ve got a wheel spinning. – Is that a 50 tooth cassette? – Yes it is. It’s a prototype Prime
Eagle is what it is. Good work, Ducale. Climbed quite well. Soars like an albatross. – Quite nervous. I’m gonna go full hammer. I am not gonna give two
ticks about them two. Full sprint mode. – He rode Marin in the ’90s. – Blake Samson, up. – Earthquake Jake Wilson. – Earthquake Jake. – He was a down hiller. – Yeah, true. – Earthquake, I’ll make an earthquake, cause I’m gonna summit this beast. Ready? You are, am I? – That looks easier on he. – His stem is like… – Look at the grip he’s got. – It’s my stem. Oh, my gosh, more power. More power, more… (laughing) (heavy breathing) That’s a. – Awesome going. Next challenge, are you ready? Hopefully it’s like trick challenge. Bike Vault. (beating music) Three minutes, best photo wins. Time starts now. Alright, come Tom, we’re
going to the sunlight. Let’s go this way. Keep running, Tom, keep running. (chain breaking) – Oh! Well I’m not pedaling that. Oh that’s quite nice, actually. A trail in the background. – Good light here. Tires up. Propping the bike up with a magic stick. Nice autumnal colors. Getting the camera ready. Come down here. – Run Tom, don’t fall. Beavers been here, at that tree. Look at the sun. Sun, mountain bike, trail. We need to find a trail, Tom. – Need a stick, need a stick. (stick breaking) It’s not going to work. Yes. – Now there’s my picture. I’m going to light it behind
so its going to be more orangy. (mumbles) Nice autumnal colors there. It is 15 surrounding. – [Camera Man] Nice. – I’m good. I’m good with that. – Very nice here. I think it’ll do. Bike, drive side, pedals, three o’clock. It’s against the tree. I’ve got the trail going over there. Look at that beast. I’m so proud of my bike. And so you should be. Look at that. – I’m good with that. I can’t get up into the sun into time, so I’m alright with that. Me and my bike on the trail. – Pretty good for an old girl. Nature, cool shot of the bike. It’s a bit disappointing. Hmm. Get a bit artsy, a bit more trees. One more. That’s the angle, a bit of tree. – Been getting of one here anyway. There we go. Happy days. We’re done. – How much time we got? – [Camera Man] Thirty seconds. – Thirty seconds. I’m gonna take and edit. It’s all in the editing
process here now, Tom. – Well, good. And it looks great in
its natural surroundings. – Right, now with 30 seconds, I’m gonna stick it in light room. – [Camera Man] Fifteen seconds. – Fifteen seconds? Oh, no. Auto, auto. – A light room, Tom, quick Tom. How much time we got, Tom? – [Camera Man] Seven seconds. – Seven sec, I, oh, that’s my wife. Quick, seven seconds. (beeping) – [Camera Man] Five, four. – Now that’s what I… – [Camera Man] Two, one. – Auto! (laughing) – [Camera Man] Save it. – I’m just going to, done. Blue sky, autumnal feel. Look, look at it. Perfect, let’s go back and
let’s win this challenge. – We’ve got ourselves a banger. – [Camera Man] Oh, look at that. And time is up. – Three minutes, it was supposed to be to take a photo that’s
supposed to be super nice. – I reckon he’s taken three minutes to get down there in the light. – He’s ridden into the light, hasn’t he? – Yeah, he likes bending
the rules, doesn’t he? (calm music) (bike gears grinding) – I’m pulling away. See you at the top, Tom. – There he is, bending the rules as usual. – Take your time, Blake. – This isn’t free ride, Blake. Cross some rule. – It’s supposed to be three minutes to get the photo, not
ride down in three minutes to find where you’re gonna take it. – Did you give up, because
that bike’s so ugly anyway? (laughing) – Rule bending again? – Can’t pass the test. – You can actually ask
Tom, the videographer man, three minutes, and I had
time to edit it as well. – What, through a filter? – Yep? – You’re supposed to be
back here in three minutes. – Oh, really? – Yeah. – You’re supposed to take a picture and get back here in three minutes. – No. – You didn’t ready it, you
went (crunching) and threw it. – It didn’t say that. It was the same rule as
