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Cherapunjee | NOT the Wettest? | Meghalaya EP 2 | Tamil

Cherapunjee | NOT the Wettest? | Meghalaya EP 2 | Tamil

(screaming) WOOWW! Good morning. Welcome back to the channel, how are you doing? We are right now in Guwahati. In this Meghalaya series, we are travelling from Guwahati on rented bikes. We have 5 Himalayans. I’ll show you the bikes shortly. If you haven’t subscribed to the channel yet, do SUBSCRIBE. And don’t forget to hit that bell icon, only then … you’ll be notified of the future episodes. and you’ll get more amazing travel videos. as well as travel tips. If you haven’t watched the previous episode of this travel series, definitely go check that out. We shall start our journey now. I’ll show you the bikes first. We have Number Plate Gowtham with us as well. The people on this trip, are known to us through one way or another. Friends, and a few social media friends. Those are the people on this trip. From the Maldives. Super excited. This is a highly anticipated trip. So watch the entire series, as well as this video. Let’s start our journey! So, we have four Himalayans here. The Himalayan that I’m going to ride, is here. The Himalayan Sleet I’m going to be riding this for the next 6 days. Excited. Let’s just pray there are no issues with the bike. Already, we have a Himalayan with a leaking fuel tank. It had leaked fuel over the night. We can’t take that himalayan on this trip. So, we need to check with the Rental if we can get another bike. But the rental company isn’t open this early. So, the trip is getting slightly delayed. But let’s see. We might get a better motorcycle. You shouldn’t be exactly behind anyone. Be diagonally behind the next rider. Gowtham: yes, you should be like this. If there’s too much traffic, you can be directly behind a person, but maintain distance. Ok, let’s start. Okay, we have finally started. and one SUV. Two people are on board the SUV. And our extra luggage is on that vehicle. AWESOME (funny accent) The weather is good. Time is around 8:30AM right now. Temperature is around 14 degrees I think. About 14 to 16 degrees. Right now in the streets of Guwahati. Clean Guwahati! Meghalaya! Home to the clouds. Thats what it means in Sanskrit. 2/3rd of this state is covered with mountaineous forests You might already know, the capital is Shillong. Also known as the Scotland of the East. We are not exploring Shillong today. But we are heading to Sohra via Shillong. We are right now on our way to Umiam lake. There is a breakfast break before that. That will be our first stop. Don’t know exactly how many kms. The leader should stop accordingly. In this trip, maybe only for today, I’m the tail. I’ve to ensure that no one falls behind me. This is not too difficult, because we have only 4 bikes. We will have one more bike joining. The bike that was leaking fuel, will be replaced with another bike, and they will join us. Probably they’ll join us at the breakfast point. Such problems will definitely arise. You have to manage them. A lot of people ask in the comments in the Ladakh videos. “will there be any problems with the bike, bro? I reply to many of them saying, I can’t guarantee that problems won’t come. but I can guarantee that you will be able to handle those problems. When those problems surface, you will definitely be able to handle them. You should be able to. Only then you will be able to do such trips properly. Shillong, 80kms away. Okay, so everyone has had their breakfast. I’m on my fast as usual. So, we are about to resume the ride. On our way to Umiam lake. It’s about 30kms from here. I’ve heard that this highway and this route is going to be amazing. So, I’m gonna enjoy a lot. Weather is also peaceful. Shall we go? To properly get on the bike, put on the side stand, and mount on it like a horse. Btw, the fifth bike was a Dominor. Odd one out (chuckling) But really, all the bikes are performing very well. So, a detour from the highways for the lake. Wow, look at this lake This is Umiam lake I guess. Beautiful, right? Shillong is apparently 18kms from here. It’s really a huge lake man.. We need to head this way for the lake. Orchid Lake Resort. We are right now at the Umiam lake. So, far the ride was nice. Just going to spend some time here, and move on to the next place. Let’s see if we can get some good shots here. Meera: Done? Me: Yeah Meera: Shall we go? We have roamed around the lake. I did take some drone shots. But we had to hurry up, so couldn’t take them properly. It is now 12PM. So, our fasting ends with a protein bar. We don’t know when we will stop for lunch after this. Because the others had breakfast just a while back So, let’s see. Woohoooo!!! This is amazing!! The bike and this terrain. A great combination It will be great to see some offroad sections. Definitely there will be. How can it not be, in our itinerary? If it wasn’t why would I even take a Himalayan for this ride. I didn’t want to edit this portion at all. It is just beautiful, in its rawest. Experience it. Actually, there is a waterfall called the Elephant falls, which we are going to skip. We heard that it’s not really great right now, with the low water level as well. So, we might as well explore something else instead of that. We have taken a diversion towards Mawkynroh. Next stop at Mawlong. Around 50kms from here. Looks like a military area. Govt. of Meghalaya, Mawkynroh – Umshing Police Outpost Mawkynroh. In front of me, is Gowtham. His silencer is shaking crazy, don’t know what’s the problem. Hope it doesn’t fall off. What is it standing on? That’s why the sound is different from the exhaust. More 16kms for lunch. Looks like a golf course. But families are enjoying their weekends casually on these grounds. It really is a golf course, but nobody seems to be playing golf here. Looks like it is open to public. This is nice, enjoying on