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Clean & Lubricate Speedometer Cable – CB450SC Motorcycle

Clean & Lubricate Speedometer Cable – CB450SC Motorcycle

Hey how’s it going people BrownBrady here And in this episode I’m gonna show you how I cleaned And lubricated The speedometer cable on my bike Which is a 1983 Honda Nighthawk 450 So let’s get to it The first thing I’m gonna do is To put it up on the rear stand And now behind the speedometer I’m going to unscrew this cable There we go Then I’m just gonna fish it out At the wheel end of the speedometer cable Is a screw I am just going to unscrew that So I just pull it out Let me pull it out this way Now I’m going to pull the cable out Of the sleeve And I’m going to clean it with a Tools and parts cleaner Also it probably won’t hurt to clean this
too Now I’m gonna clean the sleeve The cable will be covered in brake dust So it’s probably a good idea to wear gloves When you’re cleaning it So I’m gonna let it sit for 10 minutes And then I’ll come back and Lubricate he cable It’s now ready to be lubricated I’ll be using this 3-In-One Professional silicone lubricant Okay now I’m gonna lubricate the sleeve And now it’s ready to be put back together Let’s put it back on the bike So line up the cable so that It mates with the pin Like so Reattach the screw And reattach the other end To the speedometer Alright so let’s take it for a test ride Anyway the reason why I cleaned And lubricated my speedometer cable Was because I had a Bouncing speedometer needle And I was hoping that was the issue But unfortunately for me it wasn’t But it might be for you And besides you would follow the same Procedure anyway to maintain your Speedometer cable I believe you should be cleaning it Once a year depending on how often You ride So anyway guys if you found that This video was helpful Please hit that like button Or better yet hit that subscribe button And I’ll see you in my next video As always Ride safe and thanks for watching You look like a bobble head

27 comments on “Clean & Lubricate Speedometer Cable – CB450SC Motorcycle

  1. So are you thinking that maybe a slight kink in the cable is causing the issue?  I suppose you could test the speedo itself by driving it with a drill.

  2. The bounce issue is something else.  What there is, is there is a damper pot inside the mechanical gauge.  It has an oil that can slowly leak or evaporate.  There is some way to refill it, but not something I have done or am familiar with. had a discussion on the issue and gives kinda the just of it in a search.

  3. Thx for your video. I don't have a motorcycle, but you showed me how to lubricate my cars speedometer cable. Your video helped me a lot! Thanks 🙂

  4. Hey brown do you git any video on lights because I got a 1984 honda magna 700 and the lights don't work the fuses and bulb is good so any advice would help

  5. my speedometer isn't working , I took it out used a drill it went up but when I put it back in it wouldn't tell me how fast I'm going , the fork wouldn't move nor capturing miles . please help don't know what to do?!?!

  6. Hey brownbrady, loved the video. Very helpful. So if I take out my speedo cable and it's the same size as a new one the problem is with the gear that turns it?

  7. Nice to see how thorough you work. Please remember (next time) to wipe the upper 4 inches (below the speedo) of the inner cable clean before assembly, so the lubriicant can not work its way up to and in the instrument, which will ruin it (and probably let it bounce). This applies to normal grease anyways, do not know how your modern silicone stuff behaves.

  8. Brown Brady I suggest you test out the speedo with a drill attached to the cable if that don't work replace both speedometer and the cable if that doesn't work replace your speed sensor and if still no luck replace your speed gear down on the transmission those are the only things that control your cable

  9. Thanks – yes easier to refit by lining-up bottom notch of cable first, then the top square section should align with speedo provided the wheel has not rotated during this operation.

  10. Hi. any tips how to prevent speedometer cable from being broken? my bike replaced cable every 3months or 2. now i gave up. let it not function at all lol.

  11. Big help if you are still here on youtube +BrownBrady. I followed your very simple steps today and get my speedo connected again. Haven't tied it yet, but, i'm sure it'll work. Now onto adjusting and cleaning the clutch cable.

  12. Wish you would have taken out the speedo gear and cleaned and lubed that too. i recently cleaned my CH250 speedo cable and gear. The grease was old and stiff and was not turning the cable.

  13. Thank you, pretty helpful. my cable locked up somehow and wound up and snapped. Havent worked on it yet though.

  14. Was yours just bouncing? Or was it whining as well? I have a 83 Honda CX650 and I'm having the same issue with the needle jumping, but the whining is so loud and unbearable as well. If you had to replace the whole speedo do you know a good O.E.M site I could find mine? Thanks

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