the 100 quid bike rule. – That was a hundred quid. (laughing) – We’ve done a few challenges boys, how are the bikes holding up? – Um, mine’s making a noise. – That’s the standard top panel you get with a high performance shock. – OK. – Well, even the bike from the
100 quid full suspension bike isn’t even going to stand
up to too much abuse. – No, and the chain keeps coming off. – Doddy, your fork looks a bit suspect. – Yeah, it feels a bit jonky, to be fair. – My bike is not taking
the abuse very well. – Well your headset’s loose, there. – The lower headset cup
is moving, I’m afraid. (talking over each other) Not really up to the big abuse. We got another challenge. – Thanks mate. – What do you think this is going to be? – It’s a paycheck. – Blake, you may like this one. It’s jumping. Huck your mate. No hucking going here. – No. Ascend over these table tops. Most competent jumper wins. – Well, I am, I like jumping. Yeah, I love jumping, but
then getting this thing in the air, I’m like curious. To me, that feels like
there’s a snap on impact. (talking over each other) Scary, it’s like this
little wire thing going through my hub holding my front wheel up. I don’t like get off
when you land full crash. – That’s happened before. – Oh, brilliant. You going to get that in the air? – Attempt it. (soothing music) (laughing) – Doddy is scared. Doddy is nervous. – If you’re as tall as me riding a bike as small as this, you might be. – I’m actually quite nervous for you. – And he goes off. – Good luck. – Ah. – He’s actually clearing jumps. – Ah. Ah. – I’m not really sure I’m even gonna go over the first jump. – You can’t? – No, dude, it’s terrifying. – Is it? – Yeah, it actually is. – I like the chips
you’ve got on your chain. – I’m a bit disappointed about that. – I wouldn’t. – I know, I would like
to put some tape on it. It stresses me out, that sort of thing. – Patina. – Well, it can’t be that bad. – Good luck. – Ah, that’s Doddy. Ride Doddy. Go Doddy. (beeping) (laughing) Nice, that was pretty good. I think that was Steve Jones shouting at me in the woods. Let’s try a one. Full suspension, slow start bike. Oh. – See if you can get any more air. Oh, that’s a big jump. (soothing music) Unsurprisingly, the fork suspension of Blake’s Marin combined
with his jumping talents have proved a one-sided
battle in this challenge. Neil put up a brave fight, though, and the pogo is looking good. – OK now, what we got next? OK, to Frial’s trail. – Oh. – Build your own short trialy
traily loop, then race. – Race? Bloody hell. – Kick start. – At base gears. Alright. – I’m going to pump this thing right up. – Pump it. – Can’t mess with these settings. – Yeah, don’t mess with that. Doddy’s already messed with that and made it real horrible. – I made it better for you. You couldn’t ride it before, now you can. (soothing music) – I don’t know what gear to go in, boys. What gear do you reckon? – Bigger rings, pretty ambitious. – Yeah, that is true. – Drops out anyway. (laughing) – Blimey. – [Camera Man] Three, two, one, go. – Give me a trailer. – Boy, he’s done it. (laughing) – This is scary a bit, though. (laughing) That was terrible. (laughing) – Well done. The first part was good. – Gear selection is key. – Gear 12. I’ve got one gear and once
I’m going, I can’t change it. (laughing) It’s alright, hopefully
you’ll get that first bang, but I’m not feeling confident. – [Camera Man] Three, two, one, go. Getting it! (laughing) – Wheels spinning on his log. This bit is a turn I
thought, hopping wise. – Guy’s, done it before. Look at that. (laughing) – He went straight for that loop. (laugh) That’s pretty funny. (talking over each other) – Line choice. I saw it. Did you see line choice? – [Camera Man] Three, two, one. – Go, yeah. He’s going rip. (laughing) Got it. – No brakes. – Let’s see it. Hop it. – No, I’m on the wrong, ah. (laughing) – Ah, you nearly… Ah, that’s ridiculous. That little bike looks like BMX on you. – It feels like it. Alright, so we’re ready now. Time for the scores. I have the results. – Who’s the best budget bike? – Right, OK, so first up, brake test. I think we all knew this one. Neil, unfortunately, you