a maintained grass like this. Many of you, wouldn’t have heard of Sohra. What about Cherapunjee? Yes, Cherapunjee IS Sohra. Since tourists call it Cherapunjee, it was Cherapunjee a few years back. But locals always used Sohra, and now it is officially Sohra. So, we’ll call it Sohra here after. Though to the outside world, it is known as Cherapunjee, it’s actual name is Sohra. HeadQuarters 101 Area. Eastern command Aramgarh (rest house) is present here. People in the army (or related to it) would be able to relate. But for those who don’t understand, … here is a tank. and this is an Army cantonment area. We are right now in Shillong. and we are crossing Shillong now. We will be stopping for lunch after this point. More 15 to 17 kms for that. Shillong Cantonment Board DARE TO WIN – INDIAN ARMY My dad was also in the Indian Army. Retired. So, when I see such cantonment areas, I’m reminded of my childhood days. Because up until college, I was with my dad, wherever he was posted. We used to move state after state, and got used to military cantonments. We used to be always in such areas. And very less exposed to civil life. So, I’m always feel nostalgic, when I see military establishments like these. Cherapunjee, means Land of Oranges. We would have read in our geography books. Cherapunjee being the wettest place on earth. But the real fact is that there is a place called Mawynsram, … which receives more rainfall than Sohra every year. So, that is really the wettest place. Nonetheless, Sohra still has the world record for receiving the highest amount of rainfall. Between the years 1860, and 1861, … Sohra, received a record high rainfall that year. There are a lot of interesting info on Meghalaya like this. I’ll try to share more such things in upcoming episodes as well. So, don’t miss them. and watch them in entirety. (screaming in excitement) This stretch feels great. If you watched the video so far, and you liked it, then … go to the comments below and post “North East Dream” There was a diversion here, elephant falls on the right, and Sohra on the left. We just cross Upper Shillong right now. This stretch was full of pine forests. It was really nice. It was suddenly chilling. It was really cold. It looked like out of a wallpaper scenery. We’re getting late, so we didn’t stop for any pictures. We just enjoyed it and moved on. WOW! Beautiful! You just said, it’s the wettest place, but you may ask, where is the rain? That’s because the time of our trip is January. And there is no rainfall during the winters. In monsoons, you will see full greenery here. But when it’s not monsoon, you can see something unique here. The whole landscape is brown toned. because of the grass drying up, without being dead. It really is beautiful to see. Greenery is quite common for us, but landscape like this, is a little unique. Not sure if you can see it in the mirror. Look at the bikes in our squad. Can you see? Dunno. Only while editing, I’ll be able to know. The sun is starting to set right now. If we reach the valley before sunset, we might be able to take some good shots. That’s why we are rushing right now. The Himalayan is performing really well. Perfect bike for this terrain. I can see the sun set now. As the sun is setting, the temperature is dropping. The temperature would be around 12 degrees. 12 – 14 degrees. But because of the wind, it feels like 6 degrees. That’s why I couldn’t wear those riding gloves any more. It got too cold. So, I took off those gauntlet gloves, and wore these winter gloves. This feels good now. Coniferous resort. Look at that sunset. We better hurry up. Coniferous forests. Coniferous forest consist of cone shaped trees. Something I studied when I was young. Usually, the trees where the climate is cold, are cone shaped. The snowing areas usually have the cone shaped trees. Really beautiful bridge, right? Look how beautiful this is. There is a small stream beneath. Beautiful. I can see the stream till there. There is a small bridge over there too. A foot bridge This is beautiful, beautiful. Seriously, this is super beautiful. (I really can’t express it with words). Ziplining activity available here. A drone shot would be good here. So, I’ll go ahead of everyone and get the shot ready, and ask the rest of them to come. We can shoot them as they are coming towards us. It’s getting dark really fast now. And getting really cold too. And the fog also has started to set in. Looks like the night is going to be tough on us. Need to try maximum to reach before dark. If you open the map and look at Meghalaya, it is between Assam and Bangladesh. There are many places in the North East which are not popularised by tourism, that we need to explore. Let’s explore them in the future one by one. Guess the time right now. What about 7PM? 8PM? No its not.. Look at this. Can you see? Time is 5:10PM. It is only 5PM, and see how dark it is. Sun sets by 4:30. By 4:30, I would be usually having tea at home. We’ve reached Sohra. We have to reach our home stay now. Hiraba homestay Guys, I hope you enjoyed the video. We are right now in Sohra. Also known as Cherapunjee What do you think the time is, right now? 8 or 9? Actually the time is 5:30PM. We reached just now. It is so dark at 5:30. The sun set at 4:30PM here. Similarly, the sun will rise by 4:30AM We will be starting early tomorrow. This ride was really amazing. The Himalayan performed really well. It was enjoyable The greenery, mountains, the fog. all of that was really nice. The plan for tomorrow is a surprise. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE. only then you will know what’s in store for the next episode. If you enjoyed this video, you know what to do. Hit LIKE. Comment your feedback. Share this video with your friends. Adventures will continue. I’ll see you in the next video. Till then tata bye.

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