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Benefits of cycling
Choose Life. Choose Bike.

Choose Life. Choose Bike.

Today across the world, millions of
people commuted to work. The average traffic speed in London was below 16
miles per hour, and commuters in New York spent almost an hour and a half on
crammed public transport. In Berlin, commuters spent almost two full days sat
in stationary congestion in 2017. And 76% of Parisians have said they would take a pay
cut to avoid their daily commute. But tomorrow could be different.
This morning there was a growing group of people who chose to beat the rush. They chose to be
faster, fitter, smarter and healthier. They chose to ditch the car, ditch the bus and
ditch the tube. They chose bike. And you can too. On only a 6 mile commute you could
burn around 500 calories, save hundreds of pounds every month and
reduce our carbon footprint by half a tonne every year – the equivalent of a
transatlantic flight. You also become more productive at work,
meaning you can spend more time out of work – perfecting those origami skills, dating
that guy you like, or taking up acroyoga. Tomorrow you can choose to join the few
– to save money, save time, save the planet and get in shape. You can Choose Life. Choose Bike.

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