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Chris Froome’s Pinarello Bolide Time Trial Bike

Chris Froome’s Pinarello Bolide Time Trial Bike

– This stunning bike right here
is Chris Froome’s Pinarello. Pinarello Lab Bolide, a time trial bike, and it is possibly one
of the fastest bikes that is going to be used at
this year’s Tour de France. I’m going to get to the frame in a second, but I’m going to start at
the very top of the bike where he’s using Fizik’s
time trial specific saddle. That is the Ares that has metal rails, Fizik call their metal rails K:ium, and it also has a bit
of grip tape on top just to help Chris Froome
when he’s sliding forward on the saddle in his
aerodynamic tucked position. Moving forward from that, we get to one of the signature touches of Team Sky’s time trial bikes, that is the 3D printed
titanium handle bars. Apparently, there are only
select riders that have them, but these come in around £10,000 so what’s that, about $15,000 a go. So, the 3D printed titanium extends to, well extends funnily enough, right the way to the
end of the extensions. The brake lever’s are
also 3D printed titanium. One of the coolest things, actually an update since I
last looked at Team Sky bike, is the 3D printed Garmin mount. That’s been reshaped. It’s got a pointed end now, just to make it a little
bit more aerodynamic. Each set of 3D printed titanium handlebars is heavily customised to
suite each of the riders. Your frontal aero is one
of the most important aerodynamic aspects when
you’re time trialling, so to get as aerodynamic as possible, they make bars that
allow the riders to get into their absolute perfect position, a position that perhaps
they may not be able to get into using stock components. If we go right to the
end of the extensions, Froome has Dura-Ace Di2 shifters. He’s actually turned them inwards. Usually, those buttons
would be facing upwards, instead has them inwards. The mechanics have
added a lot of grip tape to stop his hands sliding. Froome’s a rider who often prefers to time travel with no gloves, so that extra bit of
grip is really important. Had my hands on the shifters
earlier, and it’s actually, although it is not perhaps the way in that Shimano intended
the shifters to be used, it’s quite an intuitive way to shift when your hands are on the extensions. Moving back from there,
like I said the other day, the brake lever’s are 3D printed titanium. There are two custom carbon
fibre Dura-Ace Di2 shift buttons on each of the time trial brakes. The brake lever’s are connected to Pinarello Bolide TT brakes, so the brakes are part of
the overall frameset here, as is the aerodynamic seat post. The shifters are connected to
Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 mechs. So, there’s an old style
Dura-Ace Di2 front mech and a newer Shimano
Dura-Ace Di2 rear mech. That’s purely coincidental. It’s because Sky have taken a little while to upgrade their TT bikes to
the newest version of Dura-Ace, and they’re doing it piece by piece. The chain-set, that’s
the brand new Dura-Ace. That includes Stages powermeter, so it’s got a dual sided Stages
powermeter to give Froome real depth of data to
analyse after his races. The chain rings, they’re all symmetric, a personal preference of Chris Froome’s, and they are an incredible, ahead of a very flat Tour
de France time-trial. 46 inner, 58 outer. The chain is Shimano and the
cassette is also Shimano, that’s Dura-Ace, and
that’s an 11 through to 28. In terms of wheels, wheel choice is probably
quite a difficult decision for many time trial specialists to make. You got to get it exactly
right, improve aerodynamics, and go as fast as possible. Up front right now, Froome
has got a Shimano C60, and on that is a Continental
Competition Pro Limited ALX, 25 millimetre wide tubular tyre. That’s likely to change. Ahead of the time trial, he might go for a tri-spoke front wheel, he may go for a deeper front wheel. Who knows? On he back, he’s got a Pro. Pro is Shimano’s in-house
componentry brand. Textreme Disc rear wheel, and that’s a really interesting shape. So, the drive side is dead flat and the non-drive side is lenticular, and the tyre on that disc wheel is a Continental Podium TT tubular tyre. That’s also 25 millimetres wide. Pedals are Shimano Dura-Ace,
they’re the latest version, and the bottle cage is
a very, very subtle, very light-weight Elite Leggero
carbon fibre bottle cage. So what about the finishing touches then? Finishing touches are
something I always talk about as ways to, pro-cyclists
and pro- team mechanics, elevate the bikes and make them truly pro. But, where do you go
with finishing touches on a bike that is as cool as this? You’ve got 3D printed
titanium handle bars, one of the classiest of
all finishing touches. You have skateboard grip tap cut out and perfectly placed by the mechanics on every concept point
on those handle bars, so that Froome’s hands don’t slip. You’ve got grip tap on the saddle. You have got foam custom
cut to perfectly fit where Froome has his elbows on the bike. I don’t really think you can go anywhere with the finishing touches,
but possibly you can because Sky have added a few more. They’ve added a couple bits of resin here just to make sure that
the chain can’t possibly come off along side the
K-Edge chain catcher. They have perfected the shape
of the Garmin mount out front, which I think is just super cool. They got the name sticker, of course. You gotta have that as a pro-cyclist, and they’ve even got grip
tape on the shifters. This is probably the
most next level pro bike, and the most next level TT
bike, I’ve ever looked at. So this TT bike is yet to be
perfectly dulled in for Froome, so we’re gonna give the
measurements a pass. Broadly speaking, bike weight
for a really flat time trial is perhaps less relevant than
it might be for a road bike in a really hilly mountain
state, for example, so we’re gonna pass on that as well. We are, however, going to
do the free hub sound test. (clicking) It’s quite loud and I feel less at risk of having my nose sliced
off by getting close. I have absolutely loved
looking at this bike. It’s a stunner. Let us know your thoughts
down in the comments, and if you like it too, don’t
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  1. It's a bit like when I watch a science programme, I really enjoy it think I'm learning something then 11:5 seconds later I've completely forgotten every detail!! 🎓

  2. And here, cleverly hidden in the rear wheel are some EPO syringes…
    Just incase Chris gets into trouble whilst on the road.

  3. Someone worthy should use that awesome bike!! Dont help CHEATERS rape the cycling sport, like Chris Froome!! Remove your endorsements for someone WORTHY! Not Drug ABUSERS!!

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