got a one on that one, and I got a two, and so
you won that one, Blake. – You got v-brakes. – No, that doesn’t do much when the front one goes under the wheel. – Should’ve stopped him fast on his face. – So, pro bike, Blake. – What? That is the most pro looking bike. – It’s really heavy, though, isn’t it? Steep angles, long stem, narrow bars. – Mine’s more modern than yours. – I got a two on that one. – But you won pro bike. – He did. But look at it, the slack,
it had all the wide bars, the short stem, the long chain. It’s mid-weight. – Fifteen gears? – That’s pretty old for this… – You too. – It’s not that bad. Downhill race. OK, so no surprise here. And Blake in second. (talking over each other) – Nearly falling. What the heck? – I wasn’t surprised to see that last one. (talking over each other) – Probably laughing. – So, Neil, you got a one. I got a two. You got a three. No surprises. – What did our lovely viewers
think about our bikes? Are they for bike bomb? – Um, I quite sad about this
one cause they overlooked it. They’re tallying based
was sadly only got a one. – Ah. – No, and Blake, you got a two. – What, again? – Retro, everyone likes retro. – Followers on Instagram, actually voted who had the coolest picture
which one was super nice, and it’s alright, mine was super nicest. – And then onto jumps, again I don’t think any surprises here. Mine was quite terrifying. – Woo hoo. – Neil’s, wherever you are. – Yeah, it’s Blake. – Blake’s. – Yeah, I was getting a bit
scared when I was pushing it a little bit hard on the bigger jumps. QR’s man. They’re gonna stop them. – This is really surprising. – The time who was fastest. – Yeah, and bear in mind
that Blake rode it all. – Yeah, no running. – So Blake, you got a one. – One? But I didn’t cheat. – I knew it felt spongy. Could’ve just ridden
it through those logs. Your rule was to have the bike between your legs, wasn’t it, remember? – Someone didn’t have
that between their legs. – I had bike between
my legs the whole time. – No, I didn’t. – Oh, you got three bikes, yeah. – Cheater. (laughing) – Now, to the money. This is for it all. – Yeah, 100 quid. – Speaking of cheeks. – 100 quid. – Wow, mine cost me 60 quid,
so I’m gonna win that, surely. – How much was yours? – Oner. – Hundred pound? – A ton. – Mine was 100 pound. – No it wasn’t. – What was your really, Blake? – 130 pound. – 130 quid. – Yeah, now you know I spent
extra out of my own pocket. 30 pound to get a better bike. – Does this give you a minus? – Come on, let’s see how
the scores add up first. – I won. (talking over each other.) I nearly won. Me in third. – The thing is, I really like that bike. It’s cool, but taken off
road, it’s not ideal. – It’s not suitable, is it? – I actually think that is going to become my new commuter bike, and if I was to buy any bike in this room, it would actually be. (talking over each other) – So you would spend an extra little bit of cash to make it a bit more viable. – 130 quids. – Put some decent tires on
it and a set of wider bars, it’s not too bad, really is it? – Wider bars, tires, yeah. – But it’s upgradable,
like mine’s too old. You can’t really do much with it. – Yeah. – But that is, you could change everything if you really wanted to. – Yeah, yeah, definitely. – So for an extra few pennies, you get yourself a better bike
you can upgrade in the end. Yeah? – Yeah, the less said about
Ducale, the better on this. (talking over each other) – I mean with 30 quid
more, you could have that. – That’s crazy, isn’t it? It goes to show you don’t really need a super expensive bike to have some fun out there on the trails. – Oh no, 100%. It was great fun. – You just need to have a
little bit of skill, some fun. Enjoy it with your mates, and then, yeah. – I say, what should we do next for a good cheap bike challenge? – Oh, cheap bike challenge number two. – Would you upgrade any of the bikes that you can see here with us? – I would. I’ve got a few upgrades
I can do with that. – I think it’s worth doing
something with that bike again. – Definitely. – Meanwhile, subscribe
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